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I had weight loss surgery in March of 2014 and...

I had weight loss surgery in March of 2014 and lost 185 pounds over the next 2 years. I am so incredibly grateful for the loss that I thank the architect everyday. I started researching skin removal and body lifts in April of this year. I spoke with a friend that had procedures done in Houston and was super pleased with her outcome. I asked who her surgeon was but was told quickly, "why would you come to Houston when Dr. Peter Fisher is in San Antonio.?" I began researching him tout de suite. Wow what reviews and what a reputation. I scheduled my consult on May the 27th and to my surprise I was super nervous. Dr. Fisher calmed my nerves in 3 minutes. His confidence and demeanor are a knock out. He and his nurse sidekick were so professional and yet so supportive while not selling me a car. I loved the whole experience and booked that day. My first procedures are scheduled for Sept 6th and I am super pumped. I have seen his before and after pictures and I can only be so lucky to be in his hands. I will keep you who are interested posted in my progress. Also a thanks to Southern Bell for her bravery in posting all of the ugly plus the beautiful outcome.

Looks like a dress pattern

Exactly 3 days and 12 hours till surgery. Getting all the way butt naked and hanging out with Dr. Peter Fisher and his assistant was much less awkward this time but still uber awkward. He has such a great confidence that he makes it so easy not to stress out. The care and precision he took during the mark up was amazing. Measuring and re measuring to make sure it was what he wanted in the end. Fan Damn Tastic. I uploaded some, not so great, mark up pics. Once I get the ones from Dr. Fisher I will post those for you. I asked a million questions and he answered them all while singing the Allen Parsons Project songs. (Fricking great) He said the procedure would run 8 hours total or a little longer. I received some instructions and a lanyard to hold up the drains. I am dreading the drain part, geez I am a wuss. I am just thinking it will be over before I know it. I stressed out exactly the same before my gastric bypass and it turned out wonderful. I will be happy the skin is gone and out of my way. I wonder if he has body by Dr. Fisher bumper stickers. hmmm curious. more to come after surgery. Have a fantastic Labor day weekend.

5 day update

The first few days are not pretty friends but it gets better every 12 hours. My nurse, husband, misread my meds and had me taking the lowest dosage from the beginning so I may have suffered more than I should have. Dr. Fisher said, several times, "make sure you take your pain meds and manage your pain." Big text him on the night we came home, in the evening, and Dr. Fisher called straight away. He answered all Big's questions and was super easy to speak too... of course my hubby did not know he was not giving me the full dosage of meds.. deep sigh. Joann called me several times from the office to check on me and to set up our follow up for Monday morning. We have been following instructions completely on the drains. Stripping them every 2 hours and measuring outputs. It has come way down and very low so hopefully they will come out tomorrow. We sent the doc a picture of my legs and he had me switch to my long leggings and take off the compression socks and my short spanx. He also called in a script for the swelling... all on a dang Sunday. He is next level. Once I exit the, "what the hell have I done" stage I will be even more appreciative of him and Joann. I will get some pics from him tomorrow and kept you posted.

Doc Report

Gotta keep these good ol drains in until this coming Friday. If Dr. Fisher says so then that's what will happen. He said everything looked great. I have 2 pair of Versona leggings. One size large and one size l/XL. I wear the large ones in my daily life and they fit good but I have not worn the L/XL because they are really loose. Well I changed out if the compression socks and Into the L/XL to wear to the doc appt. Dr. F asked me to get it to the L ones...that's tight but i am in them! The appt went great. He and Joann examined all my wounds and cleaned out my belly button, that's right I have a new an improved one exactly where it is supposed to be. Wow.. my fluffy butt is no joke. I will post more pics as I get them

Day 10 check up

I have been singing I will survive since 1:30... yes indeed.
I had an appointment with Dr. Fisher at 8:30 and he and Joann were prompt and lovely as usual. (Sonia and Hope are nothing to shake a stick at either. ) Left drain was removed. I use to be on the , " Lets get these Mother Fing drains out folks!" bandwagon but I have been converted. You leave them in until they stop draining blood. That is the smart thing folks. anyhoo. The right drain stayed in. As he was pulling out my left drain, which I swear I barley felt, and the doc was aspirating part of the wound area on my bootie I felt super duper dizzy and I was quickly reclined in a chair before I knew what happened. I didn't pass out but I was close. While all this was happening my right drain filled up with 60cc of old eww within 3 minutes. Dr. F. said, " whoa! glad we left that in.. maybe we should have left the other one in." I told him I was going to ta kwon do punch him as soon as I was better. It filled right back up and Joann emptied it again. It has not done much since then but I am glad it was there. I go back on Monday to have it checked and most likely removed.
Second: I am not a doctor nor do I play one on TV but here is a little bit of my experience. Have a pair of compression socks available. Med and large just in case. The inexpensive ones friends. Also a couple of pair of leggings spanx. They don't have to be brand name. I mentioned in a previous comment that I had a couple pair of versona leggings. One pair of XL and one pair of large. If I had not already had these I would have had to go and purchase them. I don't want you to waste money but the need for something with med to light compression totally helps with the swelling. I added a couple of day 8 pics that my sweet husband took right before shower time. Most of my leg bruising is from trying to get my leggings on after not having them on the first day :(
Have a great weekend. I will survive.

Day 8 pics

Apologies. the pics did not post above. Here we go again

Day 12

12 days in and I showered without assistance today. This is a good baseline for how long I need assistance. I think I could safely say that I was good on my own for a lot of the day after day 7 but somethings are still a bit shaky. I had to move and get out of the house so I went with my hubby for 1400 steps to the store for a few sundries. Made my only drain produce some eww but it was worth it so I could gauge how I felt. I did not get light headed but it was work. Recovery is slow but it is happening. I take my Lasix twice a day but I still have a good deal of swelling. I keep on my tights and compression socks to help. I ordered some adhesive remover pads off of amazon. Big went to 3 locations here, in San Antonio, and he could not find any. I am having issues getting off all the extra adhesive.. Still. A couple of days ago I was resting when my arm starting itching like the 7th plague of Moses so I went to review in the light of the bathroom and my arms were super red and the glue just peeled off like a long snake strip. Then they stopped itching. The body is so odd. I have applied Neosporin twice a day since then and so far so good. I will post some pics. Lots of lower body pain still and I still haven't been able to sleep in the bed or stand up straight but I have slept and the pain has decreased. Any specific questions that are not medical in nature I will happily answer for you if you need me. Hope this is helpful

Day 23

Day 23 and I am feeling better everyday. I am not like some people out here who are obvi superhero's and back in the groove in 3 weeks. This is a slow process. I am down to just a couple of pain pills at night and Tylonel 3 during the day. I still can not stand all the way straight up and I am still having some pain issues but not nearly as badly as before. I am still very swollen. I know it may take a long while before the swelling goes down. I am still wearing my compression everyday. My belly button is still a hot mess. I am keeping it clean and applying Elta antibacterial gel. It has made some progress. Another positive note on Dr. Fisher. My hubby text him pics of my belly button, since I was trippin', and he text right back. He is AMAZEing for sure. He really cares about his patients. I love that. It looks like my wounds are healing really well and that is all I can ask for at this juncture. ( oh and the swelling to go away :) ) I agree that it is super hard to just rest and not DO THINGS. I tried to sleep on our Tempur-Pedic ish bed but no Bueno. Still in the chaise lounger for now. I added some 3 week 2 day pics below. Have a great night.

Day 40.. almost 6 weeks

6 weeks is almost here. I am down to one pound from post surgery weight so looks like the compression garments and Lasix worked ... thank the Jesus. I still have swelling but not as much. The "swampy" spot on my lower back is still there but much better. I was comparing pics from the first week of my bootie to today.. No wonder I couldn't get comfy and it ached so badly. It was giant.
I am super happy with my incisions and so was Dr. Fisher on the last visit. That is another huge blessing that I am so happy to have. I cleaned and put antibiotic on them twice a day I was so nervous. My belly button is still healing but Dr. F said that would take a bit longer. Looking at some of the openings on this website put me in a panic.
I am using the arnica gel and arnica tablets to also help with swelling. I ordered the tablets on the internet and got the gel at CVS.
I am in shock about my arms, they are so much smaller to me and they are still swollen. I transitioned from the chair to the couch then to the bed last night. It was still achy but so happy to be in the bed. The days are ok but the nights I still experience nerve pain in my legs and stomach. It gets better everyday but I have to sleep to function at work. It will get better soon but I want it better now. :) I attached some pics that my hubby took today. I hope everyone has a fantastic week.

11 weeks out today

Hi everyone... I saw Dr. Fisher on Friday and he said my Incesions looked fantastic which is great news. I should have started wearing my compression sleeves and full length compression tights, I got online at image 4 you, weeks sooner dang it. That is my advice. Go get measured.for compression sleeves asap and wear them. Also get full length 1st stage compression tights straight away. They only help I promise. I am back up and 18 pounds of water after 2 rounds of lasix. Dr. F. Didn't seem concerned so I will let it be. My butt is still so terribly numb but it is still so much better than a few weeks ago. I started back to the gym and went on a 90 min hike. I am back to.sleeping in the bed about 5 hours a night. This numb butt keeps me up. My belly button is healing but is really hard. Curious.
I have had 2 rounds of lymphatic massage with Cat at Oak Haven. She is fantastic. My lower back seems less hard with water but I am not sure.
Any questions please ask.
Happy Thanksgiving!!

4.5 months

I had my 4 month appointment with Dr. Peter Fisher yesterday and it went well. My incisions are buetamus becasue he is an artist and i was meticulous in caring for them. Vitamin E, coconut oil, Vitamin E, Coconut Oil.. repeat so many times a day i cant count. :) Also, i am stuck on repeat, those compression garments are not joke. I am still very numb in my rump and tummy. Aching has slowed down but I am still getting nerve pain due to the reconnecting. I took pictures yesterday but i forgot to get them to post. I will make a separate post with the pics.
I am still up about 10 pounds of swelling but i feel better about it going down slowly but surely. Tummy is swells a little bit but otherwise it is flat as a pancake.
I know i brag about Dr. Fisher a lot but i promise he is the most caring doctor i have ever met.
Any questions please dm me and i will happily ask. i think i am behind a couple of answers but i will get on those now. Pics to follow. xoxoox
San Antonio Plastic Surgeon

Get ready Dr. Fisher... here I come!

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