29 Yo, 5'9 145 Lbs, 2 Kids, 500cc HP Round Mentor Silicone - San Antonio, TX

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I have never had big boobs, and then what I did...

I have never had big boobs, and then what I did have... my kids sucked the life out of! In 17 days im going to have 500cc HP silicone implants under the muscle. Very excited, but I did a Q & A on this website, and of course talked to my dr... but i wanted side boob and high cleavage. But have broad girl shoulders.... i want my cake, and want to eat it too. But i cant have the side and top boob apparently at the same time. Because of the implant diameter. So, i have come to terms with this and am excited for the high cleavage. I think anything will be better than what ive got going on now. So heres to a full D cup!

Wish Boobies

Here are the results I would like. My wish boobies. These girls most def have different bodies than I do but overall would love to achieve results like these. I think its possible, because i dont need a lift. However ive been debating on 550 cc hp silicone, not sure if my dr will agree, but im gonna ask her anyways. At least get her professional opinion. We shall see!

CC Size Finally Decided!!

Finally settled on size and have had no other worries about my
decision. 500cc round high profile silicone!! I had been going round and
round in my head about the size, were they going to be big enough. Were
my boobs gonna be just as good as all the others that i had run across
in research? And the answer is yes! Im gonna be fine. As my husband is a
boob man, all men are. But him more so than the next, he likes porn
boobies. Umm, I work in an accounting office, so stripper tits werent
going to be something I could do. (Not that they are bad, they are
usually fabulous, if you are able to have that lifestyle). So i felt
like the hubby was pushing me to go bigger and bigger. In his mind the
bigger the better (smh...). Which his pushing wasnt helping my inability
to decide. So over the weekend i had a pretty frank conversation with
him. I said to him, think about it like this... i have some boobs,
prehaps about 200cc or more (natural, yet I put it in cc's so he could
understand better) and im going to add 500 more cc's. Leaving me with a
whooping 700. You should have seen his face. He lit up! He was like, i
never thought about it like that! And now we are both happy! I get to
have big yet managable breasts, and he gets to play with them, and wont
be disappointed. All is well again in our world.

3 Days until surgery

Only 3 more days until the newbies are installed! Pre-op tomorrow! Im very nervous about the surgery and recovery part of it all. So again I am set with 500cc round high profile memory gel under the muscle. So heres to a good surgery and big ol tatas!

One more day! And high blood pressure!

One day left until surgery! I went to my pre op this morning and got all marked up for Thursday. However, I had really high blood pressure, not just nervous high but hypertension II- 169/112 kind of high. So I am not going to take my stimulant medication or drink any caffeine tomorrow. And obviously not the day of the surgery either. My Dr. said they would not give me anesthesia if I dont have normal blood pressure. Im only 29!! How is this a problem already?? Soooo worried now that I wont get my operation, because of high blood pressure. So wish me luck on bringing it down. Any tips???

Pre-Op Markings

Very exciting!

Boobies are officially installed!

Short and sweet post.
They are in, wrapped very tight, and im exhausted. This pain is no joke, but already worth it. I will get to see them for the first time tm! Good night!

And here they are!

Just got out of the bandages and into a medical bra. So much relief in the bra!

Day 3 Post Op

Finally able to move around. Still uncomfortable and theres still a lot of pressure, but its sooo much better now. Im totally tantalized by the ladies!

Dropping? Weird boob....

Im 5 days post op, and one of my boobs is lower and smaller. The other is very swollen and high still. Oh, and parts of both boobs are numb..... anyways, they still look great, but im unsure on whats happening in this phase to both of them.

Over the weird boob phase

I was initially freaking out because my right implant was hard. But I think that it was the medical bra; it sucked! My PS gave me a medical bra that was meant for someone bigger around than me. SHe said it was to accommodate the large implants. However, it was not supporting me what-so-ever. Making my muscles work too hard. So I went down to good ol' VS and got a really good (and wireless) sports bra 34DD!!! And strapped these puppies up high and tight! OMG they feel 1000x better! And my muscle has now started loosing up and my implant is beginning to do its thing :) Oh, and I am back at work! Im so over being trapped inside my house!

1 week post op pics

Wow- getting used to these big boobies

Wow- getting used to these babies takes some practice! The other day I put my arm down by my side and freaked out a little.... because something touched my arm- it was my side boob!! LOL! I also accidentally picked up one of my 45lbs kids- oops.... but it was purely maternal instinct! I was watching one of my girls struggle, and naturally I picked her up so she could reach. And ouch... but slowly getting over that one still. 10lbs and no more- they mean it! For sure. Left boob is moving along nicely- the right one is still a bit hard and more sore. But better everyday. I get my steri strips off tomorrow!! Cant wait- they look so nasty, its gross. I will spare details. Ick. Still strapped up in a lame sports bra all high and tight. No sleeping on sides still- which sucks. But overall moving along nicely. 2nd post-op tm, i will update after.

Silly Video

New boobie obsession ;-)

Explicit - Click to view

Just a silly video my husband took of me to show me what the ladies look like when i push my chest out.

Alien Boob & Steri Strips

Thank god my strips are gone, they were starting to look nasty. Anyways, my skin is sealed back together, and I can barely see the glue. My PS asked me today if my breasts felt like apart of me yet. And I said no they are still very alien like. She told me that it takes the brain about 5-6 weeks to remap so that the "alien" feeling goes away. And reassured me that this would not last forever. But all else was looking good. I am start massages today- push in up and over 10x each boob 2x a day. I think thats manageable. She said dont push down, because gravity would take are of that naturally :)

My First Hate Comments

Wow, I received my first hateful comment last night, and I probably didnt handle it the best way either. I stooped down to the level of the user that left the comment, and fired back very abruptly. And I wasnt very nice about it either. But I was very caught off guard, as this is a support forum, correct? I had another user leave me a very aggressive and judgmental comment about how they felt about my experience and size of my implants. I am personally using this website to convey my experience and journey. To read and chat with other and answer questions; to be involved! We are all here for the same purpose, to connect through our journeys. Support each other through the process. It is not to look through profile to pass judgement. We are not here to try and make anyone feel lesser of a person for their personal choices. Why do we as women feel we need to make harsh judgement on each other and put each other down?? Please take your negativity elsewhere- NO ONE NEEDS YOU TO BE JUDGMENTAL! So, moral of this post is- this is a support forum and and A**HOLE FREE ZONE. If you feel as if you cant do that- then maybe this is not a good website for you. Maybe there is another for all the negative nancies out there.

2 Weeks PO today!

Now i am totally starting to understand when i see everyone saying time flies. Because it has been. Started my massages, but I keep forgetting to do them. Oops. Im still getting a lot of pain twinges/ zingers. Out of no where some part of one or both boobs shoots random pain. Ive got more feeling back but still having more numbness on the left side than right. But feeling good though! Im soooooo freaking over the whole sports brathing! Ugh, its had to rock a racerback everyday in business professional attire. I just want to wear a regular bra again! Ohhhhh and Ive been shopping around browsing for bras in a 34DD.... and what is with all the beige and thick straps and 4 hook clasps on the back?? All the cute ones are a D and under.... wth. Im going to keep shopping around. Maybe Nordstrom Rack is not a good place to find cute bras.

Before, 1 wk & 2 wk compare pics

Before and after pics! And scar care cream im going to try.

500cc = 4.5lbs each boob.... I think not!

Soooo..... Ms Fatty McFat Pants over here- just reporting a new update. Uggggh- so obviously my boobs dont weigh 4.5lbs each. Combined they weigh roughly 2lbs. So what is the other 7 lbs from, you might ask. And I shall answer.... Whataburger and booze :-/ Having the restrictions of not lifting over 10 lbs and dont lift your arms over your head and dont over exert yourself while in recovery; has really added up... in pounds! And lets not pretend that I usually have a healthy diet or exercise, but dang all this sloth like motion is really taking a toll on my mid section. Ever since my BA- 3 weeks ago today I have added 2lbs of boobs and 7 lbs in fat! Arg- Im sooooo freaking over the sports bra and im over the restrictions! Im ready to be back to normal. Active and not limited in motion or range. Im over the recovery part (except im not fully recovered yet- meh) Just feeling a bit frustrated today.

Boobies in a bra

Pics of the ladies in a bra, a heavily padded bra at that.

4 Weeks Post Op

They feel like mine now! And Ive taken the girls out for the evening twice now! And turns out that I am stacked lol. Even though I am still using a padded push up bra... I know I should still be in the sports bra 100%, around the clock still. But I cant! Im just soooo over the sports bra. Plus I wanted to show them off a bit. Not to worry though, I put them back in their cage when we got home.

Well, I love the way my boobs look when naked! I think they are perfect... then I put a shirt on.... and wish they were bigger, still. I feel terrible complaining about that. But I still have some drop and fluff to go still. So hoping that will help me feel less jealous of all you 550-650cc ladies.

Healing is going great! I have zero complaints about the healing. I have no pain, and the random pain twinges are rare to non existent anymore. Feeling really good overall. Still have a numb left nipple... hopefully that will come back to life in the near future. Using some scar gel from Ulta, and I guess it works? Too early to tell at this point. Still transitioning from wound to scar.

4 weeks po pics

4 week post op pics!

Smoking hot..... or just smoking

Ahhhhh! So, I had to quit smoking in order to have my surgery. So I quit, and I knew then that 7th time was a charm!! And I wasnt going to start back up and ruin my healing by constricting blood flow to my healing wounds. I think in a sense I kept telling myself "just make it to 6months PO and you can light up again". But I started to actually enjoy being a non smoker- and totally nicotine free at that too! Everyone was like you did such a good job quitting and cold turkey at that. Which I was proud of myself too. Id been a pack a day smoker for 13 years.


And just like that it has all burned down in flames (yes pun intended). Im not even sure as to how- but I started (and have been continuing to smoke) like 2 weeks ago! And I hate it!! I didnt pay over 6k to just crap all over my nice new assets. But thats exactly what I am doing. I am not letting my body heal and if I dont quit again- Im going to ruin all of it. I went through the whole process of quitting (suffering through the quitting), spent the money, endured that pain. All of for nothing :-(

So I am setting a quit date (you know what I am talking about if you are a reformed smoker) of Sunday the 4th (tempted to push it till after the holiday- but thats the nicotine talking again) And I am going to quit FOR ONCE AND FOR ALL. Number 8 will be the last.

I endured years of crappy boobs, waited forever to have my work done. And I am not going to suffer through years to come of bad boobs over cigarettes. No ma'am. That aint happenin.

So wish me luck and drop a encouraging line if you can relate.

Oh and please ask me about my non smoking progress (I need accountability)


5 Week Progress Report

Things are settling nicely! I need to remember to take pics at the same angle so i can get better side by side comparisons. So for week six I should have a good line up.

Anyways, Im feeling good about everything not too much of an update. Just busy busy bee. Will report if anything changes!

The Fluff!

The fluff is here, the drop and fluff! 6 weeks post op and Im dropping and fluffing away! Well, little miss righty has been a bit stubborn from the beginning, as left has always been my favorite, until about two nights ago. I went to sleep, and when I woke up righty dropped! Just like that overnight- almost. And my boobs are starting to even out. And are starting to look more natural than the first few weeks that they are all the way up in your throat.

Lets talk bra and cup size. A few weeks ago I was measured at a 34 band size, and figured that will stay the same. I was also measured at a DD cup, putting me in a 34DD. So, I headed over to the Victoria Secret Outlet. All their bras were $19.99! So I bought 5 :o)

However now that the fluff is in full force, I might be exchanging some of those (as luck would have it, all sales are final at the outlet- poo.) Because Im not really fitting in the bras I bought last week. I really dont want to have a nip slip. And I feel like im always going to fall out of the cup, and im constantly readjusting. So I think I need to get remeasured on the cup size. I think the fluff is graduating me into a DDD. Which I am not complaining about! I just dont feel like my breasts are that big when looking at me. Without clothes they look crazy good, but then they almost disappear when I put a shirt on. Maybe this is all in my head... i dont know.

Jumping up and down is a lot of fun now! And I feel my boobs just jiggling away when I walk. This is great! I have not ever experienced this before- as I have always been small in the boob department. But these new big ones of mine sure are a whole lot of fun!

Anyways, Im feeling pretty good overall. The bras are a smidgen uncomfortable wear the underwire sits on my incisions. And the numbness has yet to differ. (update pics to come!)

6 weeks post op pics !

I need to take better progress pics. Im going to try and not rush through taking (like these, were taken in the morning when i was already running late to work lol) but this is where i am visually.

Progress Pics

Here are some more pics of my 6 weeks post op. I think i was able to get better angles to show how everything is stacking up.

The Squish

They have become so much more soft and i can move them around a lot more. But there still a little resistance. Ive never really felt big natural boobs, so this is how i would imagine that they might feel? I dunno lol.

8 weeks!

Woot woot! Its already been 8 weeks since my BA. And I swear I love them more and more every day! I have no regrets at this time. They have just been d&f-ing so nicely. I have no real complaints right now. Im still getting morning boob on the right. And sometimes the bra underwire gets a little uncomfortable, and i have to readjust (makes me wonder, are men this self aware of their constant readjusting and just dont care, lol. Who knows.) The hubby is sometimes embarrassing because he is so darn handsy ALL OF THE TIME! I mean hello dude, we are at the grocery store, it might be a tad inappropriate. Lol, I wanted bigger boobs so he could enjoy them, so this is life now. But we are both more than thrilled with the results. Anyways, not too much else to report at the moment. Will update again soon!

Is it weird?

Is it weird I get just as excited to post boobie pics, as I am to send them to my hubby? Ps, they are the same pics lol! He's totally ok with it. Anywho.... just want to post some pics!

Post Op Weight Gain

I gained 12 lbs post op. I was hoping that I would have lost some by now. Its been 9 weeks, and nothing. Still holding on to it all, meh. At first I just figured it was because I was on the -don't lift over 10 lbs restriction for the first few weeks. And due to the fact I laid in bed resting for 5 days. Well, these things combined- and possibly my age, have left me.... well, feeling a bit unhappy with myself. As anyone else experience this type of post BA weight gain?

Questions, Lessons, and 3 month update

My new additions will be turning 3 months this Thursday!
In the last three months we have come a long way. The dropping is done, and I am couldn't be more thrilled with where they landed. The fluff is still in effect, but I believe is winding down now. Or at least I hope so! Because I fluffed straight into a DDD! Which is perfect for me, because I wanted big ol' boobies! I have no more pain, discomfort; although my left nipple still is completely numb. I have said goodbye to the hope that sensation will be restored. Dead left nippie it is for me. But on the bright side my right nipple is doing great, with full sensation.
They do look more natural now, opposed to 1-2 months ago; but because I chose the HP implant, I don't think they will never look like they were naturally mine- like born with these. But again, I perfectly ok with this.
Which this leads me to my next thought...

To tell or not to tell?

For example, the other night I was at a bar with the hubby and a there were a lot of other people outside where we were at. I was standing up talking, and out of no where a chick was like "Wow! You've got some huge boobs!" (in a loud, drunk 24 yr old excited kind of voice). And suddenly everyone got quite, and turned to and checked out my boobs. I was wearing a regular fitted, crew neck tshirt, nothing revealing at all. But I believe because I was standing, and she was sitting, they may have been more noticeable to her from the angle. But I was definitely caught off guard with this sudden attention (stares and glares- from both genders) And I kind of choked a little. And then with a little fear in my eyes, and not knowing what to say I then uttered out "well thank you! They are new".... awkward silence..... then everyone kinda shrugged their shoulders and moved on and back to their conversations. Later on, I had 2 other girls come to me and say they were thinking about getting theirs done, and wanted to know all about the process. I talked to them for a little while about it, and mentioned RealSelf as a phenomenal resource to use as well.
So I think lesson learned here was, nobody criticized me, or judged me (out loud). However, slightly embarrassing, but I quite possibly could have been able to help 2 other girls out with fulfilling their goals of a BA.
Obviously no one is perfect, and instead of pretending like I was born with amazing tits, I opted to tell the truth. No need to make others hate on themselves, because I might be too proud to admit that I too, am not perfect. So, this is why I stand on the "tellers" side.
Anyways! All is going good. I will keep you posted! Pics to follow :-)


3 month update pictures

4 months, or so...

First update in a while! Been crazy busy, and the girls have been too.
Since the last post we've had a wedding and the dress was amazing. As well as boobilicious! Will post pics when they come in.
On the boob front not much has changed. Still stacking up at a 34DDD! And loving it! For a pre wedding gift the girls at my work went to VS and got me a bra panty combo. Lol they walked in and found a cute set, but didn't know what size I was. So they just asked for the biggest size. So they ended up purchasing a 36DDD. And as I opened telling me about the size and laughing because at this point my boss had the bra on her head, say "look how big this is, we have the gift receipt so you can exchange it for a smaller size." I turned 50 shades of RED! And i said well the band size is a little big but the cup size is on point! Mind you my boss still has the "enormous" bra on her head.... and we all were just crying laughing. Yea, so that happened lol...
Anywho, everything is great, scars are really thinning out and have no keloids, and are very fine and smooth. Still visible on my left side, tattoo hides the right side scar, so no worries there.
D&f is pretty much over, and I have no complaints, no pains, nothing! Nothing but some big ole' lovely tatas!
Sleeping will never be the same as pre boobies. As I will now and forever be a side sleeper, meh.... and its awkward to lay on my stomach. Which I had to explain to the waxing lady when getting my most recent brazilian (it was time to roll over for the, um, backside lol).
So all has been really good lately! How have you ladies been doing?? Any one scheduled a surgery? Just completed surgery or dropping and fluffing?? I need updates!

Nipple Feeling.... Returning? Maybe. Maybe not.

Well not much has changed as of today. I dont think that too much is going to change at this point. But I keep getting this itching feeling inside of my left nipple. And it has been happening all the time. But I cant scratch it because I can't feel my left nipple. So I am wondering if this might be a sign of life/ return of sensation! I have pretty much come to terms with lefty, and had just let go of hoping I would get feeling back. But then this happens, and I have a little bit oh hope gleaming! Has this happened to anyone else before? Anyone lost feeling and got it back after some time? I just dont want to get my hopes all up if it actually just a weird phenomenon.

Surgery Details

So, I dont believe that I ever really talked about the actual surgery- or gave any details for that matter. Since I dont have much changing, and not to much to report at this time. I thought I would talk about the actual surgery and revisit that. This is my POV of how everything went that day 7/21/16...

I was instructed to use antibacterial soap the night before my surgery and the morning of my surgery. I had to be at the hospital at 7:30 am, so I got up around 6 and took a shower and made the 30 min drive to the surgery center. When I got there it was a normal check in process with paperwork and all that stuff. Not being able to eat or drink from midnight until after the surgery, the smell of the coffee at the lobby was making me crazy! I NEED my coffee every single morning! So I sat in the waiting room for about 20 or so minutes and was finally called back. I took the pregnancy test- and obviously it was negative- because I am post op now lol. I put my gown on and and those fancy compression socks and the anesthesiologist came by and started giving me the IV bags and "a little something to relax me".

A few minutes later my husband walks over with my doctor and she starts to give him more PO care details and all that. But I remember her talking with us both and her saying "I am giving your PO care/ instructions to your husband, because you wont remember having this conversation", she also explained that I would be wheeled to the OR and that I would wake in the recovery room. And I wouldnt remember a thing, and in a few short minutes I would be out cold.....

Ha, I remember not only the whole conversation with my doctor and husband, I also remember all the details of it as well. I remember being on the bed and being wheeled into the OR, I actually got myself off the gurney and onto the OP table. I remember it being freezing cold in there!! And the table had boards that stuck out to the side, and I watched them strap my arms down to it. And I asked the nurse in the OR room, what the big round lamps were on the ceiling. She said that they were heaters that they would turn on during the surgery, and the others were bright surgical lights that would also be turned on when they were about to start. In fact the last thing I remember was my doctor standing over me, really close to my face- checking to see if I was under yet. Lol! I wasnt supposed to remember anything! And def not with this amount of detail.

After the surgery- which seemed to only take a minute, like I closed my eyes to blink- and bam- Im in the recovery room. And my husband was standing over me asking why I took my hair out of the braid it was is. Apparently I am not an easy person to deal with when waking up from anesthesia. Not easy at all! I was thrashing around and later on told by my doctor I was pretty combative. With a mouth of sailor- lol. Hmmm, not sure where my volatile behavior stemmed from.... I guess you never really know what your mind and body will do in a situation like that. I dont remember any of that though- which is probably a good thing, or I would have been slightly embarrassed.

So my husband starts to wheel me to the elevator, where we were instructed to wait for nurse to help me into our car. And it felt like an eternity waiting for her! My husband even headed back into the lobby to find out where the nurse was that we were waiting on. Lol- I can just see myself all dazed and confused- if not borderline drooling on myself, just sitting there in the wheelchair alone by the elevator lol. And with all the IV's I received during the surgery I had to pee so bad. So the nurse finally showed up and had to take me right back in again to pee! We did, eventually make it to the car.

The car ride home was tortuous, as every bump in the road was a painful reminder that my pain meds were dwindling down. So, I promptly took more as soon as I got home. And passed out again!

My very sweet husband, made himself a little sleeping bag pile next to our bed and laid there so that he could help me if I needed him. Well, I woke up and had to pee yet again! And realized that I could not sit up on my own- I couldnt get out of bed. I panickingly yelled for my husband and startled him awake- I was like Im going to pee in the bed lol! I cant get up! He jumped up and tried to pull me forward. I squealed with pain!! It was terrible. So he drops me back down on the bed and then tried again. But this time he ran his arm down the spine of my back. And yet less painful I still cried. But I made it to the toilet! Lol- so this was how I got out of bed for the next three days, pain, crying and being lifted by my husband.

But after a few days I was good, could get up on my own and went back to work!

So there is my surgery story!

Happy New Years

Almost been 6 months, so here are some pics! Hope everyone is doing great!

And on another note i realize that im wearing the same short in the majority of my pics lol. At this point I will have to assume they are my favs!

Falling In Love Again Everyday

I find myself falling in love with my breast again and again. Everyday when I shower I look at myself and feel 100% confident that getting the BA was the best thing I've ever done for myself. With 2 kids, a husband and a very intense full time job, my wants and needs usually take a back seat. But I had struggled with self confidence for a good part of my life. And the BA helped me feel more defined as a woman. I really do think that it has helped me more than just my outward appearance. I absolutely do not regret anything. I know I struggled with picking the size, and fearing they were underwhelming after the surgery. But now that all the dust has settled, I am overjoyed with my results, and myself over all.

Best Decision Ever, still!

I have not updated my review a good while. And at request I thought yep, I need to do an update.
Its been about 10 months since my BA. And I still believe this is the best decision I have ever made for my self confidence. I love love love them!!! And I am so very happy with my results! Shout out to my doctor!
Anyways, my journey has been a wild one for sure. There was all the excitement and nerves and worry leading up to my decision and to the point of surgery. Even after surgery and months later, my post reflect the emotional roller coaster.
So, the implants have definitely done all the settling that they are going to do. I can sleep pretty comfortably on my stomach and side. Although I don't like laying on my back, as I hate the sensation of the implant sliding a bit inside my body. Gives me the heebeegeebees. And when laying on my back they slide towards my armpits and the weight of that makes it uncomfortable.
But I have still not gained any feeling back in my left nipple. But that is ok with me now. I look at it this way, would I rather have feeling back in my left nipple and my pre-BA boobs back? Uh, no ma'am. Im happy with not feeling little lefty. I have all the sensation needed in my right nipple.
On a funnier note, I recently went on vacay to a little (not so little though...) event called MudNats here in TX. It is about 15,000 people on four wheelers and side by sides in partying in the mud for a week. We go every year. And when the sun goes down, the sand pit gets a bit wild. And there are lots of beads being thrown to ladies for.... well you know. Lol. Anyways, I was talking to my husband about how I had never flashed anyone before. I was not exactly ready for randoms to see what I was sadly sporting prior BA. So my husband was like well, do it then!! Youve got an awesome rack, and scratch it off your bucket list. But he was like, don't get comfortable with showing off my good though. Lol. So that night I did! And it was exhilarating! Ha! I finally had nothing to be embarrassed or ashamed of. I was totally confident! And it was crazy fun. And I got a ton of beads!
Anyways, besides my recent shenanigans I would say, everything has calmed down and I am to the phase of just enjoying them. All is good in my world.
Picture update as well. Some of my fav boobie pics recently, and my collected beads! (I know daddy wouldnt be proud, but momma would lmao!)

One Year!

Its been one year this month! Time literally just flew by. I went for my 1 year follow-up with Dr. Pilcher, and she said everything looks great, very soft and natural like they should be.
My doctor had asked if I would do a review and handed me a card for the RealSelf website, and I was like Ive been on there already the whole time!! But I am now realizing that I havent actually spoke too much about my doctor. And its crazy because the doctor is a HUGE part of it all. As they are the ones we trust to perform the surgery and guide us through the process of having a BA.
And with that being said, I loved Dr. Pilcher. I think she was really very professional and helped me with making the right decision for me.
I went to my first consult, and it was the only constult I had been to, and I knew right away it was a good fit. So i moved forward with her as my doctor. I didnt even want to see another doctor, or do any other consults.
With all the decisions that need to be made and I really had no idea what I was doing she really helped me navigate. I showed her my wish pics and she responded with, ok so you are looking for a high profile implants. And I was like ummm thats an option? I had no idea, I dont think anyone really knows how many different options there really are. It was overwhelming the amount of info out there. The internet had my head spinning with info as well, which wasnt helping. So I went back in for a second sizing, and went from a 450cc mod+ implant to the 500cc HP Mentor implant. She took the time to explain the difference of the circumference size of the 2 implants we'd looked at. And what to expect, knowing that my bwd was a bit wider and the HP was a bit more narrow vs the mod+, but assured me that they would still look great and give me the results I was picturing.
And my results turned out better than I would have imagined!
So, I found Dr. Pilcher by googling plastic surgeons in San Antonio. And there are many, so I started at the top and worked my way down. I went straight for the before and after pictures. And I was shocked at some of the before and afters of a lot of the surgeons I came across. I was thinking to myself, ummmm they probably only post their good work, and all these look bad!
And then I came across Accent Plastic Surgery, every single photo was great. I felt like she had the skill set for the results I wanted. I felt from the photos alone she knew what she was doing and was great at it. So I booked the consult with her and wass not disappointed! She is very knowledgeable, skilled and all around phenomenal! I couldnt have asked for a better doctor. Thank you Dr. Pilcher! You rock :-D
Accent Plastic Surgery

Absolutely nothing negative to say. Dr. Pilcher is amazing!

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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