25 Y/o, No Kids, 6'1 155 Lbs, 500cc HP Saline. San Antonio, TX

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I can recall telling my mom that I wanted big...

I can recall telling my mom that I wanted big boobs when I was 12 or 13...or pretty much when my boobs stopped growing haha! From then until I was 25 I really couldn't fill out a B-cup bra, even though I lied and tried. Getting implants for me was never really about having huge boobs, it was about feeling more womanly and improving the shape of my breasts. They were quite far apart, had very little lower pole fullness, and were just a little sad looking for a woman in her early to mid 20's! I consider myself attractive, I like my body and I enjoy working out, but every time I saw my breasts before showering or whatever (all by myself) I would actually cover them because seeing them in the mirror upset me. I can't remember exactly when I knew I was going to get breast implants, but there was certainly a lot of lead-up and research before pulling the trigger. I never had second thoughts, I felt like I was on my way to having the body I was meant to have. I am only 3 days post-op and I know they have a long way to go, but I love new boobies already :D I know I'm doing this a little backwards, but more details on surgery day and recovery to follow...

Days 1-3

I've already written a little about my consult, and no complaints there! Pre-op went well too, I was given thorough instructions by the nurse and I always felt like the patient coordinator was available for questions via phone/e-mail afterward.

Never having had any surgery other than wisdom teeth removal, I think the fear of the unknown was probably the worst part and provoked the most anxiety for me. I knew the discomfort would be bearable, but general anesthesia...so scary!! I was also terrified of post-operative nausea, I couldn't imagine anything more miserable than throwing up after surgery. The worry was needless. I told the anesthesiologist (who was wonderful) all of my concerns and felt more at ease before being wheeled into the OR. There was a mask over my nose and mouth and next thing I know I was being told I was "all done!" by my friendly nurse. I sipped some water, took a valium, used the restroom and my boyfriend took me home where I wasted no time eating some soup and chicken because not only was I not nauseated, I was HUNGRY haha. The next day at my post-op appt with Dr. Lawton he told me I was up and out of recovery "ridiculously quick" and that I did great. I went home, showered (on his advice) and took the first of many naps. Bottom line: take your pain meds on time, set alarms for 2am if you need to. Keep a snack nearby to take them with because the one time I didn't take the Norco with food was the only time I felt a little queasy. Follow your doctors instructions regarding activity and meds even if you feel good. Your body is using a ton of energy to repair itself so respect and listen to it. I felt able to stop taking the Norco/vicodin after 2 days and switch to Tylenol which covered most of the discomfort. Besides, I the Norco made me stoned out of my mind and, this is no secret, it "backs you up"! I wasn't trying to be constipated for four or five days!

I was fully prepared to be disenchanted with the look of my new breasts after Dr. Lawton took the wraps off and told me to take a look. He prefaced my look in the mirror by telling me to ignore the position of the implants (they were high) and that they will change a lot in the coming weeks and
months, which I knew. However, coming from a place of total dissatisfaction with my "before" boobs, I was already very happy with what I saw. So much volume! And they're only going to get better?! Yay!

I'm going to continue to take good care of myself, I can't wait to see how the implants fluff and I look forward to being able to go back to the gym and barre class :D

Reminder of my stats:
25 y/o, no children
6'1, 155lbs
500cc saline implants
Transaxillary (armpit) incision

Before and Afters (3 days post)

OK one more day 3 pic!

The first time I've ever seen cleavage/roundness on myself. It's pretty exciting and blowing my mind that I have actual boobies. Excuse my early enthusiasm lol!

5 days later

Swelling is going down, starting to get an idea of the shape and size I'll be! Really looking forward to them dropping so they fill out underneath and nips point up instead of at the ground haha!

One week follow up

PS is happy with my progress, stitches are out and I'm massaging them often using his technique, which I'm sure is similar to other recommendations. My PS advised to not wear any kind of bra as little as possible to let gravity do its job and use nip covers as necessary which I'm cool with :) and I can shave again! (Carefully!)

10 day old boobs

I definitely am relating to “morning boob", they're pretty sore and stiff getting out of bed but massage helps! Here's a pic uncovered only because one of my desires for having larger breasts was to make my larger areolas look more proportionate. Now I feel like they do :) At day 10 I'm happy with what I see and am having fun living life with boobs :) patience is a virtue waiting for more fluff underneath though...

3 weeks

They change a little every day! I still feel a little stiff in the morning but massage and Tylenol usually takes care of it. They're starting to feel like my own, and yes, as a tall girl, I do think I could have gone bigger!! However, I think they fit me well and I'm happy :) still a little nervous about shaving, anyone else with a transaxillary incision feel this way?

4 weeks later

I feel like this is one of the best decisions I've ever made. If I had uncovered before pics you might understand better what I was working with, but I was so unhappy with how they looked I didn't even wan to see them let alone other people. I know they aren't “perfect" now, but they are light years from where I came from and make me feel like a whole person. It can be a pretty emotional experience seeing yourself and finally feeling like your body is complete. And for anyone considering saline implants, I can tell you that mine feel very squishy and bouncy at this point. I know that's an individual experience and my skin and tissue have a lot to do with feel, but they are really starting to integrate with my body and they feel good :)
San Antonio Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Lawton was super professional and helpful from the jump. I actually had scheduled three other consults with docs in the area and my meeting with Dr. Lawton was my first. I canceled my other consults because I liked him so much! He gave me plenty of time to ask questions and was very thorough in his answers. He made me feel like my safety and my appearance goals were his top priority, and I was very much put at ease by his knowledge, his confidence and how he seemed like a real perfectionist. He can come off a little serious at first, but he's actually pretty warm and caring. During my sizing we worked down from 600cc to 450cc and decided together that 500cc looked best on me. I was a little freaked out because that seemed huge, but he assured me that they would look great because I'm so tall and would help the most with the projection and fullness I wanted so much. I would certainly recommend him. There are many talented PS in San Antonio, but his experience and investment in his work seem unparalleled.

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