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I'm 5'4" , 116 lbs A cup (pretty much nothing) I...

I'm 5'4" ,
116 lbs
A cup (pretty much nothing)
I knew I was going to invest into breast augmentation for myself since I was never blessed with boobies. I always had small boobies and it never bothered me before, I still had confidence. Until after pregnancy, I had really nice C cups during breastfeeding and enjoyed the size but after I dried up and finished nursing I was left with nothing. I've researched a lot for a couple months now, I've kind of been non-stop. When I started my research I wanted saline implants because of safety precautions in case of rupture or deflation but after researching I am now leaning towards silicone gel because of reviews and Dr recommendations, that silicone gives the more natural feel,look, and movement. I am aiming for D cup or DD but don't know how well that will look on my frame. Going to ask my Dr tomorrow at my very first consultation. I'm thinking that I'll want 400-450cc HP Round silicone gel but we'll see what my Dr suggest. I hope he can give me what I'm looking for.. I guess I'll have to be a strict judge at his work since I am using only but a few pictures from his site and don't really have much reviews from that Dr but I do have other options so we'll see... hope all goes well for me.

Consultation day

Well today was my very first consultation and I had my fiance come along with me. It was more exciting than anxiety, I really liked Dr O but I think since I was so excited I forgot to show him the wish pictures I had so he didn't get to see the real look I want. I'm thinking we need to go bigger because he's recommending I go with 375cc right and 400cc left but I'm thinking we need to do 450cc right and 500cc left to get the look I'm wanting. I did settle with silicone because they are a lot more real to the feel. This doctor uses the latest technology so we're able to see what we'd look like with different sizers but don't really get to try them on with your blouse on top. I think I was settling with my picture ,because I didn't like the size on my frame, so I still want to go bigger. I will have to clear that up with him next time we speak, I'm just really trying to get my money together since it is a pricey expense.

Day will come.

I'm just updating to let you ladies know that I'm still an active realself member, I browse and obsess over boobies almost everyday because I follow some of the women on here. I still want to have this surgery done for myself because it's what I've always wanted.. I don't have a Dr picked out but I'm really sure it's going to be Dr Lawton because he has great reviews and even though I haven't met him or his staff personally, they have still been very kind and patient with me, I keep rescheduling my.consultation appointment with them because I want to be financially ready and Dr Lawton office is about 45 minutes away from my house. I guess I'm waiting for the right time in my life. I can only daydream about having boobies for now. :( it's Okay though because my babies are still young and need me as much as I need them, and that's a lot. Lol well I just want to update that I'm still here and waiting to find a good time in my life to continue with this surgery that I desperately want/need. Okay tata for now. Happy healing to all you lucky ladies :)
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