Been thru a lot finally getting to the end. It's been a long road.

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I am 30 no kids and tired of not looking like I...

I am 30 no kids and tired of not looking like I feel. Been doing research on this for a few years but don't want to just go this the first Doc that tells me yes. I have been told I will need a TT but I plan to have kids one day and don't want to waste my money. I have been saving for years and buying supplies as I go. Bag has been packed for a year now with now where to go. I know the results that I want and will not settle for less. Dr Cabrel is the King of barbies but traveling out of the country is scary to me. Also spending $10,000 or more is too!!! I figure look good for now and if I want more wait till after kids and go all in.

Well, it looks like my top 2 Dr have burned girls...

Well, it looks like my top 2 Dr have burned girls with their lipo. Salama & Cabral. I can't risk it. One of the problems is once something goes wrong folks want to go ghost. I think that is wrong. I already have haters in my family who are telling me I am going to get messed up and putting my life on the line for vannity. I will not be able to take it if something goes wrong cause they will not help me they will be on the "I told you so" wagon and tell me deal with it myself. I am already going down this road alone. What to do!?!

OK, so I figured I would cheat my way to what I...

OK, so I figured I would cheat my way to what I want. I got smart lipo on the 22nd and didn't tell no one in my family. I figured if I could make it thru that alone that I should be able to to the bbl with little to no help. It didn't hurt that bad. I am not in a lot of pain only REAL stiff and swollen. my aunt comes by in the morning to check on me and other then that I am alone. I still don't got a little waist. but that wasn't what I was going for. I just needed to get smaller so I can have this done and not need a TT. I am 5'9" 221lbs 36-45-47 before and haven't measured since due to swell hell! My lower back if real puffy! I went to Dr. Carreon and she was supposed to do upper, lower abs, and flanks but I think she added in lower back as well. Hey, TY! I plan on doing this all over again in a year. I have only taken 2 painkillers to sleep other then that I just deal. I have been up and moving around since the next day. I think I look nicer but it's still not what I want so now I have to maintain and make arrangments for next year. Starting to think I might as well spend the big bucks if I want my dream body.

Hey, just wanted to update & let you ladies...

Hey, just wanted to update & let you ladies know I am doing very well. I knw I didn't have the BBL yet but I am taking the long route. LOL Plus I didn't have no support. My lipo was top secret. I only told my uncle cause I got his exwife to come help me after my surgery. I paid my neighbor to take me & wait so I would have someone to drive me home. My boyfriend was upset, at first. He was against this from the JUMP! Now he is ok because he see the transformation. My shape is a LOT better now & I know I wouldn't be told I need a TT. She took out 5.5liters & I look much better. All my nay sayers have changed their tune & now my bestfriend wants to get boobs. I will honestly say this is not for everyone but if you can stand it & you got the money go for your dreams. My sister was the biggest person against me doing this but once she saw me she is happy for me & asked when you going back 4 yr booty? LMAO!!! I would always joke we was the Williams sister & I just happend to be the wrong one! (She got a donky!) I told her I had to wait, & she said she would try to help find me a cheap plane ticket. She just don't want me to go out the country is all. I am still swollen & want to post true pics so I am waiting. My wasit is now a 37, that is almost a 10" difference! I am down to 207lbs & still shirking. I just want others to know that you have to look at the big picture. The Dr can only take out so much and if your legs, back, arms aint' right & not getting touched you may not be totally happy with everything once it's said & done. Not being mean just want to keep it real with ya'll. I only took 3 of my painpills & that was just cause I couldn't stay asleep. I only hope I can help someone else. This is a long hard road, our friends & family are not always behind us on this. But I didn't do it for them, this is my body that I have to live in & I just want to look my best & make my outside match how I feel inside. A SEXXY B!*ch! HAHAHAHA have a blessed day everyone.

Also working out helps with your recovery. If you...

Also working out helps with your recovery. If you are out of shape & get winded easy it will be worse after surgery. I can only do so much before I have to sit down. I kept all my supplies on the floor next to the bed & lined up all my pills on the night stand.
My list:
Vitamin C
Arnica pills
Arnica gel
Extra strength Tylenol
non stick bandages
tape for bandages
shower curtain to sleep on so not 2 ruin bed
pads to stick inside of garment
vitamin e oil
silcon scar sheets
2 extra garments in different sizes for when I shrink
pee funel
aintibacterial soap
pee pads 4 bed
caster oil this will help you go poo
flushable wipes
dermaplasty it's an aintibacterial spray works really good
gloves for helper
depends 2!
I didn't really use the pee pads cause they moved when I slept so that is why I used the shower curtain. I Only had one accident that I needed the depends cause I couldn't get that dang garment off fast enough. As soon as you feel it start making your way to the toilet! Since I know I will be have a BBL I got a boppy but this came in hand for back support. I didn't poo for 2 days & took that caster oil & was cool after that. Didn't want to wait to feel the pain. I had enough pressure from the swelling. Boyfriend laughed when he saw me peepee standing up.
I only really drained for the first day, after that it pretty much stopped. But I think that is why I am soooo swollen. I want tubes next time. Since I didn't have a lot of drainage I didn't need the pads.
The Dr gave me a script for pain, aintbody, nausea, and bloating. They also gave me 1 garment & a ab binder. Forgot to get epifoam so I went without. But I massage & rub everyday. So I dont' have lines.
I get pings of pain now but they said that is the nerves coming back to life. Parts of my body are still numb. But it's cool she told me to expect that.

Just real worried about all this, it seems like a...

Just real worried about all this, it seems like a lot of people are having problems right now. There is another girl talking about she has fat necrosis & she went with Salama. My eye's got BIG! He was my last hope to have this done good & at a fair price. The way she talked about how the office responded to her was sad. I don't know what is going on. I can't speak for other people but this does worry me a bit. Who knows what went wrong!?! I am not trying to blame anyone, I pray that they are alright. Let's just hope all these Dr's get their act together & care more about us then the money.

Ok so I got a couple of reviews going here. I...

Ok so I got a couple of reviews going here. I figured I would do one on the smart lipo page & posted my before pics there. But I am sticking with this one cause I still want a booty. The Dr told me my booty would stand out more once we made my back smaller but I still don't have that lift, projection, or volume I want. So round one down, healing time then on to round 2 booty! My boyfriend says I should stop & be happy but this ain't 4 him. SMH He also trying to talk me into waiting till after kids, then I asked when we going to have some & he said no time soon. So I rolled my eyes, I can't wait 4ever on him.

I aint' hating on no one by any means but you got...

I aint' hating on no one by any means but you got to have real exceptations about all this. ijs You can think that this is the solve all if you are considered in the obesity range. You can like your curves all you want but if your wish pic & your real body are WAY different your ideas are off. I think going to the picture morphsite are a better idea now. Because you can shape what you got & then have the Dr look 2 it & tell you if it can be done. We all should talk to more then one just to have a good idea of who just wants your money & who is telling the truth. Trying to get a PT gig to add to my savings plan. Cross your fingers ladies if I get the job it should take me 5 months to have all the money for travel & surgery :-)

Ok, I am really on edge now. I don't want to get...

Ok, I am really on edge now. I don't want to get knocked in the head on prices, but I want a good job. I don't want to have to go back for a touch up. So I was thinking Dr. Salama, but it seems like he is questionable. He burned one girl, and at least two other girls are going back for a touch up. I don't really want to keep putting my body through stuff like this so if I have to pay more to get it done right the first time I will. I don't see myself running back to the same Dr that didn't do right the first time. We will see, plus maybe next year there will be a new Dr on the front.

I am pissed the F off! I come on here cause just...

I am pissed the F off! I come on here cause just like everyone else I am here to find help & get answers. But you sideline hoez lost your ever loven' mind. You try to be nice to folk & they talk to you out the side of they neck! Bet! I see why girls get this done & then shut they mouths about it all!

I went ahead and did it. I finally got my surgery...

I went ahead and did it. I finally got my surgery done! I am so happy & sore! My body is banging and I didn't go to Salama. I found another Dr and he is in FL. He is not known and I had to talk him into the shelf. I am tired and not able to do too much right now. If you want to know more u got to contact me personally and I will respond to that not post @ this moment.

It was done on the fly so I didn't get a chance to...

It was done on the fly so I didn't get a chance to think twice and do alot.

Ok, I been mainly sleep the last few days. I feel...

Ok, I been mainly sleep the last few days. I feel more uncomfortable then pain. Hard to sleep, shower, everything. Thank goodness my baby got me some better painkillers then they prescribed me. I went through an unknown Dr & I had been going back &n forth with them for a while. The Dr didn't really have experience with such larger volume BBL, he mainly did 400cc max. I told him that I NEEDED more. I got 800cc in each cheek. Well to be his first large volume transfer I am VERY happy. Yes, I took a risk. He had a good track record just needed to step his game up. They staff were friendly and they are still calling and checking on me. Now my cousin & aunt want to get it done! LOL some of the same people talkn trash before.

Ok, I have been trying to spend all of my time...

Ok, I have been trying to spend all of my time healing and doing it right. A lot of sleep and walking. School started today & I wasn't trying to sit on my fresh booty. So I just hung out in the back of the class rooms. I am taking a kickboxing class & had to talk to my teacher about what I just went through, so we can adjust the workout to my level. Lets hope this all works. I want my body to tone up and stay looking good. I will be answering everyones questions about who I went to soon. I just want to be sure that this sticks & not totally reabsorbs before I tell everyone to go jump on his table. Too many girls rush into this & I don't want to give out bad advice to people. My butt has gonna down a little bit and the shelf is not as POPn' as it was but I am still happy that I DID NOT go to Salama!

Okay, i am moving around real well now & just...

Okay, i am moving around real well now & just get little zings every now & then. I know what I did was dangerous, I would not suggest anyone else follow what I did. But I have had a few surgeries before this one. Not by chose, bad luck & such. So I knew how my body would react to going under & how long it would take me to heal & how far I could push things. What I wasn't ready for is all the new attention. I am a quite person & not sociable at all! I don't feel like the person I see in the mirro. I am not use to this much attention & I got snippy with a dude in the grocery store the other day. I was minding my own when he tried to hit on me & I gave him the 3rd degree & must have cut him down to 2 inches. I have noticed that a few girls are changing their Dr's name after they get this done. I see the haterism working hard still. I have not given up my Dr's info just yet because I want to wait 6 months & be sure nothing goes wrong. I don't want to put a new Dr on the map & then stuff goes wrong with others. So if you don't want to wait the do you. If you want to wait & get a real review then stay posted. OUT!
Loving my new body but not the attention.

WOW really? My friend was telling me about how...

WOW really? My friend was telling me about how people hate & steal pics. You females won't be able to do what I did anyway. To all my haters thanks I will not be helping anyone any more & to all you who are not haters sorry rotten apples messed it up for you. I lost a lot of volume aready & am looking for a round 2. I will be going to Campos for that.

Here is my most current pic. I have lost more...

Here is my most current pic. I have lost more weight & that is me 5'9" 185 in the green. Booty shrunk, but I like how it's still perky.

Going thru all this has been very emotional for me...

Going thru all this has been very emotional for me and if I could do it all again I still would. If you dont' end up on an emotional roller coaster after or behind all this you tough as nail & might want to use a local instead of general. Over all this site is very helpful. You have to remember everything is not always sun shine & want you see as beautiful is not the same in everyone's eyes. Be realistic in your goals & dont' let anyone stop you.
And when I look at my before & after I am very happy and can not complain. Wanting more is a different story! LOL

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They calle me & said there was an opening and would give me a discount if I could jump on it now. I sure did!

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