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All of my life, I have struggled with my weight. I...

All of my life, I have struggled with my weight. I have done WW, quick, fad diets & my weight has gone up & down. in the late 90's I had my weight down to the upper 140's & at that time, I had decided to have implants placed after a failed breast reduction & tummy tuck. The implants held up great until I gained 100 pounds back on my tiny frame. A few years ago, I started the Nutrisystem program & lost 80 pounds. I did this rather quickly & didn't follow the instructions by eating several high protein meals a week so that I would keep my muscle tone. I was severely depressed, was going through a divorce & my dad was diagnosed with leukemia. Around this time, I found this site & read several of the ladies journeys on their weight loss & loose skin surgeries. One of the ladies here told me about her experiences with a couple of Mexican surgeons & I actually went to Tijuana to visit with him & get his prices. I'm happy that I'm a procrastinator because I was thinking of scheduling my surgeries with this doctor when my friend on this site told me about Dr Peter Fisher in San Antonio. She told me that she had a friend who went to Dr Fisher & his prices weren't all that much more than the doctor from Tijuana BUT he was also a specialist in the field of after weight loss surgery & was an artist. I read all of the reviews on Dr Fisher & decided that he would be the one that I would go to. My father passed away in September & I decided that now would be a good time to get the body for summer that I've only imagined. I contacted Dr Fisher's office & although I feel I rushed them with with just under a month from first phone call to surgery. Everything went off without a hitch & I had a LBL, an extended breast lift & arm lift with some liposuction on Tuesday, February 16th. I haven't gone in for my post op visit yet but I am scheduled to do that on Thursday, February 25th. I wish that I had before pictures to compare my after surgery pictures but I don't. I do have clothed before pictures, dressed & I will post them here. I will check with Dr Fisher's office to see if he can share my pre-op photos with markings so that I can post a side by side comparison.

Before surgery picture

Pre-surgery, Dr Fisher's office photos

Dr Fisher just sent me his pictures & I wanted to share them with the community. I have taken post op photos & will have them up, shortly.

Note the high implant that was placed in 1999. I had a breast reduction in 1995 with a local surgeon that failed & had 2 lifts to try to correct it before going to another surgeon to have it corrected. He said that he placed the mentor implant under the muscle & made an internal band using my own tissue to keep the implant up. After gaining & losing weight, my breast tissue sagged & I chose for a breast lift, leaving my implants in place.

At the time I had a breast reduction, I also had an extended tummy tuck. You can barely see the scars after 20 years.

Post op pictures, Day 6

I felt crummy on this day so looking back, I was thinking what in the world did I do? Right away, I knew I would love my new arms. I think they are going to be as small as they were when I was a teen. My breasts are as small as they were when I got married in 1979 & I'm guessing that when the swelling is gone in about a year, I should average out as a 34D cup. I'm already noticing less neck pain from losing some of the 36DDD cup size. I think I'll be happy with the outcome & hoping & praying that my nipples will remain healthy throughout the healing process.

First post op pictures & pics from my appointment with Dr Fisher yesterday, February 25th.

What a difference a week makes! Feeling SO much better, although I will have a really good day & then have 2 "bad" days with more swelling & more pain. The swelling & the pain kind of go hand in hand so if you can be more sensible than I have been & not eat sauerkraut to help with the bowel problems, you'll do fine. Dr Fisher is concerned that I may have a hematoma along my left breast, where the bruising is, obviously. I didn't get the drains removed yesterday but I go in on Monday & hopefully, they will come out then. I'm flying home on Tuesday & I don't know how I would explain the grenades with the fluid in my pants to the TSA.

Post Op 4 weeks

Hello! What a difference 4 weeks make! My bruises are still a little noticeable but just barely. I developed a hematoma on the side of my left breast & it's almost gone. Dr Fisher drained it when I saw him on the 1st & my Primary Care Physician drained it one week later. I saw my PCP yesterday & he said that there might be about 5 mls under the skin but he's sure my body will absorb it in time. YAY! No more needles!!! He thought that Dr Fisher did a great job & said that I am healing nicely.

I've been wearing my compression garments along with the tummy binder & a breast implant stabilizer. Dr Fisher stitched up the overly large pocket that my Mentor Implants were placed in in 1999. At that time, I could freak my teenage sons out by flexing my muscle & moving my implant up under my collar bone. Arnold Schwarzenegger had nothing on me! hehehe

I feel full of fluid today, although for the past few days I have been following a low sodium diet. i went out with a friend & had dinner at the Olive Garden last weekend. I ordered the Chicken Piccata because the menu claimed that it was 550 calories. WELL, it tasted like a salt lick, not that I have ever put my tongue on my grandpa's cow's salt lick before. ;o) Being on the Nutrisystem plan makes me well aware of how much salt is overused in dishes. I think I better stick to it for awhile because I feel much thinner than my new pictures make me look.

The only problems that I'm having at week 4 is the rubbing of my garments on my left breast incision, where the vertical incision meets with the horizontal incision. The incision has separated a bit & I can see yellow with a little bit of blood & yellow discharge oozing out. My PCP said that there was no sign of infection so that's good. On my right breast, my garments rubbed a spot under my breast & it, too, can be quite painful. I believe it could be where the slit was made for the lipo wand. Then there are the scabs on my side which were made from either my bra or the implant stabilizer. It's amazing how sensitive skin can be after a big surgery. I don't know if you can see them but I have marks on my calves from the compression socks digging into my swollen legs. They actually bled & scabbed up. I ordered some silicone tape & some biocorneum because I have read some great comments here & out on the www about it. If any of you realselfers have used it...do I need to wait until my incisions are healed to use it?

That's about it! Have a nice day!

The ups & downs of healing. UGH!

Last Friday afternoon, late, I had some pretty intense pain above & to the outside of my right breast. The pain radiated down my right arm. It's the first time that the pain from surgery put me in tears. I'm on Tylenol 3 for my Fibro pain & before surgery, I took 1 in the morning & one before bed. Since the surgery & after running out of Percocet, I've taken around 4 T-3's a day. My PCP said this was OK & if I need something stronger to contact him. One of the fall backs of having a plastic surgeon from out of state is that they can't prescribe meds for you once you're back home. After I had taken my 3rd T-3 with 2 Xanax, in the span of about 2 hours, the pain finally eased up a bit. I had also taken a very warm shower & sat in my message chair. During this time, I sent Dr Fisher a text, to which he replied within minutes. He suggested taking my bra off but leaving the boobie band & compression garments on. I asked for something stronger for pain. That's when he told me to contact my local Doc. Unfortunately, my Doc had left the office at 3:30 that day so I had to make do with what I had. The pain was MUCH better the next day & I was able to get by with taking 3 Tylenol 3 for the whole day. This is what I think happened...I have dogs & the weather wasn't very warm that day so I kept the back door shut. I have a doggie door in my storm door & usually I can keep the back door cracked so the mutts can get out when they want to. On Friday, the sun was out & the dogs wanted in & out & in & out. My back door sticks a bit & I think that each time I used my right hand & arm to open it, my implant in my left breast pushed up against the sutures that Dr Fisher stitched up my overly large pocket under my muscle. Just a theory but I have been trying to use both hands when I open the door for the dogs. So, at almost 5 weeks post op, your body will still be telling you to take it easy. I can also feel the pulling & stress on my back, at the LBL incision line. When I feel the pull, I immediately stop what I'm doing & find another way to proceed with my body movements. I've read horror stories about the incision lines splitting & I'm going to do my best to not let that happen. I try to bend at the knees when picking things up from the floor & when I get tired, I sit. So, for those of you who are scheduled for surgery soon, be kind to yourself & take it easy for as long as you can.

I did go for another walk yesterday, the second for the week. I went farther & walked faster than the time before & it felt WONDERFUL! Fresh air & sunlight is nearly a cure all, imo. We are supposed to hit the mid-seventies in my area today so I'll be out again. Still don't want to walk my dogs, as they aren't well behaved & pull on the leashes. They protest when I leave without them but they'll get over it. ;o)

Happy healing, everyone. Enjoy the second day of Spring!

Does anyone else feel a little narcissistic posting all these pics?

I do! Oh well, here are a few more. I ran out of my prescription water pills that the good doctor prescribed but I'll call my PCP today & request a refill. I feel thin today yet the camera tells me different. Why is it that what I see in the mirror seems smaller than when I look at the pictures? Does anyone else have that happen?

I LOVE my arms & my new curves. I haven't lost much weight but I haven't been very careful. This weekend was a tough one & I slipped back into my old habit of eating for comfort. I had a craving for white cake with white frosting & ice-cream. I just can't have that junk in my house. That's all there is to it! I feel sluggish today & I know it's from a carb crash. Silly me.

One note to those who tend to be constipated, I bought some stool softener gel caps from Walgreen's & they seem to be working. I also eat greek yogurt, usually 1 a day as well as Raisin Bran. My dad used to shake his head when I told him that Raisin Bran was too high in calories to eat, back when I was on Nutri System. The way he used to eat it was really bad...whole cream & he added sugar, along with 1/2 a banana. The banana was fine but Raisin Bran doesn't need any added sugar. lol I'm happy that he enjoyed the little things in life, up to the week before he passed. Life's too short not to enjoy the things you love, but I have to learn to do it in moderation, not to eat my entire day's calories of 1000 in cake alone. BAH!

Some of the bad, with the good

It's been just a day over 6 weeks & I'm still dealing with a wound opening at the "T" junction of my breast lift. I've tried antibiotic ointment & now I'm using BioCornuem on it. I don't know if the yellow in the wound is healthy skin & I read that debriding the wound with a soft toothbrush & soap is beneficial so I tried that while using Hibiclens. That made it bleed & took the yellow out. Even with just letting it be, I have to keep it covered or it oozes out onto my compression garment. Same with my hip where the drain was at. I will include pictures of these areas. Also, under one arm pit, I have a painful lump. It's not painful unless I push or rub it & my instinct is that massage is good for it so I have been doing that in the past few days. I'm using silicone tape for my incisions on the back of my arms & down the side of my breasts & BioCorneum on my incisions on my hips, tummy & back & under my breasts & around my areola & down my breast. In one picture of my hip, I had 2 stitches come to the surface a few weeks ago. I snipped them off at flesh level. One of them spit out yesterday & I had a little hole there. I went & bought steri-strips at Walgreen's & "fixed" it so that it can't go any further. I will do the same to the other stitch, should I lose it. This has been an emotional roller coaster, especially since the only support that I have here at home is from my ex-husband. I think because it is an elective surgery & some of my family consider it to be a vanity issue, they kind of think I have to suck it up & deal with it. lol I don't recommend having all three procedures done at once unless you have a good support system during, for the first few weeks after & for a few months after you return home. It's do-able but tough!

Three Month Update

Hi all. My incisions are all healed now. They are purple but I expect them to lighten up in the next few months. The spot under my breast has filled in with new tissue & is even with the other skin around it. There is a hard lump underneath the scar & I assume this is scar tissue. When I think about it, I massage it. One of my areolas has a flat spot on it & I had hoped that the stitches would dissolve & it would round out, but it hasn't yet. The only complaint that I have is that I think that my breasts are bottoming out again, as it appears that there is too much distance from the bottom of my areolas to the bottom of my breasts. They are much more appealing to the eye than they were so right now, it's a minor thing.

I'm still swelling some, mostly in my abdomen, hips & lower back. I'm still wearing my compression garments most of the time, as they help the swelling. I itch at times & I don't know if it's from dry skin, allergies or the nerves regenerating after lipo. Taking a Claritin helps & was suggested by another surgeon on this site.

I haven't been able to start an exercise program because just when my 6 weeks healing time was about to expire, I hurt my knee. I may need another surgery & I'm scheduled for one in a month. That will pretty much tie up my summer for swimming, walking & exercising. I'm not happy with my legs & thighs & I know that walking will help to tighten the loose skin. Oh well, there's always next summer.

I hope you are all doing well & to those of you who have surgeries coming up quick, please keep us in the loop! I'm excited for y'all & wishing the best possible outcome for you. I will post some pictures now so that you can see the difference in my before & after pics. Take care, everyone!
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