45yo mom of two, from B cup to C cup

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I'm a busy working mom who loves to lift heavy...

I'm a busy working mom who loves to lift heavy weight. I just started CrossFit about a year ago and my B/C breasts went bye-bye along with 10 lbs. I'm very petite -- 5', 108-110 lbs -- so I knew I didn't want to go big. I'm also in tv news so I didn want my viewers to be completely distracted with my "suddenly big boobs." I want to be a med to full C again...max. I opted for smooth, round, saline, sub-muscular, areola incision. One sags a bit more, the other is a bit smaller so my ps thought 235 & 285 would be best. He'll "eyeball" it on the the table. I envisioned them perky but I'm a little concerned about the sagging. My doc didn't think I needed a lift so I'm praying this turns out ok. I'm nervous about everything: capsular contraction, my body rejecting them, not being big enough, light enough, pretty enough...blah, blah, blah. But -- honestly, I'm also really excited. I haven't done anything this cool for myself since I got my tattoo. :). Giggling inside. This Friday's the day!!!! Fingers crossed. ????

Two days away!

Tried to upload a pic off my iPad but it wouldn't let me... :(
My doc's office called and moved up my surgery time from noon to 7:30am which means I have to get there at 5:30! Fine. I'm ready to shake and move. Had encouraging conversation with my dermatologist today who's very well connected to the ps community. He knows my ps and had great things to say about him. Apparently he's known for going the more natural-looking route...a bit smaller than most in town. Thank god... I was going purely by my gut after seeing his work. No referrals, no recommendations...just my gut. I saw my own breasts in many of his before pics and was able to explain to him what I liked and didn't like about the afters. That was a big deal for me. Anyway, off to bed. These zinc supplements he wants me to take before the surgery make me nauseous. :(. Tic Toc....

Well, that sucked!

So, I had my surgery on Friday! Everything went very well. What a strange experience to know that one moment they're putting drugs in your IV and the next moment you're waking up with boobs. Weird. The first night wasn't so bad -- but holy crap -- the second night was a nightmare. The pain was off the charts. I was finally able to get it under control by about 2am. I ended up sleeping on the couch in a complete upright position. I DO NOT recommend sleeping in your bed the first few nights. It's extremely difficult to get up....even when you're in an elevated position. Stick to a recliner or a couch. Also, my sweet husband actually had to wipe me after every single trip to the bathroom!!! WTH?! No one has ever mentioned on here how painful just using the restroom would be. I opted for Tylenol 3 for pain -- big mistake. I needed stronger drugs.

Anyway, I'm 3 full days post op now and I'm feeling pretty great! My implants have dropped a bit and are starting to take shape. I think I'm really going to be pleased as long as they fall without any issues. Fingers crossed! My husband was totally freaked when he saw them unwrapped for the first time. Lol...poor guy. I tried to prepare him!

Anyone know the trick to uploading pics from your iPad? No luck so far.

Ride'n High: 18 Days Post Op

Okay, so I'm loving the size...my ps did a perfect job on that...but I'm not sure about the placement. I know it's early, I know I should give it more time and I know I shouldn't compare myself to anyone else at this stage -- but my chest muscles aren't letting these babies budge. They haven't dropped much at all. I still have square boobs with plenty of empty space at the bottom. I just started massaging and wearing the band yesterday so let's see what happens. In the meantime, Why? Why do some women have this and some don't? Is it placement by the surgeon? Weightlifting? Too small of a pocket? I'm confused. My surgeon warned me about it...but I didn't realize it would take long, like MONTHS long. Some surgeons on here say frankenboobs are common...others say your implants should look the same way they looked when they were put in during surgery. I'm confused and slightly pissed, to be honest. :(

Pre and post op pics

Massaging works and so does the band!

In my 4th week and I'm beginning to love them. I've been aggressively massaging 3 to 4 times a day and wearing the compression band as tightly as I can stand it 24/7 and it's working. They're dropping and beginning to take shape. Thank god, I was getting pretty nervous. My husband is frustrated tho...I had an areola incision so he hasn't really been able to "get to know them" yet. He says its like buying a new car he can't drive! :)
I've been doing light lower-body workouts 6 days a week and feeling pretty great. Staying far away from chest moves!!!!

Compression Bands

So far, this thing has really been a lifesaver. One of the surgeons on here recommended wearing it low in the back and right above the bumps of the breasts as tight as you can stand it. Best advice ever. That, combined with really aggressive massages several times a day, has made a huge difference in getting these things to drop. It's been a fight but I'm getting there!!!

6 Weeks PO: Pop goes the scar tissue!

It'll be 6 wks po this Friday and theyre looking pretty awesome. They've really dropped. I saw my ps last week and he's happy. The surgical tape is off and the brown tape is on...which I love. I'm still wearing my strap and massaging about a week joys and times a day.

My left is a bit softer than my right so my doc went to town on my boob to loosen it up. Heman-handled that thing! It was really intense but he showed me exactly what I need to be doing to make sure the scar tissue gets broken up. I had NO idea you could be that rough with them. I can actually hear the scar tissue pop when I do it now!!!! He also put me on Accolate to help keep then soft and so far it's working well.

I've also broken out on my chest. It's weird....like a rash and it hurts. it goes away then comes back. Wth?

Btw, the Bali Bra is the bomb...amazingly comfy. ????

Bikini boobs

I have to say the biggest benefit of having fuller breasts so far -- is how they look in a swimsuit. Wow! That's different!! Also, lying down is kind of cool, too. They don't flop to the side and disappear anymore!! Yay!!
The scars are healing nicely and I drop a bit more every day. I was cleared for jogging last week and that was really weird at first. Felt like I was running w sandbags on my chest. I can't imagine how that must be for women with 400-500 cc implants! I'm lifting a bit more but nothing heavier than 20lbs which sucks...just another week and half to go before the "all clear!!!!" Not sure I'll go back to crossfit, tho. We'll see! Happy healing, ladies!
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