36 Year Old Mother of Two.. Finally Decided to Do Something I've Wanted Since I Was a Freshman in High School. - San Antonio, TX

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After careful consideration and a lot of mixed...

After careful consideration and a lot of mixed emotions I have decided to get a BA. Right now I'm hoping to schedule it for the first week of December 2015 bit I am waiting to meet with one more doctor on the 28th of this month here in San Antonio.

I have been wanting to get a BA ever since I was a freshman in high school; however, I had hoped that the man upstairs created me to be a late bloomer since most of my friends already developed at a significantly quicker rate than I did. At 36 I am only a 34 A and have been ever since I can remember with the exception of when I had my two sons whom are now 16 and 14.

Over the years I've been through a lot to include a rape when I was 13. It was during that time things were said to me about my lack of breast that impacted me from that day forward. Now that I am happily married to a man who loves me whole heartedly and thinks I'm beautiful the way I am but yet wants me to be happy in my own skin I feel I am ready to do this.

Being small busted impacted me a lot as I'm sure it has a lot of you on this site. It really sucks having to shop for bras with enough padding to fill out certain shirts or to give the impression you have something up there. I'm ready to look like a true woman now.

I weigh 110 lbs. And am 5'6" with a band width of approx 11 or 11.3. Up until yesterday when I met with an amazing PS I thought I wanted 350 cc saliene. When I put the sizes on I liked the look of the 405; however after speaking to the PS he said I would lose some ccs by going under the muscle but not to many. After sitting in his office and talking with both he and my husband I asked if it would be possible to go the next size up... oh yeah I forgot to mention that at this point and getting all my questions answered I decided I feel it would be best for me to go the silicone route... when I asked if I could go the next size up which would be 460 cc he said that would be the largest we could go due to how narrow I am. So now I am on the fence... should I go to 460 or stick with the 400?? The PS I saw also recommended I go with the Allergan Natrelle style 45 HP (I think). All I know is I do not want to look like I'm going to fall over and if possible I prefer to be a full C or full D.

Looking at some pictures on here I see some ladies whom have gotten 350 CC and are in a full D after their BA but then others who get 450 CC and get the same look. When I tried on the sizes in the bra the PS provided as well as in my shirt 350 looked tiny on me but 400 looked just right. Needless to say I'm a little confused.

Sorry for being long winded I just wasn't sure what type of info to include. I look forward to reading everyone's experiences. Have a wonderful day.

Scheduled my surgery date

I just got confirmation that I am locked in for surgery on Nov 30th. Originally I was going to go for another consultation but after doing a lot of research and speaking with several doctors, I was told someone of my frame would be better off getting silicone vs saliene. That being said I am locked in with Dr. Kopchinski at Prestige Cosmetic Surgery Center here in San Antonio.
Granted I still have a a little more than three months to go before locking in a size (I'm on the fence of doing 405 CCS or 460 CCS Nitrelle style 45) I wanted to share my wish pics and get everyone's opinion. I'm 5'6 with a band width of 11 or 11.4 (I can't remember exactly) and am a 34A.

Changed doctors but kept the same surgery date.

I ended up going to my consultation with Dr. Lawton and after meeting with him it completely changed my mind on going with silicone. As I stated in my original review I originally wanted saline and then decided after meeting with Dr. K that I wanted silicone. Dr. Lawton and Dr. K are both wonderful but what sold me on Dr. Lawton was the fact he had studies, news articles, and medical backing as to why saline would be better for me to go with. The determining factor though was that he also showed me pictures of what a silicone implant looks like after its been in your body for a while and then ruptured. On top of that he explained in great detail how the studies on silicone implants are actually done and the reporting methods. There were just a whole lot of red flags for me. After trying on sizers I really liked the look of the 380 hp implants.. I tried on the 420 which were ok and then the 460 which was a definite no go for me unless I wanted to fall over. Lol Dr. Lawton said if I like the look of the 380 we should do the 420 because I will lose about 40 ccs once they are placed under the muscle.
My surgery is scheduled still for November 30th and I will not find out the time until the Wednesday prior. Pre-op is scheduled for the 16th of November. Now it's just a waiting game.

6 weeks to go and guilt

I've only got six weeks left before the big day. As excited as I am to take the plunge, I find myself feeling guilty and second guessing my decision. Why do I feel guilty? Well that's easy to answer... I am not the type of person who does things for myself nor am I the type of person who spends money on frivolous things. Let me put it to you this way... I can shop for an hour and a half and have things in the cart that I really like, but by the time I get to the register I have put everything back and gotten things for other people. There have even been times I have bought things, got out to the car, and go right back into the store and return everything. Lol I've wanted a BA for so long but find myself feeling horrible about how much this procedure costs. I've even started second guessing if I should even go through with it. Have any of you experienced these same types of feelings?

11 days until my pre-op and 25 days until surgery

For the last few weeks I have been experiencing some serious anxiety over whether or not I'm making the right decision by having this done. Well I think I've finally got my nerves settled down and realized that there is nothing wrong with doing something for myself seeing as how I am very much the type that always does things for others. My husband said there is nothing wrong with splurging on myself and more than anything he just wants to see me happy with the way I look because he thinks I am beautiful. (Awe.. isn't he sweet?)

Orginally I was unsure of what CCS I wanted to get (teetering between 380 and 450) I also wasn't sure on the look I was hoping to achieve. To be honest after looking at before and after photos all the breasts start looking the same. Now I am certain of the look into want. These photos are of someone with very similar stats as mine and she got 375 ccs.

Definitely something to invest in before your procedure

Well ladies.. Pre-op went well, filled out a ton of paperwork, had labs drawn, dropped off perscriptions, and took my first dose of vitamins Dr. Lawton wants me to take. Now I know every surgeon is different, but I highly recommend investing in a pill box that holds a week's worth of pills. Never had I been prescribed so many meds but Dr. Lawton is big on health and taking vitamins to help with the stress your body is going to endure during this exciting time. On that note... let the countdown begin! :-)

No longer part of the IBTC!!

Sorry I did not update how my surgery went yesterday. Let's see.. well the night before I hardly slept at all I was so nervous. Plus over the holiday we had about 20 some odd people at our house. The last of them didn't leave until yesterday morning. Yesterday my surgery was at 11:30 but had to check in at 10:30. When I got there I met with Dr. Lawton, the anesthesiologist, and nurse. My breasts turned into a road map with all of the markings and then they gave me something to calm my nerves. From there I was wheeled back to surgery and don't remember anything except getting home. The evening was a tad rough as I am a side sleeper but I have a recliner which is a God send. Off and on throughout the night I experienced some pain.. more that encouraged uncomfortable feeling. My hubby has helped me stay on top of my meds and then at my preop the Dr. Asked Art to carry my purse to prevent a hematoma. So that was pretty funny. After going to the doctors we went to lunch, shopped a little etc..I must admit I was pretty sore when we got home because I missed my 12 pm dose of muscle relaxer, pain pill, and Phenergan. Got home and popped those babies quickly. I'm feeling much better just a tad tired.

In all the years it's been since I was raped I would cry at the thought of exposing myself bare on camera or in front of any man. Imagine my husband's surprise when I asked him to help by taking some after photos! I couldn't ever get the courage to post before she but her are the afters.

Dr. Lawton is a true artist

Hello ladies! Well I am now three days post op and feel wonderful! The hardest part for me is not sleeping on my side and not being able to do everything around the house. My husband and I have gone out walking around which has been nice. I have not had to take the pain pills (except when I first wake up) and then I only take one. For the most part I can even get through the day with no Tylenol. I will say the muscle relaxer helps the most and the creams Dr. Lawton prescribed me. (Two are for pain, one is arnica oil, and the fourth I haven't used yet which is for scarring). My husband has enjoyed putting them on for me. Lol Dr. Lawton's office called and I was told I had 350 ccs put in my right and 360 ccs put in the left.

If any of you ladies have any questions for me, or want certain photos to see the progress please let me know. Now I have a question for you... have you ever had stitches removed? I was supposed to get them out on Monday but now it won't be until Wednesday and I've never had stitches so I'm a tad nervous. One thing is for sure... as soon as they come out I can't wait to shave my armpits. Bleh...I feel like an amazon woman.

Strange feeling

So all in all my recovery is going very well. I can say the last couple of days I have found myself a tad more tired but I guess that's to be expected. There is one thing I am a little confused about. In my left breast off and on throughout the day I feel almost like a vibration (that is the only way I can describe it). It isn't painful at all but rather annoying. Is this what people mean by zingers? Is this just my nerves waking up? My breasts are also a tiny bit more sensitive on the outer sides by the armpit area. Pretty sure this is all normal but I feel it's important to share with all of you what my recovery is like this far.

Finally won't be the amazon woman anymore!

It's hard to believe I am nine days post op already. The girls are doing wonderfully, still sensitive, but nothing too bad. The vibrating feeling has gone away but my nips are starting to get more sensitive and the feeling in my breasts are definitely coming back ten fold. Today I see Dr. Lawton and he will be removing my stitches. Let me tell you, the first thing I'm doing is coming home and shaving this newly developed forrest. Ok it's not really that bad but still... yuck! I don't do well with body hair. Lol I do know he starts having his patients massaging their girls at this appointment and by what I've heard it hurts like all get out when the surgeons do the massaging. What has been your experience with the massaging and have you found it really helps?

One last thing, I broke down and bought those nipple cover things (mine are the silicone ones that are thin and just stick on there) They work well but holy molly when the nipple sensitivity starts it's almost better to be pointy. Lol Have a great day ladies! I'll post some more pics later this,afternoon or tomorrow. I'll even include some of the incisions now that I can shave.

Got sized just for fun and OMG was I shocked!

So for those of you who have been following my profile you all know I originally wanted the look of 360 ccs and my doctor was going to put in between 400 and 420 to give me that look. After getting in there the day of the surgery Dr. Lawton decided that it was best to do 350 on my right and 360 on my left in order to ensure I got the look I wanted. I guess after seeing pics of what I didn't want he felt the 400-420 I wouldn't be happy with. He was right because I love the size I have now! Anyhow, my hubby and I went to Victoria's Secret because I was curious what size is am at this moment. Currently I am a 32dd!! The lady that helped me said after healing I'll probably be a 32d. I about fell over.. that's a lot different than being an A cup! I'm thinking if I would have gone with the 400 or 420 it would have been to big. Lol
On that note, stitches are out and it didn't hurt that bad. The massage is a tad uncomfortable though but making a difference. My husband loves helping with the massages. ;-) One thing I'm noticing though is since the stitches were removed my right underarm is very sensitive and a little tight (I was told it's from the internal stitches and that it would gradually loosen up as they dissolve) Have any of you with a transaxillary incision encountered this?

Updated Pics 2 weeks post (bikini, bare, transaxillary incision, special something for hubby)

Well I've always stunk at taking "selfies" but while my hubby was at work I figured I'd try and get updated photos for you.

23 days pot op

Well although I'm still having a bit of pain (mostly mornings) I for the most part have been feeling great! My one month post op can not get here soon enough though as I miss sleeping in my bed on my side next to my husband. Here's hoping my PS releases me to do so after my appointment on the 4th. Everything is progressing well but my left is still a bit higher than the right. The redness in the photos is due to putting my arnica oil and lidocaine ointment on them.

Almost six months since I had my surgery

Hello fellow real sellers. It wasn't until I got an email from someone inquiring about my implants and recovery that I realized I have not updated my profile in a really really long time. Tomorrow will be my 6 month boobversary. It feels like just yesterday I was going into surgery. My recovery has been a breeze. I barely had any pain and it didn't take long for my implants to feel as though they were a part of me. The dropping and fluffing process seemed to go pretty fast as well. Not being able to sleep on my side was the hardest part for me. When I was finally able to do so it took a little bit for me to get used to how it felt. The first few times I did sleep on my side I was a little creeped out because I could feel the implant move. Talk about strange! All is well now though and I have absolutely no regrets. Having the BA done was one of the best decisions I have ever made. It made a huge difference in my confidence and made being intimate with my husband much more relaxed and ummm...interesting! Lol I have attached some photos to show what they look like now. I am a 32DD.

10 month update

Well it has been a while since I posted anything so I figured now would be a good time. It has been ten months since my surgery and I could not be happier with my decision. There have been no problems since my augmentation. The only time I questioned my decision was when I lost some weight a few months back. I only lost four pounds but when I did I could feel rippling. The weight is back and the rippling is gone. The difference just a few pounds cam make is extraordinary. I have attatched some pics that have been taken over the last several months.
San Antonio Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Lawton is by far the best, most through, caring PS I have ever consulted with. Not one time have I felt rushed, inadequate, or not beautiful in my own skin. When he found out I was raped he took extra care when it came to calming my nerves. I would recommend Dr. Lawton to any of my family or friends and should I ever need any other procedure I'd be in his office in a minute. His whole staff is amazing, kind, attentive, patient, and professional. Valerie was a doll to deal with. Dr. Lawton is a true artist and genuine great human being. Go see him and you will not be disappointed.

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