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I had gastric bypass in 2014. I lost 165 lbs and...

I had gastric bypass in 2014. I lost 165 lbs and gained lots of loose skin. I workout 6 days a week. My current weight is 137 and I am 5'5". I searched my local area to find a board certified plastic surgeon. But most only did a few bodylifts a year. I wanted someone who routinely worked with massive weight loss patients. I finally found Dr. Peter Fisher in San Antonio Texas. He is very warm and caring. I loved him right away. I am doing a body lift, extended brachialplasty, and breast augumentation. My surgery is on Dec 28th. My husband will be traveling with me to assist me after Surgery. He is my biggest cheerleader and my rock. Without him none of this would be possible.

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So far I have met with Dr Peter Fisher three times. He is realistic and takes time to make sure that he answers all of your questions. I really liked that he operates in a hospital and requires a two night stay. His prices are reasonable and his staff is nice and have been very helpful.

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