67 Year Old Grandmother, Weight Loss of 132 lbs, Now Ready to Have Arm Lift, Breast Lift and Lower Body Lift - San Antonio, TX

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I've been overweight since a young child. My...

I've been overweight since a young child. My weight has gone up and down the scale multiple times. My weight has been maintained at 144 pounds for more than a year. After doing all the stretching of my skin multiples times, I have very saggy skin and look like I need to be ironed out. It's awful.
Now I've retired and am a full-time caregiver for my husband who has multiple sclerosis. He's been very supportive and loving no matter my size. Being here and healthy for both of us is a priority now.
My mind has gone on guilt trips for doing this surgery for myself. But I'm now getting more into understanding that I need to feel great (I do now) and also look as good as I feel.
Your support here on real self has let me know I'm worth it and I'm very excited to be less than two months away from this adventure.
I'll be getting some before pictures and posting them soon. Posting them is a hard thing for me to do.

Date of Surgery Set

I've had a consult and the surgery date is set for August 3rd.

Before Pictures

Posting these pictures of myself was very hard to do. It sure makes a person see themselves as they are. My arm lift, breast lift, and lower body lift will all be done at the same time. I've ordered a toilet seat riser with handles. Also will be picking up body wash wipes and bed liners. Any other needed supply suggestions will be appreciated.

Change in Plans

I have had to cancel my Aug 3rd surgery with Dr Fisher. My husband has multiple sclerosis and isn't doing well. Also I will need a longer recovery time for the arm lift, breast lift and lower body lift done all at the same time. I do have a supportive daughter and her kids for help for a couple of weeks after surgery. I have cancelled because stress, heat (it's terribly hot here in Texas) only contribute to husband's further illness. He can't drive at all, push a cart through a grocery store, etc., cook and care for himself. I do want to say to those younger than the 67 years old that I am, if you can find a way to do this earlier in your life please do so. I am afraid I will never get all that skin taken off of me and should have lost the weight earlier in life and had the skin surgeries done before this. I will definitely be maintaining the weight loss as my health is the best it's been in years. I am proud of being healthier and keeping this massive weight off for three years now. There are several of you that I will be following to see your new bodies. Good luck and I will just keep on working toward a time when the surgery will fit into my life and my families lives.
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