Lower Body Lift W/Dr. Fisher's Signature Augmentation Procedure, Extended Breast Lift, and Arm Lift. San Antonio, TX

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I am so excited to be having this procedure done....

I am so excited to be having this procedure done. I have struggled with my weight all my life and will finally be back at my goal weight and be able to get rid of all this excess skin. I lost the weight this time by making a lifestyle change. I have tried lots of things in the past, such as SmartLipo, HCG, and other fads. The weight ALWAYS came back. They were just quick fixes. This time it'll be gone for good!

I have never had an hourglass figure, in fact it is sort of masculine or boxy, and upon researching lower body lifts, I came across Dr. Fisher. I am glad I did. His procedure gives me hope of feeling like a woman! And the surgery itself gives me hope to just feel normal again. You never really know how you look, until you take pictures! I didn't realize I was so boxy in the back. If you look at yourself from the side view, which is all you normally can do, it doesn't really give you the whole picture. Speaking of pictures, sharing my pics was the hardest part!!


I am 43 yrs. old. 5.5". My weight at the time of the pictures I posted was 158 (taken 2/17). My current weight is 156. These pictures below are from when I was last near my goal weight of 135. I was 140 lbs., however, from all the excess skin I still looked around 160.

More Pics

Here are some pics of me at my heaviest. My highest weight was 220 lbs.

Another 10 lbs. Lost

What a difference another 10 lbs. of fat loss makes! You can really see the loose skin now. I am now under 150 lbs. Woohoo!! I still want to lose a little more and get under 140. I can wear my size 6 jeans again. I can even squeeze myself into some of my size 4 jeans!
I want to express my thankfulness to everyone who has bared their souls and their bodies on the RealSelf website. It has been such a blessing to have all of the information to know what I will be going through and what supplies I will need to make the journey a little more pleasant.

Pre-op Pics

I finally got to meet Dr. Fisher today. He is wonderful. He takes his time to answer all your questions and gives you lots of details. I also got marked up today. He was very considerate with this embarrassing step in the process. He is a perfectionist and erased and redrew some lines, which is fine with me. He put me on a liquid diet for the next two days. My surgery is scheduled for Wednesday. I am feeling less nervous and more excited now after meeting Dr. Fisher. I am ready to get my 'Body by Dr. Fisher'.

Surgery is Over, Now onto Healing

My surgery went very well. It lasted a little longer than expected because he had to do all the suturing himself. We made a change the morning of, to do the hip augmentation instead of the buttocks augmentation. If I heard correctly you can only do one. I also ended up with a 320 lift instead of 360. I assume that's because of the hip aug. instead. I am happy with this change. I am really liking what I'm seeing in the mirror. He did end up doing a small amount of liposuction on my lower back area but that's all I needed. Which I hear can be painful too, so I'm happy about that. My breasts look nice and high and they feel full. All the extra side breast muffin top is gone and smooth. My arms look a lot more defined, and my mons area looks good again too. I can't wait to see the final results with what I am seeing already! I was 5.5", 139.8 the morning of surgery. My goal is 135 lbs. But I'm not worrying about my weight right now, just my health. I will post pictures on Monday. I was going to post today but after my husband helped me with my shower and re-bandaging I was too tired. The hospital was nice. As with any profession some nurses were better than others and I have to highly recommend RN's Natalie and Richard and PCA Kim.

Day 5 Pics

Here are the first pics since my surgery. I'm liking what I'm seeing so far. Of course there are little things here and there I could point out as worry points, but I am going to wait it out before I start stressing about them. :)

Follow Up Appt. Today (1 week)

I was hoping to get my drains out today, but no such luck. The fluid is almost clear they just want a little more output before removing them. Said all my scars were looking great. I'm sure I will get them removed when I see Dr. Fisher on Monday. The nurse removed all the gauze and gauze tape and said I would not need anymore. Just wear a long t-shirt under the compression garment and over my bra. :)

Notes for out-of-towners

You need to bring a stretchy bra, non under-wire, in new approximate size. You will need long T-shirts to wear under stomach binder (need to take to first follow-up appt.).

Notes about Compression Garments

I only bought a one-piece compression garment, thinking I would start wearing it on Wednesday after drains were removed. Well since I didn't get my drains removed I can't wear it and I can't seem to find compression arm sleeves anywhere around here. I am going to call the office tomorrow and see if they have any suggestions of where I can purchase some. My advice is buy them as separate items or buy a separate arm compression garment as well. :)

Arm Compression Sleeves

Well after several hours of highs and lows I could not find anything other than the sleeves that go down to your wrist but don't come up to the top of your arm. Some people had the option to order stuff like that but it would take a week to come in. I went to Champs Medical Supply, Oakdell Pharmacy, Contour Solutions and the Pink Boutique. I really thought I had found what I had needed at the Pink Boutique but they didn't have anything in the store. Also even though I was not using insurance they required a prescription from a Doctor. Which was sent over to them from Dr. F's office, but after all the hassle and paperwork, and after finally getting to see the fitter, I find out they don't have anything in the store! :(

Follow Up with Dr. Fisher

Had my follow up with Dr. Fisher today. He said everything is looking good. He removed my drains. They were a little stuck but it didn't really hurt much. I was really worried it was going to! I had brought my own faja but it was too small and he had one for me, ready to go. :) I had ordered a medium but even at 140 lbs. I needed an XL. He also let me know I was given incorrect information about the hip and buttocks augmentation. He said he can do both and does do both about 99% of the time. He told me I could use Vaseline Lotion to rub into my incisions/scars, and I could start using the silicon tape as long as there were no open wounds. Which there aren't :). I'm really glad I chose Dr. Fisher. He is caring, and good at what he does!

Feeling Better Every Day

I am feeling better everyday and believe it or not I was actually able to put on my compression garment by myself this morning after Dr. Fisher and JoAnne had to stuff me in it yesterday :P. The hubby and I went to the Alamo today. We purchased the Battlefield Tour. It was interesting but not exactly what I was expecting. It is an oral history by the tour guide as you walk along outside the Alamo. After the tour we got to walk around inside and look at all the artifacts. It was a neat experience overall. But if you already know a lot about it then I would say you are fine with just touring around the inside by yourself. I am not a history buff so the guided tour was helpful for me. :)

Mild Superficial Infection

Looks like I have a mild superficial infection in my right hip. Dr. Fisher said to apply a small amount of antibiotic ointment twice daily and cover with gauze. I posted pictures of both hips for comparison.

Infection Update

Here's what it looked like last night, which is two days after the first pics. Dr. Fisher said it needed to open so the infection could come out and it can start healing now.

Infection Healing

This is 2 days from when the last picture was taken. This pic is from this morning. It seems to be healing now. Yay!

More Openings

Ugh. I know I'm doing too much but it needs to be done. I'm still very happy I had the procedure just wish my body would be too lol. And I'm not so sure my right hip is healing. :P.

Panty Liners

I meant to post this earlier and forgot. Panty liners are a great way to keep your compression garment cleaner since you can't wash it every day. :

It's been 1 Month

It's my one month surgiversary (term borrowed from onedimsim). :). I'm not healed as much as I'd like but I know it's because I'm overdoing it. I still have the wound on my hip and right breast, but they're slowly healing. I also have a new concern on my side where there seems to be darkness under my skin but Dr Fisher said not to worry about it. I'm eating right and still taking the procare. I've been fortunate to not have much swelling. I have a very small area on my left side but otherwise all is good. I'm having abdominal pains and side stitch pains in my belly but I assume that's normal! :P My arms are doing pretty well too. I've found I prefer the Mepitac silicone tape for my arms over the Scar Away bandages. It is less noticeable and stays on better. It's also a lot cheaper!

It's been 5 Weeks

5 week pics. I'm still dealing with my current wound openings but they're healing. I have a new opening in my right arm pit. I also have a 3" x 1/2" mass in my left breast. It moves around. When I'm standing it is at the top center. When I'm laying down it's on the right side. There's no pain or redness. I've texted Dr. Fisher about it. I'm still happy about not having a lot of swelling and I think I can start wearing my smaller faja soon as this one is getting loose. :)

Getting Smaller

I'm very excited to be at my goal weight of 135 lbs. and in the smaller faja! Sorry the pic isn't very good. This cabin we're staying in has low lighting and only a few small mirrors.

6 Weeks Update

These pics were taken on Wednesday at 6 weeks post-op. My sister took the pics for me so these are better pics. I don't think I have changed much in the past 2 weeks. My openings are still trying to close and I seem to have swelling in my right pubic area. I didn't hold my arms at 90°, so they look bigger than they actually are. Trying to buy a bikini at the end of summer left me with very few options. Especially since I had to get it at Wal-mart, ugh. I doubt I will wear it out in public but it's exciting to know I can wear one. I will definitely start looking sooner next year and go to the mall. I would much rather have a skirted bottom. My loose thighs really stand out to me now!

Pictures from Dr. Fisher

I got my pics from Dr. Fisher today. I would've liked to have had more of the table shots. I like that kind of stuff. I find it fascinating.

Black Stitch

I had a soft black stitch sticking out from my wound. Dr. Fisher said to try to pull it completely out but if I couldn't I could just leave it. I tried but it hurt and started bleeding so I just cut it as close as I could to the skin. He also said to scrub the wound hard with a soft sponge. This part didn't hurt. Finding a sponge was hard. I went to two medical supply places and Walgreens pharmacy then finally found one at CVS pharmacy.

More Openings

New opening in my left breast. I thought I was beyond the danger zone. When does the danger zone end?

Another Opening Ugh!!

This is on my left breast. It happened on 7/20, but it is almost healed up now. Dr. Fisher said to treat the same as the others, apply antibiotic ointment and cover with gauze. I am amazed at how quickly this one is healing. Funny thing is, this is the only opening that caused me any pain. :P

Three Months

It has been three months since my surgery. I am home now and starting to heal up nicely. I hope I'm all done with any new openings! Some days I still look in the mirror and can't believe this is really me. I am happy very with my results!

Three Month Update

It’s been a little over three months now. These pics were taken on Friday, 9/9/2016. Which was 15 weeks and 2 days after my surgery. My scars have improved a lot in the last month. My right hip closure seems closed on the outside but if I remove the steri-strips I can feel it trying to come apart so I don’t think it’s completely closed on the inside. I leave one steri-strip on when I take a shower and then put new ones on when I get out. (I also leave the old one on until I get new ones on after my shower).

My weight is still remaining pretty constant. I float between 134 -137. Which is right at my goal of 135 lbs. I am 5.5”. I am happy with my weight and my body. My only concern are my arm scars which are still very prominent right now. I’m hoping to have scars like AZDee in a year! She heals so beautifully.

I will post again at 6 months post-op unless I have significant changes before then. I can definitely say if I had to do this all over again, I would!! I would just make myself rest more in the first 6 weeks!

Warning Possible Email Scam

If you get an email from someone asking about publishing your story it may not be real. I got the exact same email, word for word, even including who the message was from. I got this email from three different realself members. I have contacted realself about it.
San Antonio Plastic Surgeon

I have only spoken to Dr. Fisher once on the phone. (I live out of State and won't be able to meet him until my pre-op day.) He was very caring and knowledgeable. He took the time to look over my pictures and go over all of my options. I finally got to meet Dr. Fisher on Monday 5/23/16. He is wonderful. He takes his time to answer all your questions and gives you lots of details. I also got marked up today. He was very considerate with this embarrassing step in the process. He is a perfectionist and erased and redrew some lines, which is fine with me. He put me on a liquid diet for the next two days. My surgery is scheduled for Wednesday. I am feeling less nervous and more excited now after meeting Dr. Fisher. I am ready to get my 'Body by Dr. Fisher'. My surgery went well and I am liking my overall care and results. I couldn't have had a better PS.

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