Baggy Skin Sack About to Get Tightened Up

Been discussing Abdominoplasty, arm lift for...

Been discussing Abdominoplasty, arm lift for several months when a friend suggests I look at this site for people who had major procedures post weight loss. The reviews have been very helpful, and I hope my review will others too.
I've had weight problems off and on for years, finding myself on 3 occasions needing to lose 100 pounds or more. Most recently 4 years ago I lost 90 pounds, and was pretty stable for nearly three years, and regained about half of it in a very short time period as a result of coping with several major stressors. It's back under control, and I'm ready to do something about all this baggy skin and fat deposits and lack of fat these major body changes have left.
I have virtually no waist line, basically am bigger at boobs- partly because of back boobs and underarm skin and fat. Waist is large due to skin rolls. And hips have saggy skin but no butt left!
I've gat bat wings and creepy and crepey arm skin and some la. Thigh skin as well. Boobs are somewhat saggy, and would benefit by going to a higher latitude.

There's much work to do here, and likely will take two long procedures to get everything in order.

I've seen three plastic surgeons, Dr Agha, Dr Fisher, and Dr Shifrin. Honestly, I think any of the three is confident in handling my case. There were similar, but not identical recommendations. All three have excellent training and experience. I eliminated Dr Agha primarily because of the timing and the much higher price point. Dr Shifrin is a very good listener and his staff are great, but while he does post-weight loss cases, it is not a major focus for him. I finally decided on Dr Fisher, as I was impressed with his experience level with cases like mine. About 80% of his cases are post -MWL cases, and his website shares a good number of cases showing some of these. His plan of attack on these various regions wax made with my most troublesome, annoying features in mind. He's been easy to communicate with, and his staff have been helpful and communicative.
Surgery date set for November 8!

Pre-op Pics: back boobs, bat wings and oceanic ripples on the belly

Oh, look! A lava flow! On the back- a pleated drapery! I really am not sure why I can't fly with those bat wings!!

Like packing for a camping trip...

Now 5 weeks from my mark-up appointment! Been collecting supplies for post -op while I'm in San Antonio. Based upon my read of others reviews and Dr Fisher's instructions I've got this list:

Toilet seat riser
Several different poop fairy products, colace, bisacodyl, miralax, and magnesium citrate.
Gauze and tape
Body pillow
Wedge pillow
Pair of long tongs (for grabbing nearby items, and scratching itchy spots)
Protein shakes and blender
Quest bars
Back up batteries for phone and iPad.
Marena 3/4 sleeve and Capri length body suit (this should be interesting...)
Long waisted vest with 3/4 sleeves- thinking I might buy short waisted one as well
And a pair of Capri high waist pants with suspenders
Spanxx leggings
Recliner rental

MIO water flavors
Water bottle
Zip front no-wire bra
Zip front shirts and hoodie
Pull- on pants

Hair appointment
Waxing (yow!)
get all medicine refills in

Any other ideas?

Self absorbed...

So I find as the date gets closer (4 weeks away now) that I get more and more self conscious of the bat wings and back boobs. It's like when you buy a car, all you see is that car... I find myself looking at every lump, bump, sag and bag with great scrutiny!

I was digging through my clothes finding stuff to take that are shapeless and non-Binding to go over massively compressing bodywear. Irony! Holy moly, my husband was laughing his ass off watching me put this contraption on. I feel sorry for the women of a certain age that actually wore girdles like every single day. One thing for sure I am discouraged from wavering from my tight nutrition a millimeter- I can't imagine those things fitting any tighter! I'm hoping I've bought the right sizes since I'm trying to balance the expected swelling with the whacking off of large amounts of skin.

I'm also obsessed with the poop fairy. I have enough issue with that, little terrified what the pain meds will do. I'll be dumping Miralax in every water bottle I drink...

Not working out for 1, 2 or maybe even 3 months terrifies me in a few different ways. Exercise doesn't replace good nutrition but it keeps me on track with my nutrition. It keeps my arthritis and back problems under good control. And it's a huge stress relief for me. I'm a hyper person who constantly has to do, do, do. Trying to figure out how to rest for days and not go bat shit crazy. Looking for lots of good books, some handcraft projects, who knows, maybe I'll even get Christmas cards out this year!

21 days To go and I'm already packed!

Yep, got several boxes of supplies and garments and a toilet seat and protein shakes, water bottle, lip balm, and baggy front zip shirts and yoga pants. The house we are renting is super close to a drug store and WalMart so will be easy to pick up anything I've forgotten. Right now the living room looks like I'm preparing for a trek to Mt Everest with so many boxes of stuff and little bags for hospital, bedside, lift chair, car, toilet...
The hilarious part is is I'm NEVER this organized or pre-plan so much. I'm surprised I haven't packed ice packs- LOL. I think this is my way of handling the fact I won't be able to go to the store,I'm making sure I've got everything I could possibly want. My way of trying to remain as independent as possible I think!
I'm mentally prepared for the possibility things won't go smoothly, but doing everything possible that I can do to avoid it. In a month I'm sure at least 80% of this prep will feel ridiculous! In the meantime it's also getting me to clean up a lot of clutter in the house since that won't be happening for a good long time! Side benefit to this surgery...
San Antonio Plastic Surgeon

I feel very comfortable with dr Fisher. He seems very know.edgable, and has a lot of options HD offered to me and encouraged me to think about what parts of my body give me the most grief. He appears to take safety quite seriously based on the many questions he asks about your history and current health, and his lost op plan. He has very clear expectations of the patients to optimize outcomes, and his booklet is very helpful. I. So excited to get this done!

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