28yro 2 Kids Later - San Antonio, TX

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I have always been flat chested. Even after...

I have always been flat chested. Even after puberty and two kids later.. Still no boobs. Even after losing 30lbs, first thing that left were my boobs. After today, I don't ever have to worry about that again, no more push up or padded bras, no more frustrating days in the dressing room!! Worth it!!

It's done

Had my surgery today. Everything went well and the staff was so nice and great. Made me feel right at home. Now, I'm a proud owner of two 650cc gummy bear implants and a size DD boobs! Great times... Here I come

Day 2

Still sore and tired. Went to the movies with my husband yesterday, probably wasn't the best idea. Hit a few speed bumps and pot holes on the way home but today I'm doing a lil better. Not SOOO swollen but still sore on my right side. Beauty is pain tho


Had my first post op appointment and everything went well. Had my wrap and dressings removed. Been approved to wear regular(wireless) bras. Received my implant warranties. Corrections to previous post: I am the proud owner of 655HP Sientra implants
It's a dream come true

Day 4: No more wraps

After removing my wraps yesterday. I got to go bra shopping! Yay! Not sized but the nurse said to look for DD(how. perfect) wireless bras. While in the dressing room, I snapped a photo of my new breasts. Let me just say, for being so new.... I LOVE them.
As of this morning, my discomfort and pain levels are way low! Still some discomfort on my right side but it's subsiding.

One week post op

Everything is going good so far, my nips are a little sore and my stitches will be removed/examened in two days. Bought some new tank tops and a wireless bra from VS. This bra is amazing and makes everything feel great! Keeps the girls from slamming down while going over potholes or speed bumps! Ouch lol they are still sitting high but looking great with each passing day. I'm excited about the results and can't wait til they are healed up

In love

One week and a few days post op and I like what I see! Tomorrow we see the dr!

Big day!

Had my stitches removed and my breasts feel and look great!

1Mo Post op

It's been 4wks and two days since my operation and apart from the sunburn, I feel great! The surgical tape is starting to come off on its own. They are still dropping and a few stretch marks came up, but that's ok, I'm a woman, stretch marks have been on my boobs since puberty, such is life. I've been able to sleep on my side finally(with a good bra and propped up by a pillow), the twins have softened up a bit and the husband is starting to enjoy them a lot more. I'll post more photos once the redness subsides

4wk photos

My right side doesn't look as good as the left, it's ONLY been 4wks so I need to be patient but I'm still loving them!!! Surgical tape is starting to come off a lot more too!!


The tapes FINALLY fell off!!! Yay

No more tapes

The "girls" are doing and looking great! I feel like they are getting bigger everyday! Can't wait to see what 6mo holds!

6wks post op

Well, I should've had some lipo done when I had my BA done. My post child apron has been putting a damper on my new boob fest. Despite that little factor, I'm still having fun with the girls. I haven't been in a pool yet but tomorrow brings a new day! Sex with the hubby has been super hot!! More amazing than before!! They really ARE fun bags!! Here's some update photos for the collection. My scars are healing quite nicely, but I am getting a little impatient with the whole "dropping/settling" process!! Hurry up already!!!(jk beauty takes time)

So in love

I absolutely LOVE my new boobs!! Still always from hitting the two month mark BUT they just keep getting better and better!! The projection is turning out great. I do have a few extra stretch marks but like all the others... They'll fade away. I can't wait to finish my mommy makeover and have my tt/bbl done!!


I feel like a woman!!
The twins look amazing!
San Antonio Plastic Surgeon

So far he has been super helpful, answering questions and giving me new information to go off of. I'm excited to have this procedure today!

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