34A to 400cc Subglandular/ Hematoma hours after surgery!

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I am 34 years old and have 4 children. I am 5' 2"...

I am 34 years old and have 4 children. I am 5' 2" and weigh 113lbs. After a lot of breastfeeding my breasts have gone from a nice 34C to not even filling a lousy 34A bra. :-/ I never thought about having a BA until after weaning my 2 year old daughter, my poor boobs have had it! I told my hubby one night, "I'm thinking of getting a boob job." He was like "Ok, ya if that will make you happy. " Lol, he never agrees with large investments so quickly, I was shocked, but I know he's excited too. Dr.Greene suggested going subglandular on me. I started out wanting to go 325cc, but changed my mind twice first to 350 and then to 400cc. I was nervous at first when Dr. Greene suggested over the muscle with textured implants, but I did a lot of research and I trust his expertise. My surgery is just a few days away and I have been nesting like crazy. I'm very excited, and I will be happy to share my entire experience on here. I will follow up Thursday after my procedure.

A very rare complication

Hello, thank you. I had a rough day, everything was fine, I came home and went straight to bed, only a couple hours later I was having pain and major swelling of my left breast. I sent pictures to my PS, and was rushed back to the OR due to a hematoma. I was told it was extremely rare. My left implant was removed and 200cc's of fluid was removed from my breast pocket, my implant was put back in and I have a drain placed to keep from swelling back up. It was really scary, but my PS as well as the hospital staff were great and very reassuring. I have to go in this morning for a post op evaluation. I haven't even taken any pain meds since I got home, I'm just having trouble sleeping. :-/ I was pleasantly surprised how soft and natural my right breast felt. I look forward to recovering and enjoying my new boobs. :-)

Day 2

I've probably way over done it today. I didn't sleep well last night, had my post op visit this morning. My left breast is still draining a lot of fluid so I get to wear this drain all weekend and hopefully it slows down enough that it can be removed on Monday. My husband took me out to eat at La Madeleine after, then took me home to rest. I took a shower and my mom came over to visit and feed us dinner, that was real sweet. I just feel so tired, my boobs are very big and tender, it even hurts to walk. My nipples are numb, that doesn't really bother me though. I just hope the swelling and draining will calm down and everything heals nicely.

Feeling better Day 6

Well, I woke up with a lot of breast pain, a headache, arm pain and feeling guilty for doing this to myself. Things really turned around when I showered and put on a new sports bra I bought yesterday. Talk about instant relief, I have been wearing all these different sports bras, some too tight on my incisions, but I learned that all of the others were just too loose fitting. I bought a 3 pack of slip on cotton sports bras at Walmart yesterday, they were like $10.97. After washing them they shrunk a bit, but I put one on from the bottom up, and instantly my boobs felt so much better! I'm not gonna bother with any of my other bras. I am still draining a little too much from my breast that had the hematoma, plus my two year old daughter knee'd me on that boob today, so who knows how long I'll be wearing that darn drain. Oh well, I'm feeling better emotionally as well as physically, thanks to those cheapie bras from Walmart, lol. Oh yes and I have only been taking extra strength tylenol since Monday. :-)

OmG, I'm a total wuss suddenly!

I was happy to learn that I can go have my drain removed, the weather was bad so I decided to schedule in for tomorrow. I have been feeling around the sides of my boobs for the implants, found a tiny bit of edge near my ribs/underarms on right side, then on the left side I was getting worried thinking the implant was messed up in there... I just realized it's the damn drain! I watched a video of a woman having one removed from her breast, and OUCH! It looks painful, her reaction was that it was painful and I didn't realize how much is going to be pulled out of me, I was thinking I had maybe an inch of tubing in the bottom of my boob, I'm so scared now, I'm going to take a Norco before I go, I'm also so glad my Mom offered to take me, I'm really afraid it's gonna hurt. This probably sounds silly and probably quite irrelevant as most ladies are lucky enough to not have complications and such with BA, but I just was not expecting this to be such an event, and hopefully it really isn't and I'll feel real silly for staying awake, shaking and worrying over nothing. I don't know yet but that's my feelings now, I have tattoos, I've given birth to four good sized babies, the last one without any medications, and yet I'm petrified all of a sudden of having this damn drain removed. Ok, rant over, gonna try to sleep. :-/

Healing thoughts

I way overreacted, the drain removal was in comparison to the sensation of a bad sunburn, I immediately reverted taking the Norco, it made me super sick all day long, even still. I never want to take pain meds again. ANYWAY, it is a good feeling to have the drain gone, I look forward to healing and being normal and seeing what size and shape they end up. I have a postop appointment next Friday and I'll get something to reduce scarring then and learn about massage, etc. Plus I need to buy that extra warranty from Mentor. I'm sure I'll be receiving another bill from my unexpected surgery. I have nothing but gratitude for the PS as well as all the wonderful hospital staff who served me. I'm feeling very blessed. I do feel guilty about having this surgery though for many reasons. ...

Trying on clothes

I went to the Dr today cause the area where the drain was removed is irritated. The Dr checked me out and decided to remove my stitches, yay! The nurses then showed me how to "massage" my breasts. Yikes!!! I almost screamed just because they made me so nervous manhandling my boobs that I have been treating so delicately. It's different than what I've seen for submuscular implants, I thought my incisions would tear open. Anyway, I felt so much better leaving his office, I went to Target and bought a couple soft cup bra's and came home and started to try on my clothes that I almost donated to the women's shelter cause I couldn't wear them anymore. It felt so amazing seeing myself in the mirror, filling out my tops again. I am so glad I had this surgery. I'm not gonna let the guilt get to me so bad. :-)

Where'd all my pictures go???

I just noticed all my pictures before today are gone...

Adding my pics

Not sure what hairbrush to ask my pics, so I am putting them back up so I can share my experience with anyone who is going through the same procedure.
San Antonio Plastic Surgeon

I knew Dr.Greene was the one from the beginning. He did a tummy tuck on a close family member of mine years ago, it was the best I've seen. I've visited his office several times and feel right at home. He is a great surgeon, he and his staff are very informative, patient and caring. I trust Dr. Greene, and I am so excited and looking forward to getting some nice boobs.

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