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I have a similar story as many people here. I am...

I have a similar story as many people here. I am currently 42. I used to weigh 260. I am now 149 at five feet six inches. I Kickstarted my loss by doing HCG and for the last few years I only eat unprocessed food made from scratch. I seriously watch my carbs and sugars. 2 years ago I had a breast reduction and a tummy tuck. Loved the results with some issues. Breast lift didn't take. A bit flat. And previous surgeon apparently didn't touch my muscles and left too much skin after tummy tuck. But I'm still sooo much better! Now I am about to remove a bit more skin. Droopy arms that don't fit in my shirt sleeves and my elephant skin that causes the worst chub rub. Preop on Monday and surgery is Tuesday. I picked Dr. Peter Fisher by reading reviews here. I am also lucky enough to live local here in San Antonio. My husband works from home so he will be able to help care for me. My 17 yr old daughter is also here.

It was marker day!

I went and got marked up today. Dr Fisher made many comments on how uneven and lopsided my rear end is! Lol. Pretty interesting. Quite hard to hold those arms up for him to marker.

Itching stick!

My pain meds are making me SUPER itchy. My skin is just crawling. Just in case you are like me pack a back scratcher. . My husband couldn't find one so he brought me a wooden spoon! Well, at least it's better than the bendy straw that I have been using.

Two days later

They got me up to walk. Walking wasn't too bad. It was getting out of the bed that was horrendous! Dr Fisher put you in an inflatable bed that it always moving with air currents. Takes the pressure of of the incisions. However this special bed makes it very difficult to get out of.

Things I brought that have been very useful:
Back scratcher, Chapstick, mio type drink flavoring, and a sports top water bottle. Soooo much easier to drink from!

The staff here at Methodist Specialty and Transplant hospital are amazing! Super nice and super helpful!! Housekeeping has cleaned my at least 7 times since I've been here. Floors, walls, and ever surface. Germs would have a hard time spreading in this hospital.

I am nervous on going home. Not do much BEING at home but of the process that will get me out of this bed and into my living room.

As soon as I can get some updated pictures I will share them.

I have a butt!

I've always had a flat butt. Clothes hung funny. I didn't ask for a butt lift or the fabrication of one. However, in the process of the thigh lift, Dr Fisher sculpted me a butt. It's unbelievable.

One week down!

Today marks one week from surgery. I've been in the recliner reading and sleeping. Went to my first follow up at Dr.Fishers. Very swollen but I think everything is still in the land of normal. He pulled my drains out. What a difference that makes to walk around! I was sent home with instructions to put on a Spanx type garment to help with the swelling. Luckily, my sister has had some lipo on her body in the last year and has some really nice garments with hooks and zippers. I had tried them on before surgery and they were just a little loose. I figured they will be perfect with a little swelling right?? Nope. That's a big fat negative! Not even close to closing. I guess I am swelling more than I thought! Lol Told my sister and she seems convinced that she can get me in it. Lol. We will see after she gets off of work. She's a nurse so hopefully she won't be too rough before she admits defeat. Lol.

I've been really good about getting at least 100 grams of protein. I'm doing the low/no sodium thing. Boy! Can you imagine how swollen I'd be right now if I was eating salt?! I already feel like the stay puff marshmallow man! Or I guess Violet from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory is a better description? ;)
So I bought butter with no salt and put it on sprouted bread with no salt. I was all excited because I don't eat bread anymore and it was to be a special treat. Yuck. I think cardboard tastes better.

I'm not picture ready at the moment. Mostly because I wore myself out from the office trip and then fighting with that garment. I'll get my sister to help with pictures when she gets here later. These pictures were taken on Thursday when I got released from the hospital. Not the best obviously but then I figured you guys must be like me and want to see all stages. .

Swell Hell

Well. I've ordered another compression garment. Cross your fingers that it will work. Every one of them I had lined up to use are way too small. I'm getting desperate to relieve some of this swelling. I just had my husband help measure me and compare to measurements I took the day before surgery. 5 inches! Hips are up 5. Waist is up 5 and thighs are up 2. I feel like I'm going to pop. I don't want these incisions to open up. I'm drinking tons of liquids and no salt added and everything is homemade. No processed foods. If anyone has any tips for the swelling let me know. :)


Ok. For anyone out there reading these reviews and trying to decide which surgeon to trust your life and your body with..... Let me tell you about my experience.
I just recently posted about my body doing some outrageous swelling. I really think the pressure of the swelling is causing me more pain than any of my incisions. Well, Dr. Peter Fisher reads these blog posts. I have a feeling that he probably saves each one of his patients reviews so that he can keep an eye on us. Which in my case is a good thing. I don't usually call doctors to complain because I know how busy they are. So my plan of action for the swelling was to just wait it out. Well Joanne from his office just called. She said Dr Fisher read about my swelling on this site and is now calling a prescription in to my local pharmacy that should give me some relief from this swelling! That's the kind of Dr you want people! Someone who cares. I've never had a Dr like that. So.... If you are debating between surgeons, remember that Fisher is with you every step of the way through this life changing experience. :). And it doesn't hurt that he's pretty handy with a needle. Lol

2 week update

Here are some pictures that I had my hubby take today. I'm still quite swollen but I'm starting to see a new shape. Funny how my legs are tanned below the incision and pale white above. Makes it look like those are not my legs. Lol. I can really tell Dr Fisher was able to pull my belly a bit flatter from a previous tummy tuck. Belly button is a tad lower. I love it. I haven't started to lose any of the surgical tape yet. It's just getting gummy and stickier. Gotta be really slow taking anything off since it's acting like tree sap and sticking me to fabrics. Lol

I'm moving slow. Still hanging out in my recliner. Get a little dizzy and nauseous if I'm up too long. No openings. Loving it

3 weeks!!

Ok. I had a check up today. I'm at three weeks tomorrow. No openings! Knock on wood. My body is still holding on to this fluid though. Fisher thinks at least ten pounds and I believe it! I can feel each one. I'm taking Lasix and eating pineapple daily. Lemon water, lemon water, ..I hate drinking . Lol. Dr Fisher and Joanne squeezed me into a super sexy tight new garment. I'm thinking boudoir pictures?? ;)
Seriously though, this garment is much better than my old one. It's much tighter where I need it on my lower back. That's where most of the swelling is at. It also has a kind of butt cut out. It's got a much lighter material over my hiney so my new hiney doesn't get over squeezed. Only one problem. As I'm walking along I'm constantly making sure that my dress is covering my butt! Those cut outs make it feel like my butt is poking through. My daughter keeps laughing at me.
Oh!! Speaking of daughter. I am happy to say that I survived my trip today. She's a new driver and so far has only driven around our little rural community outside of San Antonio. Well she was the only one available to drive me today. Soooooo. She drove me into the city, through downtown, and into the medical center all during morning rush hour!!! I think I need Valium. ;)
Since Dr. Fisher said I should walk a bit more I decided we needed to hunt some Pokemon! I'm a fifth grade teacher. I gotta know what the heck it is they are playing. It's a lot like geocaching. Walking with a side of scavenger hunting? Yes please!

I am soo excited as I watch my new body by Fisher take place. Pain is doable. Just really taking Motrin twice a day. I am estatic about all my new seams. They were all covered by the tape but Fisher pulled the ones off of my sides. They look very clean and smooth. No naked pictures today. Too much work getting this garment off and on right now. I'll update soon!

A little side boob

Ok. A few three weeks pics. Just keep in mind that I'm still swollen. Like, a lot. lol. Feels like tennis balls between arms and sides. Lots of swelling up by shoulder blades. Lots of yucky glue residue. Tonight after these pics I floated around in the pool since I was already naked. Lol It's a salt water one so the water felt amazing. Plus I know from past experience the salt water speeds up the healing process. SHHH.... don't tell my husband ( he's my pool boy) but I spent the whole time rubbing the dead skin off of me. My lack of using a body poof daily in the shower is catching up to me. Looks like the peeling skin people get after they have a cast removed. Yuck. But that water was amazing. No gravity. No pressure. I haven't been able to float very well after the weight loss but all the swelling I currently have is keeping me very buoyant. I felt like I had a life jacket strapped to my lower back.;)

Today was a good day. Felt a little easier to get up from a chair and I walked a little more. Still getting the nauseous dizzy feeling if I've been up a little too long. I'm not too concerned about that since I've been known to get that feeling before surgery. Just in the past it was every once in a while. Fight or flight? Nope. Not me. Just shut down. Maybe in a past life I was one of those fainting goats?? Lol

This next bit is for purposes of full disclosure. That is why we read these right? To know what could be in store for us if we do a similar procedure? Lol. Well. I was dreading the arrival of my period. I just didn't want to deal with the extra work. Interesting thing. Ususlly I have a good 7 days of pretty heavy flow.((( TMI alert is that I know it's super heavy because I use menstrual cups and they have measurement markings. )))). Well it was a non event. Only lasted three days and was super light. So just in case you were dreading it... Maybe it won't be so bad. Or maybe I just got extremely lucky? I'll send the hubby for some lottery tickets just in case. ;)

As I inch along recovery I'll continue to post.

Sorry. Some of the photos arbitrarily decide to flip as I upload them.

4 week update

Ok. I'm just past four weeks postop now. Starting to make small excursions. My stride is very short... Think geisha girl. Lol. So far friends and family are being very patient with the super slow pace. I don't see myself walking for excersise or gym trips anywhere in the near future. Start of school is coming fast. I go back Aug 12. I'm getting nervous. It's a big school. I usually get 10,000 steps by lunch time during school. Right now I'm usually getting about 2000 for the entire day. I'm sure my principal would frown on letting fifth graders push me in a rolling chair! Lol

Incisions look good. I had one little blister on front of thigh at incision line that I've been keeping clean. It's healing up. I still have much of my surgical tape. Makes it look pretty ugly with dried blood and glue residue everywhere but it's stuck tight. Figure it's helping keep the scars nice and flat. I just ordered some medical adhesive remover pads from Amazon. I'll use them to tidy up the edges. I'm keeping the compression garments on 24/7. I figure I'll be wearing these for awhile. Weight really hasn't changed. Still swollen. A LOT. Most of my swelling is lower back area. As I walk around my lower back feels foreign to me. Like I have a mass strapped to my back. When I get in the pool that area wants to float. Pulls me to the top. Very weird. ;)

I am really really happy. I pulled on a pair of stretchy gym shorts the other day. Ones I didn't wear in public because my hanging ripply skin was highlighted on my thighs. I'd wear them now!

Not much difference in my pictures maybe. But I can see it in person. Waist has lost a little swelling. Still feels like tennis balls between my sides and arms so swelling still there too. I don't really have pain per say. At least not enough to take any pain pills. I'm still taking a Motrin since it's an anti inflammatory.

Arm incisions

I'm at six weeks. Fisher says everything looks good. Many people I notice ask to see the back of the arm incisions. Here is a close up. It's smoothing out nicely. I had bought Dermablend to cover it up until it faded but I doubt I will need it. Loving everything. I'll post my six week official photos as soon as Fisher gets a chance to send them.

15 weeks today

I went to a post op with Fisher yesterday. I am thrilled with my progress. Still swelling so Fisher said the dreaded words.... compression suit again. I know it's logical, but it's hard to bring myself to wear it again. I wore it for 12 weeks. Lol.

I still have pain but mostly it's limited to the bad swelling days. Every once in a while I bump into something or someone grabs my arm and I yelp. I had no idea that my colleagues were so touchy feely before this surgery. Lol. Dr.Fisher gave me a few cortisone injections into the most painful spots along my sides. I was hopeful but I really don't feel a difference. It was worth a shot.

Some of my scars have migrated down a bit but I kinda expected that since I knew my skin is soft. My previous tummy tuck scar did the same thing. I look like I have a normal butt now in jeans. It still feels a little weird but I'm finally getting to the point that I forget about it. I know I'm swelling up again when it starts to feel foreign again. ;)

I think Dr. Fisher felt a little unhappy that some of my scars slipped down a bit and were wider than he liked but after doing tons of research I knew this was a risk. It's the way I heal. Don't get me wrong. I'm thrilled. No flapping arms. They fit in sleeves. My inner thighs don't get rubbed raw anymore. I highly recommend Dr. Peter Fisher.

15 weeks

Sorry. The pics didn't load
San Antonio Plastic Surgeon

I've been to Dr. Fisher twice. He is very kind. He is like one of those brilliant eccentric artist types. He seems very passionate about his work. I am really looking forward to his results!

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