5'4, 155 Lbs, 34b Getting 500cc's Mod Plus. San Antonio, TX

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Surgery date is 8/12/15. I've always had small...

Surgery date is 8/12/15. I've always had small boobs and always dreamed of big ones. I originally opted for 450cc's, however during my pre op apt changed my mind and opted for 500cc's. All of my friends who had them done all told me if you go under the muscle, you will loose some CC's. I didn't want to have any regrets or go through Boob Greed after my surgery so 500ccs it is. I did all my lab work and picked up my prescription, paid in full, and ready. Im11 days pre op an so ready for this life changing experience. I'll post my progress as it gets closer to the date. Good luck lovely ladies

More Pre-Op Pics

More Pre Op Pics

5Days PreOp Pic

Cant wait to say bye bye to these mom boobs. August 1, 2015.....Hurry Up!

Getting my 500cc's in a couple of hours

Its the morning if surgery. I had to go in the office for a couple if hours due to a deadline I had to complete by 11am. From the office, I'm heading straight to the surgery center. I'll wipe off my makeup in the car on the way there. I'm so excited !!! Let's do this

They're here! 500 cc's

Day 1 Post Op-Less than 24 Hrs update:
After such a scary day yesterday, I did want to mention I slept very well. Think I'm gonna stop taking the Vicodens cause it makes my stomach hurt. I'm going today to remove my ace bandages (even tho I removed them myself this morning cause I was dying to see them.)and that's when I'll get a compression bra. As you can see in the pic, my incision was made in my areola. They put 500Ccs in my left breast, which strangely feels harder and bigger than my right one; and 530cc's in my right. Keep in mind that it does take several months before they "Drop and Fluff' so I'm prepared for them to look a little weird at first. Pain level: 4 out of 10. Overall thoughts: I love them so far.

More Pics.

1 day post opp.

2 Days Post 509cc under muscle

I'm two days post op. My breast Are surprsingly dropping . my ariola scars looks crazy now now but I can't take them off in about 6weeks. The Vokodin they doelevel seem to work. I'm on 5 it of 10 pain level. I Ced my dock too see what's wrong and she explained cause they haven't dropped yet. Overall, I'm happy with then. I know and have faith they will heakl pfectly

Post Op Day 3-8/15/15

Today is Saturday 8/15/15. Im 3 days Post Op. I notied that my right breast is a Lil smaller than my left breast. (Left Breast 500cc's and Right Breast is 530cc's) I'm 5'4' 155 lbs, was a 34 B and I do have 4 beautiful amazing children). I also woke up this morning to find some bruising under my left breast which I came to find out that its normal. So far, I'm loving them. I had told my doc that the hydrocodone makes my stomac hurts and it doesnt take away the pain so she prescribed me Demoral instead. I'm feeling ok and my.pain level is at a 1 out of this 10. I am taking it easy sitting on my recliner watching TV and just relaxing. Btw- The Bloat is real. Ughhhh!!!

is this bruising normal?

I'm 6 days post op and I have severe bruising. My doc said its not a hematoma. This is happening in the breast where I had my life on. Is this normal? I'm so worried. In addition my incision has been bleeding non stop. Again my doc said its normal. Please shed some insight as I'm geriing very worried

Post Op Day 10

Hi beautiful Real Selfers. Today is Day 10 post Op. Its been a rough 10 days as I had some complications. I had a hemotoma that was drained on Day 8 on my left breast (that's the breast with at I had the lift on) once it was drained. I felt like a whole new person. Meaning, the pressure was released and my bruising lightened up immediately. Thank you Jesus. They're still sitting high, however I'm continuing my messages as directed. Today's the first day that I'm falling in love with them. They're starting to look like twins now. I did get 500cc's in my left breast and 530 cc's in my right. I went in through my ariola, saline under the muscle. Here's a pic of me in a dress braless. Shout out to my Dr. Dr Connie Heirs in San Antonio.

Great Caring Loving Surgeoun

I was refereed to Dr Connie Heirs by a friend and in return I referred a friend....than I went to Dr Heirs for my Breath Augmentation surgery. Its post op day 10 and I'm falling in love with my breast. Her staff is beyond caring and amazing. Dr Heirs actually reminds me of my mom (no pun intended) because she's so caring and has such a loving way to her. I would recommend her a million times to anyone I know. I love you Dr. Heirs. You gave me confidence I knew I always had but enhanced it by 100%. Thank you from the bottom of my heart (breast-lol)

2 Weeks Booby Anniversary

So yesterday 8/26/15 marks my 14 day post op. 500 CCS in my left with a lollipop lift and 530 CCS in my right. Morning boob is horrendous. Ive stopped all pain meds with an occasional Tylenol Extra Strength here and there. I still have bruising on my left breast but I think its getting better day by day. I'm dying for the taped to be removed though. They are still sitting high and doesn't appear to be dripping yet. I'm messaging the as instructed daily. Today is my 2 weeks post op so I'm curious to see what my doc will sat. Happy 2 weeks Anniversary to me :)

Post Op Day 17

Today wasn't a good day for me. My breast was sensitive and I was in pain all day. I took a Vallium to help with the spasm and taking it easy. 2 more weeks before they remove the sterile strips. I can't wait.

Post Op Day 18

I tried on a dress today and the girls look great in a tight dress. I can't wait for them to Drop and Fluff. I'm getting so impatient

Post Op Day 19

My right doesn't seem to be dropping as fast as my left. It still feels squishy underneath where my left breast is hard as a rock at the bottom. They're still uneven but I have hope that they will start to match soon. No pain but just a lot of uncomfortable going on. My back hurts and every few hours it seems as though my books would harden up on me where I would need to release it with a message. My bruising is fading slowly which is good. Other than that, no major updates :)

3 Weeks Post Op

My right is still sitting high and my 38 D sports bra are getting tight. Spasms are still there and annoying af. I can't wait till I'm 100% better. I still love them though.

23 Days Post Op

Morning boob has been real. Real painful. I wake up with them being extra hard and would have to message them for 15 mins before I can even brush my teeth. I've also been experiencing needle like pains in my breast that continues all day. This has been happening since post Op week 2. I still don't feel 100% myself yet do to all of this strange sensation but I'm sure it's all part of the healing process. They are starting get to match a Lil more which is a plus. One more week before I get the sterile strips remove. I'm so curious to see what the scars look like. All my 38 D sports bra are getting tight, however I haven't gone to get fitted yet so I don't know my size yet. Other than that, I'm loving them more and more each day.

24 Days Post Op

Today was the first day after a week and a half of having Zingers. I was so happy they went away because it was just constant uncomfort. My left breast is still hard but it's softening up some. Since I was feeling good today I decided to take some pics in a bikini top. I love them and can't wait till they completely drop and fluff.

Post Op Day 25

SO yesterday I was in no pain whatsoever, but today, those pesky zingers came back. They feel heavy and slight spasms are back. I went bra less for a couple of hours and messaged them more than usual, however the pain was on a scale of 4 out of 10. My sterile strips are itchy and starting to peel off. Waiting for the day this pain just stops. Ughhhhhhh!!!

1 Month post op

Omg. So I had my 1 Month post op today. They removed my sterile strips around my ariola as I did have a Bellini lift on my left breast. It was the first time since surgery where I've seen my scar. I'm beyond speechless and happy with how they look. It's barely even visible. No raised section and hardly even looks like my incision was through my ariola. I also went and got properly fitted at Nordstroms. 34DDD. Say what!!!! I had to ask the lady who fitted me if shes sure thats my size about 5 times. Lol. I mean I was a 34b practically my whole life. Doc told me to use Scar Guard so I'll pick that up later tonight. I also reviewed an ultrasound therapy today to help my breast soften quicker. I love my breast and I love Dr Connie Heirs and her staff. Beyond happy.

Before and After Pic

What a difference. My before boobs were lifeless, deflated, and just oh so sad. I can't believed I walked around like this for this long. Lol. Loving my breast more and more by the day.

5 Wks post Op-500CCs w/ left Bellini lift

Im 5 weeks post op now and I love how my breast are looking. I'm still undergoing ultrasound therapy to help them soften and drop but I like them high. Lol. I'm gonna start expire meeting with different bras this week as I did get fitted into a 34DDD at Nordstroms. Only regret is that I should have done this sooner. Oh, I'm also 1 week in from using scar guard for my ariola scar and my scars are barely even visible. I'm gonna continue to use it till I run out. *Feeling Great**

5 Weeks Post Op

Just another pic. Loving how they look in a tank top.

6 Weeks Post Op

Yayyy...I made it!! So things has been going great. Im sleeping on my side and still doing my messages as they are still slightly hard. Not nearly as hard as when I first got them tho. I'm so happy wth my breast. Below is a pic in some lingerie. They are poppin' lol :)

7 Weeks Post Op

ABSOLUTELY in love with my breast. Pain has definitely subsided this week and they are starting to feel apart of me VS being a foreign object on my chest. The are squishy yet firm. They haven't completely dropped yet but honestly, I don't want to drop any further. I mean, I've had flat deflated boobs forever so I love them sitting high. Eventually I know I have to face reality and they will drop cause I did go large at 500CC's. I just went and bought two VS Bras. The new So Obsessed that just released and I'm totally in love with them. I can't be any happier than I am right now with my breast.
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