26 Y/O 5'0 ,120lbs, 650cc/660cc HP, saline, dual plane . :) - San Antonio, TX

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Hello ladies, I'm planning for a breast...

Hello ladies, I'm planning for a breast augmentation in the coming months with. Dr. Gary Lawton. I've already seen him for a first appointment and he recommended 650cc round saline unders. Considering my stats I've been very torn about being too top heavy or looking fat. I'm currently 32AA, 34A with very little breast tissue. I'm having a hard time finding girls with my stats and large implants. During my consult Dr. Lawton was wonderful and patient he basically sized me himself And said we are going to keep going up until it's scary big, then we will go a size smaller, the sizers looked great but my concern remains, Am I going too big?!? Any advice is welcome ladies thanks!

What I'm currently working with :(

Stats 32AA 34A unable to fill bra

Wish Boobies!

I'm debating between a full look or just try a big natural look. Not much Brest tissue to work with. So according to Dr. Lawton I need a big implant to achieve most of these looks. I'm not even going to lie Ive seen so many boobies I don't know any more what fake look and natural look is anymore!

How accurate are Rice sizers?

600cc Rice sizers

My before pic last post actually cut off my boobs:(

32AA 34A unable to fill cups.

More wish pics!

I'm totally obsessed with boobs!! This girl is the main reason I keep thinking of going 600cc !

Just a little update! Full body pics

Here is a full body pic! I'm so flat ????. Can't wait to get boobies!

Small update

So finally got a date preop is May 9th and Surgery May 26th. Hopefully 600cc HP Saline, dual plane. So excited and totally obsessed with boobies! I finally found my ultimate wish pic from another realselfer with similar stats!

Last update before Surgery!

I had pre op on Wednesday, received all vitamins, meds and instructions. I didn't get to see Dr. Lawton which was ok. I'm still very torn with what size I want. The nurse was very attentive and offered to get Dr. Lawton for me if I wished to see him. I told her I would wait til surgery date to discuss any concerns. She still offered sizes again, she brought in 550 & 650 I didn't notice much of a difference I showed her my wish pic and her opinion was to go 650cc HP. Which I'm still apprehensive about. At this point I will let Dr Lawton decide on size depending on the look that I want. I've also been having boobie Nightmares! It's crazy I wake up feeling horrible!


So close!!

Made it to the other side!!

I did it ! I've been a lot of pain, norco And Valium around the clock. Post op is in an hr I will update how that went later.

Post op day 1

Still in a lot of pain, I can't do anything with my arms. My doc said final size was 650 in the L and 660 on the right. They are very deformed right now but I know they will look better with time. :)

7 Days post op.

Feeling a little better my armpits are still sore, I'm basically living naked in a robe lol . I'm trying to wein off the prescription meds they make me super woozy and out of it. I'm really hoping I start to see some change. Morning boob is the absolute worst feeling of tightness! If there are any girlies out there who went big like me, I would love to hear you experience, because the tightness is so unreal! I am completely ecstatic that I chose Dr. Lawton he's a wonderful skilled surgeon with meticulous methods!

13 Days post op

Kinda random day but I'm feeling much better now, the beginning was really hard and painful, I didn't get to say much the last 2 posts. On my 7 day post op Dr.Lawton great he adviced me I weaned off my meds too soon and I should try rest more, which I did. It helped! I was feeling down and afraid I went too big but now I absolutely love them! I have a lot of drop and fluff to do still, but I started massage day 7 and i can see small difference, which is great! I wanted to add, to this whole experience because of Dr.Lawton sending me to a personal friend who is a blood specialist I was diagnosed with a clotting disorder which prompted him to treat my case with the upsmost meticulous planning to prevent clots and extra bleeding. I cannot express what a great, ethical , and caring physician he is! Absolutely love him!

3 weeks post op

Well it's been rough I feel like I'm not at 100% yet, I am working full time again so I feel I'm always tired. Sleeping upright sucks! I saw Dr.Lawton yesterday he was wonderful as always. I was concerned my breast were firm and I was still having tightness to my left arm, I'm still not able to raise it fully. He said the firmness is normal just to keep massaging, I have developed mondors cords on both my armpits , so he recommended stretches and he would be taking care of those next visit in 7 days. My nipples continue to be extremely sensitive and I have also began to lactate which is common after BA. I feel like my left breast isn't dropping as fast as my right but I will continue to massage hopefully they will even out with time.

1 month post op

Sorry doing this one late I had my one month post op last Friday. All went well Dr. Lawton said they were dropping beautifully! I love them more each day. I still have a lot of nipple sensitivity so I keep using the lidocaine cream. I'm cleared to begin using a soft cup bra and stretch mark cream. He recommended Dermafine-MD, he said that's the best results he has seen on stretch marks! I trust him fully! I will continue to massage and stretch my arms to help with the tension in my armpits from the mondor cords. Other than that there's no pain, just morning tightness, pretty usual stuff. Won't see Dr. Lawton for 2 months :(. Kinda bummed I look forward to his visits! He and his nurses are so funny, love them!

2 months post op!

Loving the girls, they are dropping nicely. I'm finally back to myself. I still continue to measure 32 DDD! It's crazy they don't feel that big, but I definitely don't have boob greed!

3 months post op!

Time flies! I can't believe I have boobies, they are dropping and getting soft. Drop and fluff in full effect! :)

8 months post!

I can't believe I have boobies! Finally they look and feel better. Boob greed is real, sometimes I wish they were bigger!. By I'm definitely happy with how they ended up!

Deleted pics!

3months Post

Deleted pics

4 months post

Deleted pics

8 months post

12 months post op!!

I can't believe how time has flown and how awesome the girls look. I can't thank Dr.Lawton enough. Soon post op I gained about 15lbs which for my stats is a pretty important amount. I managed to loose the weight in about 2 1/2 months. To my surprise my breasts didn't suffer any. They are dropped, fluffed and super soft. I do have some ripples when I bend over but they are only under my breast in the dual plane portion. Definitely happy with my 32DDD!! No boob greed! I did get stretch marks but not terrible. I'm so happy with my results!

Boudoir photos for my hunny! So confident with boobies now!

I knew I was in great hands from the beginning! I wanted to add, because of this whole experience and Dr.Lawton being such a thorough physician he sent me to a personal friend of his, who is a blood specialist. Due to some of my medical history, he was concerned about. I was diagnosed with a clotting disorder; which prompted him to treat my case with the upsmost meticulous planning to prevent clots and extra bleeding post op. I cannot express what a great, ethical, and caring physician he is! Absolutely love him! He is a boobie genius! :)

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