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I had gastric bypass in 2014. I lost 165 lbs and...

I had gastric bypass in 2014. I lost 165 lbs and gained lots of loose skin. I workout 6 days a week. My current weight is 137 and I am 5'5". I searched my local area to find a board certified plastic surgeon. But most only did a few bodylifts a year. I wanted someone who routinely worked with massive weight loss patients. I finally found Dr. Peter Fisher in San Antonio Texas. He is very warm and caring. I loved him right away. I am doing a body lift, extended brachialplasty, and breast augumentation. My surgery is on Dec 28th. My husband will be traveling with me to assist me after Surgery. He is my biggest cheerleader and my rock. Without him none of this would be possible.

Before picture

I tried to crop my pic and it messed up. So I'm reposting it.

Leaving the 23rd for Texas

Heading to Texas this Friday. Just got approval for skin removal from my insurance. I know the don't pay much but every little bit helps. Nerves are starting to kick in.

We're in Texas!

Merry Christmas everyone. Well almost, just a few more hours. I ordered my raised toilet seat today along with some bandages. Tomorrow is my last day of food before I start the preop liquid diet. This is coming fast.

Photos of skin taken for insurance.

Got marked up today.

Dr. Fisher did my marking for my surgery tomorrow. I have to be a hospital at 5 am. The marking took just over an hour. I feel very calm. I have complete confidence in Doctor Fisher. I am so ready to get this over with so I can start healing.

Home recovering.

I m back at my daughter's house recovering. Just looked at the pics Dr Fisher took they are amazing. So fare I'm thrilled with what I can see. Tired will post more latter. Happy New Years everyone ????

Actually feel better today.

Just got up and had a bowelmovment. I stopped taking the pain meds last night. They were making me sick to my stomach and really drowsy and out of it. Still struggling to eat. But doing better. My pain is ok, I can walk straight up with the walker. Thank goodness for the lift chair, it is worth every penny it cost.

Today was tough.

It hit me today on why did I need to do this. My body looked ok in clothing and worked fine. As I lay here in misery I know why I needed to get rid of the skin. I just see the pain and frustration of my husband. It makes me wonder if it was worth it. I felt the same way after my gastric bypass in 2014, and it turned out to be one of the best decisions of my life and now I only wish I had done it years earlier. I hope this ends up the same way.

Drains out and first shower.

Wow, what a difference a few days make. Had my post op with Dr Fisher yesterday. He continually surprises me with how warm and caring he is. All four drains came out! Yippee. It makes everything easier. So far everything looks good. I was surprised all the bandages we're removed and I had no drainage at all last night. I am thrilled with my New body. ????

New pics

Just showered and in compression garments. Ordered silicone tape to start on scar therapy. My sweet hubby took some new pics.

I hate the night.

It is getting close to bed time and yet another night spent looking at the walls trying not to wake my hubby. I've tried taking a pain pill, sleeping pills and Tylenol pm. Nothing works. At most I sleep for 2-3 hours then am wide awake. I no longer sleep in the day time and try to take more walks. I am used to being very active. I actually was looking forward to taking a few weeks off. But this is driving me nuts. I am still in my lift chair. If I was at home I have a adjustable bed. I sure do miss it.

15 days postoperative pics

Everyday gets a little easier. I am still very swollen, especially in my midsection. I am usually a 32" band for my bra. I can barely fit into a 36"right now. Dr. Fisher said my chest is swollen and my breast size will decrease. Started using silicone tape for scar reduction. My belly button is less angry looking and the rest of my sutures look good. Starting to get bored but being good and taking it easy. I have my last appointment with Dr Fisher this Monday and we fly home on the 20th. I continue to be very happy with my choice to travel to Texas and Dr. Fisher.

Packing to go home

I have been at my daughter's house recovering. I feel very blessed that she lives in San Antonio. When I first started looking at body lift results. I kept seeing Dr Fisher. I loved his work and all his great reviews. Finally I looked closer and saw he was in San Antonio. So on my next visit to see my grand babies I scheduled a consult. It took awhile to get everything to work out. My recovery has been very uneventful so far. (Knock on wood). Yesterday I dressed myself to include my compression garments. Still hate compression. Have 4 different brands. Don't really like any of them. When I get home I am doing a post on all the product and brands that worked for me and all my lessons learned. Hope everyone is having a good day.????

At home, taking it easy.

We got home late Friday. It was a long day of traveling. It feels really good to be in my own space and to have our puppies with us again. My wounds in the middle front and back of my body lift looked really angry and red. I texted Dr Fisher pics and he said tit was a normal reaction to the sutures healing and to continue to clean and cover them with a light coat of neosporine and cover with gauze. They are almost back to normal. Not going to lie. It freaked me out. I have tried to be so careful to not have any opening. I continue to eat and drink 100 grams of protein a day, take all my supplements, wear my compression garments and get tons of rest. Sleeping has gotten better, nice to be back in my bed. Since it is adjustable it is easy to take the pressure of my butt by elevating my legs. In just the last few days it has gotten easier to get up and down into and out of chairs. Tomorrow is my 4 week surgiversary, only two more to go and I can start getting back to normal activities????

5 weeks post op

I am so ready to get back to the gym. I have a lot of up and down days. My butt has been very sore. I am trying to keep off it and up on my feet more everyday. The angry red sutures are much better. I did get two small openings in my butt crack.???? But guess that is fairly common. My arms and breast are doing great. Still hate compression garments. I will take some new pics soon.

6 weeks

I still have a little swelling and a small opening on my right side.

Today is 8 weeks post op.

Starting to feel normal again. My arms and breast are doing great. My LBL incision is not as tight feeling and my small openings in the butt crack are closing. I'm having dreams of taking a bath soon.

Feeling Happy

I keep a basket of swim suits for people to wear if they want to swim but forgot theirs. So decided to try on a few this morning.

A few of my favorite items.

Just a few days away from being two months postop. My weight is staying the same. I was worried about gaining since I am not working out. My legs are still swollen from the lippo, not bad just enough to bug me in my jeans.

10 week up date.

I had a MRI of my hips and it confirmed that I have a seroma. Dr Fisher says it is not very bad. But it has started to burn and hurt really bad the last few days. As usual Dr Fisher has been wonderful staying in contact and responding to my concerns. I bought a ticket back to San Antonio last night. Hopefully Dr Fisher will be able to drain it Monday. Other than that I feel normal again. I am back to taking baths. My husband loves the new me and so do I.g

Back in San Antonio

I can not say enough how much I love Dr Fisher. The week I arrived in San Antonio he was on Vacation with his family. So I saw his partner on Tuesday and Thursday. I was taking two oral antibiotics but my fever continued to hang on and the pain no redness got worse. All week Dr Fisher kept in contact with me by texting. By Saturday when I sent him updated pics he called and said he thought .I needed to be admitted to the hospital for IV antibiotics and to have the seroma drained. He was still out of state on vacation but called and made sure the hospial took my insurance and gave my admission orders over the phone. Sunday morning when he returned to Texas he cAme to the hospital from the airport to check on me. On Monday I was taken to radiology and had the seroma drIned and a drain inserted. I stayed in the hospital for 6 days getting two different IV antibiotics. The culture they took when they drained the seroma showed it was a staph infection and I was sent home with oral antibiotics. This week I have seen Dr Fisher twice. My hip continues to improve and on Friday the drain was removed. Tomorrow I am heading back to Florida and my hubby.
San Antonio Plastic Surgeon

So far I have met with Dr Peter Fisher three times. He is realistic and takes time to make sure that he answers all of your questions. I really liked that he operates in a hospital and requires a two night stay. His prices are reasonable and his staff is nice and have been very helpful.

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