Bought a Personal Microdermabrasion Machine on EBay

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So I bought a machine on eBay for a reasonable...

So I bought a machine on eBay for a reasonable price, used and in perfect working order. Purchased a few more diamond tips because I don't know how old the one that came with were. I purchased it to see how well I can fade my surgical scars from my gal adder surgery and help improve my acne scars on my face. I will post updates every month. I will continue to do my face microderm every 6 days, and my stomach and scars every other day.


I have the Diamond Dermabrasion. I got it off Ebay for 35$ used. and just purchased new diamond tips for 11$ each. You can also purchase a new set. The picture of the machine is attached. I will take an update picture tonight after i peel again. It has been amazing. It does take up a lot of space and i travel a lot, so it sucks that i can t bring it with me. I want to try the PMD kit they sell at ulta for 89$ you can take it anywhere. But this was a steal!

Update on my Microderm Machine at home

Look for it on ebay! I love it!

Chemical Peel 30% saylislic acid

I am now alternating between my micro and a superficial salsylic acid peel. After the peel, about four days later I'll microderm. I found the acid online on Amazon.

PMD machine from Ulta

So I went ahead and bought the PMD because I travel for work and I can't lug my awesome machine around everywhere. I used the corse disk and crap my face was sore and itchy, but now it's peeling and flaking off, seems legit. I'll stick to the medium disk though! Here another picture. I haven't had a Chem peel or microderm in months.
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