scheduled with salama, where to stay?!

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Hello everyone! I am a petite female from...

Hello everyone!

I am a petite female from Texas and I need help with my bbl search! I've been thinking about this since last year but just started getting quotes this month.

I've gotten quotes in houston one for 6000 that won't add fat to my hips and the other for 8200 with fat to butt and hips. So question...does fat to hips make a big difference? The dr is telling me once fat is injected into buttocks it stretches making a wide hip look. These quotes were from Cortes and lapuerta.

I've also gotten quotes from salama in fl for 8499. I know he will do a good job but price is a little too much considering I still have to pay to travel from Texas and to stay in a room. The same goes with my quote from lily for 2900 which is a good deal I just don't know what the cost would be to travel out to the Dominican Republic or if I need a passport?

Thank you ladies :) I just want some help so I can schedule this thing!

Scheduled for bbl. what makes someone do a round #2?

Scheduled with dr. Salama in March. Seen a lot of round 2 pics, why a round 2?

Where to stay in adventura

Hi I'm scheduled to with salama in March. What Hotel is best? I won't be staying in recovery house.

Switch dates

Anyone looking to switch and April date for March 28th please let me know asap. This is with dr salama.


Advice on where to stay, etc?

Hi looking for recommendations on where to stay in Florida for surgery with salama. Also traveling tips and what pills to take.

I am also looking for someone interested in changing dates with me to April

Surgery scheduled 4/6 up in the air

So my surgery is up in the air with salama right now due to personal finances. I've added two pics of me and two wish pics. Don't know what to do :/

Amount of days to stay

Hey! Has anyone going to salama stayed less than 10 days? I really hoping to stay less. Please let me know

One week away

One week

One week away

I'm one week away from surgery. Nervous and still haven't purchased suppiles!

HELP! What can I use besides the "booty buddy"

I still haven't purchased the booty buddy, I am looking to purchase today but am wondering what else can I use besides that that won't cost me as much? Please help!


Do I have to get maxi dresses or can they be to my knees?

My current post op measurements

I'm 38-34-39
My waist used to be 31 or 32 this is bad for me :(

One day post op

More uncomfortable no pain

Removed garmet for shower

Help! Some questions.

How long until I don't feel as sore!
How long til brushing goes down?
When should my butt swelling start going down?
I'm really fusturated with my neck pain from constantly sleeping on my stomach! I haven't ate much my back and butt hurt so much when standing after laying on my stomach. My front drain is leaking and my garmet is saturated. Don't know if I should call anyone for this. I go for a massage on Monday.
By the way today is 2 day post op.

Cut garment due to digging per dr. Hope I didn't cut too much

3 day post op, 1st massage tomorrow

Feeling better not as painful or sore. Getting used to the garment.

Horrible pain!

Today I am in pain! All day I even cried and I haven't the whole time since surgery! I had extreme constipation after 6 days which lead to an enema which lead to extremely large hemorrhoids! I am fine from my bbl and body but now it's my anus! Literally! I've put ice and preparation h along with witch hazel and ice. So far still swollen! The garment doesn't help either since it's a thong so today I am sleeping the post op garment but I cut the thing part so maybe the swelling will go down by tomorrow! I will not go to the ER or doctor because I don't want them ruining my results! Let's see what happens! I'm sure getting my drain removed tomorrow will be less painful than what I'm going through now!

Front drain removed!

Hello all! My husband removed my front drain today and I must say it was a piece of cake! No pain like I thought! No burning sensation either like the back drain!


Does anyone else notice they only have dents when wearing the butt out garment? When I don't have it on I don't see dents. I am 1 week and 2 days post op


On Thursday I will be 2 weeks post op I did start off with two flat dents to both cheeks, now I have what looks like cellulite dimples? Is this normal will it even out?

2 days shy of 2 weeks

My butt is softening and my hard shelf has gone down as well. Due to some problems I had I cut the thing part of the butt out so that's why the garment looks like it does. And yes I should be wearing the stage 2 but I can't get in it alone and my husband had to go to work extra early this morning

Had sex at 2 weeks?

Couldn't help it two weeks post op and had sex. Didn't touch my butt though

Sensation normal to butt at 2 weeks?

Is it normal at 2 weeks to feel sensation to butt cheeks?

Going on 3 weeks this thursday

Should I still feel hard or tight on my flanks and back? Maybe it's normal at this week just hard to get used to compared to before all this surgery. I need a step down in size on my garment and Salama office is taking forever to send it!

How to put on / use an board?

Help! On how to put on an board! From Salama

Help choosing a garment

I will be 3 weeks post op this week. I need help choosing a compression garment I'm looking on eBay currently


I have these awful dents! What to do!?!?

Received my butt in garment

Got my garment in today, I'm hoping it doesn't shrink my booty! Anyone have any input on this? Dr Salama told me it only gets rid of the swelling sooner.

Dents/cellulite dimples

Help! Ladies I know I'm just 3 weeks post op but I'm really worried about these dents. I've been wearing the but in garment for about 3 days now and massaging the areas per dr Salama. Do they go away do they get smaller?! I do not want to do a round 2 I am happy with the results just don't like the dents!

Kid accidentally pushed on butt

So I was laying on my stomach and my son came to hug me and rested his arm along with his weight on one side of my butt. I'm aliytle over 3 weeks post op. It didn't hurt I have my garment on so I have checked it. Should I be ok?

One day shy of 3 weeks PO

Just some

One day shy of 3 weeks

Forgot to attach pics

Don't know how I feel

About my results. I'm 4 weeks post op and I still have cellulite dimples. I'm worried as the swelling goes down those dimples are going to look worst. Sometimes I don't even want to look at my butt :(

A little over 4 weeks post op I haven't sat at all...

So this Thursday I will be 5 weeks. During the whole time I have not sat on the boppy or layer on my sides. I just lay kneel and stand. I've heard and read I can sit in the boppy pillow. So I'm just scared to sit do y'all think at this point me sitting on the boppy for a little over an hour will have any effect on my booty?

Should I be ok to sit without anything

I'm 5 weeks post op today I know I can sit without anything at 6 weeks but will one week before hurt?

6 weeks post op

I'll be 6 weeks post op this coming week, since I can sit now would it be ok to lay on my back for sex??

Super sad

I tried on dresses today and u can see the dents. I've been massaging like I was told and nothing. The dr told me to tell the massage therapist to massage my butt to get them out. What do y'all think about this?

Itching and rash

I am 6 weeks post op and I have a rash (I guess) and itching to flanks and in between my breast spreading to my breast. I also have it developing on my neck. I take Benadryl at night to be able to sleep from the itching. I'm not sure if this has to do with the garment, Lipo, or the body soap I'm using.

7 weeks post op. Possible trauma?

So tonight a couple of friends went a little crazy sleeping and possibly punching my butt? I just turned 7 weeks post op on Thursday. Do y'all think this will affect me in any way? I am most worried because the dr had filled in a dent I had from scar tissue on my butt due to a steriod shot. Idk if it's just in my head and me being paranoid but I feel Like it's going back in. It felt like it before but now worst? Idk if it's just me. Do y'all think 7 weeks out this will affect my results? I didn't post pics because you can't see it I can just feel it


Hey guys is the fluff real?? After surgery I was 42 inches around the butt. I am now going on 8 weeks and my measurements are as follows. 36-28-40. Today's a day where I have the booty greed and feel my butt is small and waist too wide!

Going on 8 weeks post op

I'm a little sad feel like I've lost booty and hips or maybe it's my waist it's not as small?? Current measurements are 36-28-40

Do they shave you for a bbl?

I'm 8 weeks post op and have noticed a crazy amount of hair on my lower back and butt I didn't have before the surgery. I'm wondering do they shave you? And it grew back really hairy?? Anyone else noticed this or have this problem??

Where's the fluff?!?!

I'm officially 3 months post op. And no fluff :( my beginning measurements were 39 at the hips and I am 39 1/2 right now. Don't know how to feel about all this...

Does anyone fully sit at 4 months post op?

Do y'all sit or still use the booty buddy? I sat once without anything in the car (couldn't keep pressure mainly on thighs) and I felt weird.
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