41 Years Old Looking for a Fine Tune Up - San Antonio, TX

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I am not a patient that had a major weight loss...

I am not a patient that had a major weight loss and was looking to remove a lot of excess skin but I was a patient that has struggled with saggy/lax skin for the majority of my adult years. I have been to several plastic surgeons that were willing to slice and dice me and remove the fat that I saw in my body but ultimately it left a lot of dimpled skin and scars that did nothing.
At the age of 41 I made the decision to have the "droopy butt" and "jiggly legs" taken care of. Unfortunately, I live in a city where the plastic surgeons specialize in perky boobs; enter RealSelf.com.
After looking at several reviews for various body contouring and/or butt life procedures one name kept popping up and that was Dr. Peter Fisher.
I sent a few e-mails out to PS's that came with high reviews but all roads kept leading to Dr. Fisher. Dr. Fisher has responded personally to all of my e-mails and my initial phone consultation with him was outstanding. I had sent him, prior, pictures I took of my body and explained what I had wanted done. We spoke for nearly an hour and he was very patient and thorough in his explanations. I knew that he was the Dr. to perform this and scheduled the surgery a week later.
Two months after the initial phone call I landed in San Antonio today to meet with Dr. Fisher for the first time and, oh-by-the-way, it was also my pre-op as tomorrow is my surgery. Can I just tell you all that I LOVE DR. FISHER!!! We still have to get through the surgery but this is a man that will tell you like it is and refuses to be the 'used car salesman PS'. I cannot begin to express how comfortable and excited I am to have this surgery tomorrow and that Dr. Fisher will be handling this.
I have read many reviews that his staff isn't the friendliest but maybe that is perspective. I found them to be lovely and accommodating.
I don't have any pics to post just yet but I will absolutely get the pre-ops from Dr. Fisher and start a journal on here for all to see.

3 Days Post-op

Here it is 3 days post-op and I am feeling good. I have to admit that after reading several reviews regarding this procedure I knew it was probably going to be worse than giving birth naturally, from the pain. I have a pretty high tolerance for pain but was really expecting worst case scenario with having my lower body cut and pulled up. Dr. Fisher had me scheduled for a 2 night stay and I will say that I could probably have spent 3, not because of the pain, because of the limited mobility.
I was on a morphine pump that I kept going so the honest answer was that I was in very minimal pain for the first 32 hours. They had a foley in me which was also great because I never had to get up to empty my bladder. Although I am swollen and a bit poufy I also had thought that that may have been a major issue post-op but, again, it was not as bad as I thought.
Up until being discharged from the hospital on Saturday I had been on my own; my fiancee who is also a doctor came in on Friday evening and was there to bring me back to the hotel and look after me until he had to leave again today. Dr. Fisher spent a great deal of time talking to Steve (fiancee) and explaining the procedure and the technique he uses which is unlike any other PS has done and when we left the hospital, Steve (fiancee) had said the Dr. Fisher did a brilliant job with where the incisions went and he was exceptionally impressed with his work. Why does this matter? In the world of doctors you want to know you have the best and, from experience, if someone is not good in their field the advantage of having a spouse is knowing that they will find out any information they can on the doctor handling the case pr performing the procedure. I have a PS in Kansas City that has done my breasts and is extremely well-respected that knew about Dr. Fisher and said he was one of the best and Steve, my fiancee, also became aware of Dr. Fisher's work through the medical channel and felt good about having him do this procedure.
Right now the pain is starting to set in as I become more mobile. I brought with me a compression garment (Dr. Fisher will want you to start with a stage 2 garment) and that has been the most challenging in putting that on. It is pretty painful trying to maneuver that tight body wrap over the wounds but once on it feels good. Make sure you take pain medicine 20 minutes before you know it has to be put on. I can already see a difference in the tightening of my skin and lifting my posterior (no fat grafting and injecting back into my backside) and I cannot wait to see how it will ultimately turn out. I will get the pre-op pics from Dr. Fisher and post them and as I continue on the healing journey I will also keep those pics posted.
On a side note, the aftercare at the hospital was not good. I had the impression that because this surgery was elective you were not as important as a patient. There were several times I needed assistance and the only way to get that was by pressing the nurse call light. On a few occasions they chose not to answer and on several occasions I was hung up on while talking and a few times the lady answering my call just chose not to tell my nurse I needed help. Just be mindful of that going into this.. I did not have anyone with me to help me after my surgery and unfortunately needed the nurses help but if you have a family member present with you while in the hospital you should be good. For those of you scheduled already for your surgery with Dr. Fisher you are in great hands and will be thrilled with the results! More to come later..

4 days Post-op

Unfortunately I have not asked Dr. Fisher for my "before" pics but I will do that this Monday at my final post-op appointment. This week has been long and I did not think I would ever feel normal again but today (pics are 5 days post-op and this update is 8 days post-op) seemed to be a turning point. I was able to walk a little longer without feeling faint and my appetite is starting to come back somewhat..am looking forward to going home again. I am posting pics I was able to take 5 days post-op..still very swollen.

One More Thing to Consider

I thought it might be pertinent to add a few things as I was reading through several doctor reviews (not just Dr. Fisher's) that were on the negative side.
Whether you are considering this as an option or you have already invested physically, emotionally & financially there are some things that need to be thought through before posting any type of negative backlash on your surgeon. Perfection does not exist. If your doctor tells you otherwise then run and run far...I get that as women we are all wanting a piece of the "media perfection" but it does not exist. I get that these doctors are in the business of selling perfection and it is very easy to buy into but you are only setting yourself up for disappointment and heartbreak if you believe you will come out of any surgery feeling like you were going to come out a super model. If you schedule your surgery knowing that at the very best there will be improvement rather than an expectation that cannot be achieved you will do fine. Find a doctor that is honest and will tell you like it is rather than what you want to hear.
Secondly, DO WHAT THE DOCTOR SAYS! You cannot blame your physician if wounds open up and infections happen because you did not follow directions. Dr. Fisher was very blunt with me and told me that I have to lay on my back for several weeks and that I have to intake 100g of protein each day to facilitate with the healing and that I MUST wear a compression garment for the next several weeks and that I CANNOT do any form of exercise for at least 6-8 weeks. He flat out told me that in a few weeks I will feel good and will start to add activity to my schedule but that I must not do it because it will jeopardize the result. Listen folks, this isn't rocket science and you do not open wounds or see that everything is falling back to wear it once was if you are laying flat and remaining inactive. If you are wearing the compression garment as directed you will not see body parts "falling" to wear they once were. If you are an out-of-town patient for any doctor and he tells you you need to stay at least 2 weeks that is because it is for your safety and well-being. You cannot jump a flight across country before clearance and then complain when you develop infection or God forbid blood clots. FOLLOW THE INSTRUCTIONS OF YOUR DOCTOR and if you don't, do not post negative feedback for something you have done (or not done).
I will use this analogy: you walk into a high-end restaurant where the chef has received numerous awards and accolades for his creative use of flavors and textures and it is a menu to be respected. You see a modern, updated version of a Spring Salad and rather than ordering it as it should be; you ask to have the cheese and onion left out and decide you would like a different protein for the included meat and finally you ask for a "lite" dressing and have them put it on the side.
Your meal comes out you pick it apart and the waitress asks how everything was and your response was "it was just OK" and then you go home and write a negative review on Yelp or any form of social media just because you were not happy. That review was unjust and unfair because now you have reviewed the salad YOU turned it into and not what was on the menu. Had you listened to and followed the recommendation of the chef, that salad would probably have been one of the best you have ever had. This is no different. Make sure you have done everything you were directed to by your doctor before posting negative reviews. OK..sorry for the rant but some of the negative reviews I see are just stupid and ridiculous.

11 days post-op

Feeling more human with each passing day and as much as I would love to get out and begin life again I have spent the last 11 days laying down in a hotel room. Tomorrow I have my final post-op appointment with Dr. Fisher and then I go home. I won't lie and say I am not nervous about the flight, however, I contacted the airline ahead of time and let them know I would need wheelchair assistance (I am not taking ANY chances on opening any suture on my body) and they were very accommodating. I have worn my stage 2 compression garment every day and with certainty I can say it helped with the swelling. I had the full garment and the first 4-5 days it just hurt to wear. Especially at night. I felt like it was crushing my ribs and lungs and I could hardly breathe at night but I know how much the swelling has gone down in just a few short days because it now just feels like a pair of spanx pantyhose and I can barely tell they are on at night.
I will continue to post pics of this journey once I get home and am excited to see the continuation of results; going back to being a full-time mom and running a business and home will hopefully not undo everything that has been done.
OK-these pics are 11 days pot-op

3 Weeks Post-OP

I am now 3 weeks post-op and each day is better and better. For the most part I am still flat on my back not wanting to take any chance on opening sutures or undoing everything that Dr. Fisher did. I do a lot of walking (actually it is more of a slow shuffle) in order to avoid being sedentary. Sitting on my butt is the worst and hurts like heck but I am loving how it is starting to look. With the exception of a few days I have not taken off my compression garment.

Update at 7 weeks

My first time in a swimsuit this year. Pictures are 7 weeks post-op and we are in Mexico celebrating!
San Antonio Plastic Surgeon

5 of 5 stars all the way. Exceptionally easy to get ahold of and always eager and patient to answer all questions. I found Dr. Fisher through all of his outstanding reviews here on real self and I am thrilled to be having him perform my surgery tomorrow. (9/15/2016)

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