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Well i have 6 children(all girls) and i have...

Well i have 6 children(all girls) and i have gained with each one over 100lbs each time. it took a toll on my body and now it needs to be fixed. I am scared and wondering if its the right thing to do. Can i really be that vain? What if i die! What if im not put all the way under and i can feel it but cant communicate?! What if i wake up in the middle of the procedure?! what if in recovery i move just right and pop open and bleed to death?!! All different types of things are going through my head hence the reason why i havent had it done yet. Ive been researching proceudres doctors, ambulatory facilities, surgical facilities, office base facilities, researching PS and anesthesiologist credentials. im doing my homework and trying to get some courage to actually go through with the surgery. if i could only stop freaking myself out. Anyways, ive seen 2 PS so far and schedule to see 4 more all in feb. Hopefully i can find one i trust and that i feel comfortable with.

I just wanted to clarify from the original post...

I just wanted to clarify from the original post that I have always lost all the baby weight and currently at a stable healthy weight and all my stats are very good... I go for a consult again on the feb 7th to meet another PS. I went at the end of jan to meet with a patient coordinator but not the PS i meet him on the 17th of feb. but the PC was a little off and going a mile a min, she really wouldnt let me get anything in really. But she did tell me she had a tuck with this PS and he is very good. But who wouldn't say that to get you to spend your money there. anyways, i just hope i get a better feeling with the doctor than what i did the PC. Im still weight lifting and doing my cardio alot still not seeing that scale budge though, give it time right. lol. I'll up dated again on the 7th after my 3rd consult(but technically my 2nd with a PS that operates on everything, the 1st just did fat graphs nothing else.)

Well i was not able to make my consult on Feb 7th,...

Well i was not able to make my consult on Feb 7th, my kiddos got sick so i had to cancel. Calling later on today though to reschedule that consult around the 20th of Feb. I've been talking to a patient of this PS for alittle while now. She speaks so highly of this PS(ill call him DR.O) hes very thorough; the eased alot of my fears and concerns. She also LOVES her results. I guess I'll see when i go in. i'll update again when i go for these consults at the end of the month.

Just wanted to make a quick update. Im scheduled...

just wanted to make a quick update. Im scheduled to see a PS on FEB 21st with Dr.O and again on the FEB 22nd with Dr.D. ill up date again then to tell how the consults went.

Well I went yesterday to my consult with Dr.O. He...

Well I went yesterday to my consult with Dr.O. He is very nice and explains all the procedures in detail. His patient coordinator was EXTREMLY RUDE she i did NOT like one bit. But back to doc he told me he doesnt do lifts and augs together. So I would have to come back in if i still want a aug(3months time). So my hopes of getting the tummy tuck and breastlift/aug all in one shot, was tossed out the window. And he also found a hernia(didnt know i had one). So looks like i'll be getting the MM done sooner than next year. Or maybe just the tuck and hernia repair gotta see what I can afford first. But he did say that with the lift ill be a size Bcup (im a small D now) I was like WTF i havent been that small since i was 12yrs old. I don't think Ill like that one. Well i go this friday to see my primary carephysican to ultrasound my hernia to see what excatly is going on. Im scared about that now. I was advised not to work out, walk excessivly, not to lift anything over 20lbs, and of course no sex! Dont have any idea what im going to do. All my muscle is going to go byebye. DAMN IT! Anyways, I go for a consult with a different doc on the 28th now and then on the 1st of march. Im also on a waiting list for another doc to see if i can get in sooner. Well with this Doc i seen yesterday he quoted me with a lift and tummy tuck to be around 11,789.00 and to do just a tuck is 6,884.00. Both those quotes include cosemtassure insurance and the garmet that they recommend. I'll update again around friday to let everyone know what my PCP says about the hernia.

Went last week for an ultrasound on my abdomen to...

Went last week for an ultrasound on my abdomen to get a better look at the hernia also got cbc,thyroid, cholesterol panel done. I'm just waiting for the results on all of those. Went and seen a PS Dr. D yesterday he was nice felt around alot educated on procedures as well didnt feel a hernia. But his PC made me feel like she picked the size of implant for me and not me actually picking it. I had the feeling she wanted me to be porno big; thats not what i want. But this PS is including lipo on inner and outter thighs his total for everything is 16890"(BL,BA,LIPO of thighs,lovehandles and pubis, tummy tuck) not bad at all and he does loads of financing as well. The PS i seen today is Dr. A paid 45 for a consult and spent a total of 10-15mins with him, the rest of the time is with his nurses. He was nice as well, he educated the procedures to me he did not feel a hernia but just like the other PS said if there is one I can repair while im in there. I believe he spent more time talking and trying on boobs than anything else. I did try on boobs, I made the choice on the size. HIs nurses are all very nice and helpful. I ended up choosing 375cc on left side and 450cc on right side. All his staff has had work done by him and they all looking amazing and young but they are all older than me but look younger than I do, which is crazy. One of his nurses let me feel her tummy rock hard and she dont work out. She told me that it was definatly worth every penny though. She looks amazing her boobs are huge but i guess thats cuz her waist is super tiny now. Anyways, I loved his staff all super women! Dr. A is very nice and funny. I do love how all his work looks. He only does 2 financing options which sucks but what can you do. His quote for everything (BL,BA,TT,lipo of the abdomen and pubis) it came to 17052. Not bad I think. If i choose to do just one procedure lilke tummy tuck that one came to 7350. his quote is only good for 14days from today. im going to schedule 2 more consults with 2 different PS and go from there.

Hi, Its been awhile since i have updated my...

Its been awhile since i have updated my profile. Since the last post I did see 2 more PS. I went to see this on PS im going to cal lhim dr. I. Well he seemed very cocky and he acted and looked very tired. The whole time during the consult he was leaning up against the wall. I asked him some questions that were concerning, like how can you avoid perforationg my arota when you do lipo? Well he said that they dont know why stuff like that happens it just does "When I was in med school I seen some patients die just getting a catheter put in". I said, What! How does that happen?" Then he said with his famous words, " I don't know it just did." I didn't get to try on any implants he made me feel very uncomfortable. Just because you have all this education and experience doesnt make you a godsend. that's what i was thinking. So anyways he was definatly a no and his price was the highest of all of them. The last consult that i went on was with Dr. G his staff was nice and he was too. I did feel like i was being rushed through everything thing. He also did work on his staff. I didn't get to see any before or afters that part bothered me. I didn't really get to ask anything, i had to keep on reminding him why i was there(for what procedures). Then he said, you dont have to do this but alot of my Mommies that get their makeover they complain about having this( which was the back fat on the lower part) its optional. You don't have to do it but you can if you want. He also said i had a nice figure and once i get the tummy tuck it will be even better( the reason why he told me i had a nice figure is because i have the hour glass shape, i do work out alot always have). That part was nice to hear though i always thought that i do have a nice figure just the belly that hangs due to lack of skin and now my boobs just aint good anymore. But anyways, He was very nice educated me on the reason why he would like to do a breast lift first then come back for implants is because that the blood supply is "cut off" with the lift in 2 different areas so when you add a implant the last and 3 areas that draws blood to the breast is cutt off as well so there is a chance for nipple death. He said," if you were my daughter i would recommed doing a lift first, get those symetrical, perky, and nice. Then in 3months time come back and get the implants, so that you can have nice full breast to go with your new figure". I did like him alot, i just didn't like his price nor did i like his patient coordinator. She was nice dont get me wrong but she sucks at her job BIG TIME! i emailed her the next day after my consult and never heard a response. Just as bad as the first doctors coordiantor i called her that same day of my consult and never heard from her again.
So since that i have not choosen a PS yet, alot of things have happend with home life, that i had to put this whole makeover on hold for awhile to see whats going to be going on. I hope that i will still be able to get the MM done next year. but that all will have to wait and see what happens this year. I hate making plans because something tends to happen to derail your plans majorly. I see everyones post and you can see that their confidence has come back and they are happy as can be, and that is so awesome! Because i know once i'm able to get mine done i will once again be confident in my own skin. I seem to of lost my self and my confidence right around when i got pregnant with my 6th child. Everything was going wrong at that time in my life with my marriage and to top it off i was pregnant and not feeling confident cuz i was huge. After the birht of my 6th daughter(i gained 55lbs with her that has been the least amount of weight that i have ever gained in a pregnancy) i had lost over 65lbs with in 2months of having her. I felt so good that the lbs were just melting off my body, i felt sexy i felt confident, i felt like i was doing something right and proud of myself that i lost over 65lbs. But leave it to a man to f***k all that up for you. AT that time in my marrage s**t was getting worse than what they were while i was pregnant. I was trying everything to fix it and to grab some damn attention. But i finally gave up, i had had enough of his crap. Of course he blammed me for this and for that and he had to walk on egg shells around me and i didnt make him happy anymore blablabla. And this whole time hes complaining and whinning to me about me, i was thinking does he not SEE all that I do for this family and for him?! Does he not see that I'm not me anymore?! Does he not see that stress and depression is getting the best of me?! Maybe he does see but doesnt care. Does he actually think hes going to find someone beter then me?! Do I really want to through everything away that we had built together? I was pondering alot of things while he was talking and i told myself, let him go. He doesn't deserve you or this family, if "friends" is what he needs then go right ahead and have them. Will your "friends" keep you warm at night, do everything for you? I THINK NOT!!! so needless to say i let him go his merry way. We "seperated" he stayed in the living room and i stayed in the bedroom. we werent sleeping together nor were we sleeeeping together. Why should i give up the cookie, he dont deserve it. lol..
Anyways, that went on for a week or so, then guess what! He decides that he wants to be with me because he realized he was an a$$h**E and he was putting everything on me. And he really was blamming me for everything and in reality it wasnt me at all. But the damage had already be done(emotionally). He had told me that he is very much in love with me and wants to spend the rest of our lives together and making it up to me; and that I am the best woman and wife he could of ever asked for but he was too stupid to realize it at the time. Well duh i told him that, I knew that all along. But did I want him back after all that? I do love him very much and he had not done the ultimate betrayal; He just was lost for awhile(if he were to do the ultimate betrayal oh HELL NO there is no comming back after that in more than one sense). Anyhow we had gotten back "together" and ever since then he really has changed, he really has been trying to make up for all the times he was a jacka$$ to me and making me feel the way he made me felt.
Just recently i had a break down i had gotten really sad and depressed and just wanted to cry my eyes out. My husband asked me what was wrong and of course i said nothing( me not wanting to bother him with my feelings, not that he doesnt care because he does deeply, thats how i am). Well he finally got it out of me and i told him i wish i could be the way i was physically and mentally when we had met( which was 3kids ago, i had 3 children when we met). jAnd i told him that I know my self confidence will go up once i have the MM. I did tell him part of the way i feel is because of him on how he was and what happend the last 2 yrs. but the other part is how i am because i dont feel sexy. He tells me that he loves my body and im very sexy and he loves the way i feel; he tells me im beautiful and sexy everyday at least 10times a day. Which is very nice to hear and i do love hearing it. Its nothing that your doing wrong now its how i see myself. Some days i can look in the mirror and say , "I do look GOOD, all my hard work is paying off". but other days, i dread looking in the mirror, i dread wearing certain clothes, i dread making love my husband the love of my life. Because when i feel and can hear my hanging skin hit my body thats a turn off(sorry so graphic its grooss i know). Or when i look in the mirror and have to suck in my gut and lift my boobs and say this is how im supposed to look at 27yrs. Its depressing and overwhelming. I love my children and i wouldnt change them for the world. but i would change my body.
i want/need to be able to walk with my head held high, i want/need to be able to wear jeans and have them fit comfortably, i want/need to be able to shave my pubic region without lifting my stomach up to do it(gross i know sorry again), i want/need to be able to make love with my clothes off, i want/need to be able to walk around naked(in my house), I want/need to be able to do jumping jacks, burpees, jump rope, sit ups with out strapping in mine stomach. I want/need to be able to stop cutting myself down and comparing myself to my mom( i dont want to look nothing like that woman). i want/need my back to stop hurting(due to lack of muscles in my abdomen and my stomach is trying to hold up the hanging skin and it doesnt work so therefore my lower back comes into play).
Now that I am re reading what i wrote thats alot of wants seems like i want to much. Well lets change those to needs. ok there i did it. Am I asking for too much? Am I risking too much? Am I being to vain? Why am I so focused on my body? Why can't i just be happy the way I am? Will having this procedure make me feel better about myself? Am I being selfish?... People wear makeup to enhance their looks and to feel better about themselves( i do wear makeup occasionally, it does make me feel better to a point), so why couldn't I have a cosmetic procedure to make me feel better about myself? Why would these procedures make me any more selfish or vain than wearing makeup would?... 1 you spend 50 bucks on the other your risking life and alot of dough.
What I do know is that i'm not happy with myself on physical reasons and it does need to change. I believe once i do get the procedures done i would be a better person, woman, wife, mother. And ill be able to workout better! Sorry about that i guess I just had to get alot off of my chest lately. Well take care.

Well I haven't been on any consults again. I have...

Well I haven't been on any consults again. I have been thinking about going in for 2nd consults with the same doctors that I have already encountered. I am having a terrible time on what to do. Maybe my expectations are too high, idk. Like i said before i had a few PS wanting to do a BL first then later down do a BA, then the others are willing to do it all together. My fear with the outcome of what it will look like. 1. if i decide to do the BA/BL together, what if my nipples look lopsided(pointing in different directions) then i wold have to get a revision and go under once again. 2. One boob is higher then the other and wont drop. 3, What if both boobs are sitting too higha and have a weird shape to them. Now what if i only do the BL first. 1. My boobs will be too small and I'll be disappointed. 2. what if they have a square look to them an not a round look. 3. What if the PS didnt get them symetrical the 1st time, than i have to do a revision to even them out( appear to be even anyways). 4. What if my nipples are too high or too low or pointing in different directions.
Maybe those are all normal fears that every woman has when trying to figure out what to do. What I do know is that i would like to have perky full symetrical boobs. I do know that just a BL will not get me to where i would lke to be. I do know that I would like a PS to listen carefully to all my questions and concerns and maybe just maybe ask me what I want to achieve with this plastic surgery. What do you want your breasts to look like, "well i would like symetrical, perky full breast and have my nipples in the same direction" " oh and that I would like for you to take some breast tissue out of the left breast cuz it gets rock hard now and i would like to min that with implants". What are your concerns with the tummy tuck? " Well my concern is that i don't want it to pulled up to where my pubic area sticks out of my pants/underwear" " I dont want an oblong belly button, I would like a normal or close to a normal BB" " I really would like a low scar, I obviously want muscle repair cuz thats one of the points of a tummy tuck, i don't want loose skin on the tummy afterwards; thats what i paying you for to min that issue". " i definalty do not want dog ears so try to min that as well". " Oh doc one more thing, i do not like my inner thighs cuz they touch each other and rub and my saddle bags i would like gone can you do that as well or does that have to be in a different surgery'? " I have some pics of tummy tucks and BL/BA that i would like to be similar to or better, do you think that is doable for my body type"?
I imagine that is how a consultation is supposed to go and none of mine went like tht or even similar. This is why Im thinking that i should go a redo the consults with these 5 surgeons and try to get another feeling on them. This is a tough choice to make, i have to trust this person with MY LIFE! This for me is not a easy thing for me to do. When i was pregnant with my children and had to choose a OBGYN i thought that was going to be very difficult because you have to trust this person with your life and child. I always though oh great im never going to find one. With children 1 through 4 it was actually pretty easy, I only met with 1 and I knew that was my OBGYN. Then I had moved far away from that OBGYN and i had gotten pregnant again and i went to an OBGYN in the new state i moved to. Right off his staff was terrible( they yelled at me and oh boy i yelled right back then they changed their tune with me) and i was thinking oh this doctor better be good because i had to put up with that unprofessionalism and disrespect i dont think so. Then I met the doctor oh my god cold rude just everything you wish NOT to have in a doctor. Well I only seen him once because i was on a path to find the right OBGYN for me. I knew i wanted a doctor who practiced VBACs and i wanted a OBGYN that was similar to my old obgyn. I called around then made an appointment to go met him. Well just by 1 visit I knew he was the one for me. He reminded me of my old obgyn but he was a little bit better( that was a plus) and he was willing to do a VBAC(another plus) he is very kind and compassionate and sympathatic and funny.
Well that's how I think choosing a Plastic Surgeon would of been but it was not for me. Maybe Im just picking at them cuz i dont like what they have to recommend. I keep on replaying the consults in my head and 3 of the 5 keep popping back in my head that i should definalty go back for 2nd consults,but their staff sucks, i also have been thinking about going to see 2other docs who dont advertise as much as all the other doctors, but their consults are expensive( i dont like throwing away 100 to 200 away if i decide i dont want to go with them ya know). What to do, what to do. If anyone has any more or other tips on how you choosed a PS please feel free and let me know. Thanks. Prayers be with you all going into surgery and recovery.

Thought that I should update my profile. I just...

Thought that I should update my profile. I just recently went to a 2nd consult with one of the previous PS that I have seen before. This time I took my husband with me, so that he could look at before/afters, get a feel of the office setting and the people, but most importantly get a feel for the Plastic Surgeon. This time I was able to look at the PS before/after photos and I was able to ask him my questions. I had asked him if what kind of lifts he does and he pefers to do the Anchor LIft its the best one to do overall. I asked if he does "high tension" sutures with the Tummy Tucks(high tension sutures is just layers of stiches inside so that it doesnt pull, tug, burn, sting everytime you move) and yes he does do those( 10+pts for him). I had gotten naked so that he could relook at everything and he said that he would just take very very very little tissue off the right but mostly skin( right is much smaller than left) and then he would take tissue and skin off left to even them out, also that he would down size my areolas( he did tell me that when you do downsize the areolas that they do stretch a little bit when they start to heal). Also the TT will be to hip to hip extending more towards the back( but not all the way around, the scar will be long due to the over hang on the sides) he did recommend lipo of the flanks( he said alot of his MM complain about that area after they had the TT done so he recommended it but its not mandatory). It was a bit odd he rememebered me, he said, " I remember you pretty well" . I just thought that was funny that he remembered me out of all the ppl he sees on a daily basis that he remembered me( i guess i made a real good first impression). My husband liked him and the fact that the PS included my husband in the conversation and he addressed him by name when entering the room. After the PS left i asked my husband, "would you trust this doctor with my life'? He said, " I trust him with your boobs". lol But with this doctor i would have to do the Lift first then 3months time do the Augmentaiton ( he doesnt do both together due to the chance of nipple death, most PS will do all together and some will not). If i decide to go with this PS I don't think that I'll do the lipo with the TT and BL. I would go back and do the Lipo with the BA( I think). My husband and I will be going to another consult on Tuesday( this is another 2nd consult with a previous PS that i seen by myself, now Im taking my husband so he can get a feel for the Doctor). I will post that when it happens. But Dr. G is still in the running to be my potential Plastic Surgeon.

Hi, Well I went on another 2nd consult with Dr,...

Well I went on another 2nd consult with Dr, A with my husband. IT took 2hrs for this consult, everything went fine. The first time I went to this Doctor i was quoted around 18000.00 but now the 2nd consult went to 11000.00 Dont get me wrong thats nice but Why did it go down so much? Is it because of the economy and the Dr. wasn't getting much buisness and decided to lower the rate or did something happen ( major complications or death) as to why the fee was lowered. the PS explained how he would do the BL and Aug and went in to great detail he explained it for my husband as well. Then i asked him my questions and he answered them all in detail( hes a visual doc) He showed my photos of the patients he had recently on his phone before/while/ and after the procedures. I asked my husband what he thought of this doctor and he said he seems ok hes professional. I asked him if he could trust this PS with my life. And of course he says, " I trust him with your boobs". I said, " great I'll have nice tits and be dead". I then happen to ask him did you trust my OBGYN with my life he then told me no. He also added that he only trust him with my life but hes not a doctor. He did help me choose size of implants though. I went too big and he went to small i think but we ended up meeting in the middle. The doctor said that I would look too top heavy with the implants i pick and i did feel that too. So we met in the middle that would even me out. I don't want to be too small nor too big. I don't want to have nothing but i also dont want to be porno big. Im very broad for a woman so i want something that will look like i have boobs. I also asked the doc that i have an hourglass shape will i lose that with the TT. He said with an old fashion TT that i would but he doesnt do the old fashion way, but the way he does it will enhance more of the hour glass so i would look like the Kim K and Jennifer Lopez look witht he small waist and vavoom everything. So that nice as well i really didnt want to lose the hourglass shape. I have one more consult with Dr. O it will be my 2nd with him So after this consult my husand and I will choose who to go with for the MM.

Well after some real hard thinking my Pros and...

Well after some real hard thinking my Pros and Cons list, I have finally decided to go with Dr. G. The reason why I picked him is because he really made me feel comfortable and he really listend to me about my concerns with the breast. I believe that he will do a great job making them even. Plus I am able to see myself being calm going into the OR with this surgeon. He gave me the same feeling that my OBGYN did.The reason why i still was undecided was because i kept on going back and forth with Dr. A because he's willing to do everything in one shot( TT,BA, BL, LIPO) and DR. G is only willling to do the TT and BL first then the Aug. As much as i will hate not having breast for 3months after the MM i believe this is the safest way to go. Hey you never know I actually might like not having big boobs for once in my life. But I keep on getting this little voice in the back of my head saying, " You will hate not having no boobs go with the other doc". Then I get to thinking and say don't get greedy girl thats when things go wrong. I probably wont lilke not having boobs but right now its just skin some tissue(breastfeeding takes a toll). The other day i was laying on my stomach and my chest started to hurt and i was like oh man whats going on then i realize my breast was under me and not up where they should be but thats what was giving me pain, lmfao! I was like yup i need a lift badly can't wait. I can't belive its came to the point where it hurts to lay down on the stomach always have to make sure im wearing a bra or have them pushed up while im laying down. Anyways, Dr. G does financing through a few different places so I am waiting to apply witht he medical financing place( thats what its called is Medical Financing) I want to raise my credit score like 40 more points before i do the whole financing situation. I want to be able to finance the MM, Aug, and extra for revisions if need be. I already have a nice limit on the Care Credit but I don't want to use that unless i absolutley have to. Thats why i wanted to do it through the MF first and hope that i get the amount I want. Yes this doc is alttle expensive but he is the only one i actually believe and feel that he has MY best interest at hand. Yes it would be easier and nicer if i could get it all done at once but just wasnt in my cards to do it like that. I actually might end up doing a fat transfer into my breast instead of a implant. I do know i wanted it injected into my butt later on for a BBL, thats awhole nother situation thats the last part of my total mommy makeover. I know once the front looks good and tight that the back half of me will no longer look like it belongs to me. First is the MM then the BBL( that will take the fat from my bra line, saddle bag area, inner thinghs, and little from the lower back, and of course tummy area, still thinking about my arms but hopefully by then they will be more toned then what they are. I got muscle in there but cant seem to get rid of the fat off of them, so lipo is an option there). Some areas are just really hard to tone up( I've been trying since high school to get the toned arms and still cant get them) but i decided to do the INSANITY workout and thought yes this will help me tone my arms and innner thighs because before this workout i was donig my cardio but i have awlays been into weight lifting so i was doing leg curls of 50lbs and bicep and tricep dips of 20lbs. I love my weights! but since i've been doing INSANITY (theres no weights to this workout just your body weight) I have lost 6inches and 3lbs, not what i expected. I wanted to lose at leas AT LEAST 20lbs in 60 days but no way jose i only lost 3lbs and i keep losing and gaining that same 3lbs but the 6inches stayed off so far(knock on wood). My husband actually has lost the 20lbs that I wanted to and hes lost 4inches( WTF), Im glad that he lost all that but I am so mad that I didnt. I know men lose weight faster than women but I actually put my all into this workout plan and he half assed it and sitll lost. I did lose focus finally and thought screw it why eat healthy and stay the same when i can eat crappy and stay the same. But i crawled real fast out of my pitty party cuz i was feeling fat and lazy so i got right back up on the horse and got back into my workout plan. Next week I am adding weights to this program and hopefully that jump starts my body into losing some poundage soon. But if i dont oh well at least tone some more would be GREAT! Ill update again when I get approved for my financing for the MM.

It's been awhile, lots has happened

So it's been awhile since I posted anything. So I did try financing through dr. G's through medical loan but I was only approved for 8g's and not 17000 due to the act that I just bought a brand new car. But anyways dr.G's price went up from 17000 to 24000, that sucks. But anyways I found a fab doc in Houston tx he does really great boobs out of all that were on the site I found one flaw, that's pretty good. So my husband and I decided to do the surgeries separate. I will do the lift/aug with the doc in Houston later on in 2014 and I will do my tummy tuck with dr. Ortegon in 2014, when I went on my second consult with dr ortegon he made the. Comment about people onot referring services due to the reaction people get with anesthesia, so I guess they had modified it to where people wouldn't have a bad reaction to it, so That is nice. So I will do my tummy tuck with dr. Ortegon 2014 of June. The reason why I am waiting until 2013 is because I am pregnant! My husband and I were trying for another one but we were not getting pregnant then we stopped trying and i ended up pregnant. That is how it always happens. I am 5 month pregnant and due in November 27 2013. This is a mandatory c section so the baby will come a week earlier, but if its a big baby(like most are of mine) then I will go 2 weeks earlier than the due date. My husband I think is hoping for a boy but I think it's a girl again. I just hope that this baby fulfills him cuz I can not keep doing this, it's getting to dangerous for me. I am high risk pregnancy due to the big babies I have and the fact this is my 7th pregnancy and child. I was going to get my tubes tied while open but I am freaking out about staying open too long and what if something went wrong due to the tubes. My cousin had hers done while she wasmopen(1st csections but 7th child) and 2 weeks later she almost died due to her tube came undone and was pouring blood in her body. No thank you!!! I will pass on that, my husband said he will get snipped right away then when I heal I will do the essure in office procedure. But that is what is going on. And that is my plan, to do the to in June of next year with dr. Ortegon and do the breast later on in 2014 with Houston doc and hopefully in a years time do the bbl, not too sure which doctor for that I think I'm leaning more towards dr. Salama for that due to his outcomes on this procedure.

Sorry bout mistakes when typing

I was just re reading what I wrote and I messed up a lot and damn auto correct so sorry guys. I am not perfect, but u all will get the just of what I was saying.

Long time for update

I haven't updated in a long time since I " decided" on a ps. I just had my 7 th child 2 weeks ago, a beautiful girl at 9 lbs 10oz and 22.5 inches long with hey black hair full head of hair. She was the talk of the nursery the whole 4 days we were there. I gained way too much weight with this pregnancy all belly I went in for my mandatory csection (4 th csection, I've had my first three pregnancy natural vaginal). I went in weighing in 276.8 my biggest weight ever being pregnant but not the most weight gained during a pregnancy. I was about 30lbs over weight when I ended up pregnant again., I. Total I gained 62.8 lbs with baby 7. During my pregnancy my husband had lost his high paying job, was unemployed for 2months durin those two months we were fighting unemployment and eventually won. He had obtained another job that pays 9$ less an hour. Which doesn't pay for all the things that we have to pay, which in turn leads to a shitty credit score( mine went from a 750 to 487) now we are filing for bankruptcy losing two vehicles and almost lost a place to live. It's been a horrible past dew months. So I have no idea when I will be able yo do a mommy makeover or even just a tummy tuck. I have to literally start all over with everything. But I have been looking at a couple of doctors in Huston like Cortez just for a TT and dr. Ciravano( spelling is most likely wrong, he's the body doc) for a MM. He does new techniques with minimum swelling and bruising and he does awesome breast the best I've seen and I've seen a lot. So hopefully soon a better paying job comes up for my husband soon and if it does after retting back on track with finances then I will have my MM. Hut if nothing pans out then I have to wait til 2014 tax season to do a TT then I would gave three separate surgeries instead of just two. But gotta do what I gotta do. Best of luck to all the ladies out there going through surgery!!

Surgery is Paid in and Scheduled!! Salama in Aventura Fl TT then in July 2015 BBL

Well its been awhile since I have posted anything. I have scheduled my TT for January 13th 2015 and I only owe 600 left on the TT. I also will have BBL in July 2015 and I paid my deposit on that of 800 already. I decided to go with Salama because no matter how many PS I have seen I always come back to Dr. Salama's patients. I love how they look after he has is work to them. I will post before pics about a month or so before I go in for the surgery. I am thinking about adding lipo to the outer thigh(saddle bag area) cuz I think that would look better if those were gone cuz I'll have a flat tummy but uneven outer thighs. So far I have lost 15lbs since I had my 7th child she just turned 4months. I have 27lbs more to lose before the surgery at least but I gave myself enough time to do so if I lose more than that's just a cherry on top. As for my BBL I will add inner thigh lipo cuz I hate that my legs touch each other. My husband and I are making a vacation for us and the kids we will take them to Disney world three days before my TT surgery. I hear that the TT is a lot less painful then the C-Section which I believe because with a TT they are not moving around organs and/or cutting into one either, which that is what makes a C-Section painful. The TT is just the "superficial" part which is the corset and then the incision. I am super excited to see the new me because working out and eating right will only get you so far. Lose skin will never go away with exercise that has to be cut off. I have always been athletic and still am, I lose weight lifting and cardio on my treadmill I am working to get back to running a mile in 7mins again. I will get there just takes time and I know that. Well I told my family about the surgeries that I want to have and will have ( TT, BBL, and Breast lift/AUg all separate of course over a course of 1.5yrs). My husband took some time to persuading into understanding why I want these surgeries. The TT is because of loose muscles and loose skin it need to come off and those muscles need to be tighten so that I don't get anymore hernias(" I have 3 open spots where hernias can happen and be severe) ok so he understood that and agreed. I have sagging breast that I happen to lay on when I lay on my stomach that hurts plus I have Cystic breast condition which is very painful so the lift will take most of that out and then the implant will give it the shape because I wont have hardly any breast tissue after the lift and I don't want no to have any boobs. Then the BBL that one is just to have a nice round lifted ass(squats and lunges will only go so far) and I told him he would have fun with that. So now he's on board of course he is worried and scared and praying everything comes out GREAT!!! but the woman who gave birth to me my mom keeps on telling me, " if God wanted you to have all that done to your body he would of made you that way", "and if a man don't like your body then screw him"! I told her, " I am not doing this for any man I am doing this for me, I have tried everything in my power to fix my body working out and eating right only goes so far. As far as God goes I was born with a nice ass body before I had kids, kids ruined it. And if God didn't want people to fix what they don't like then why is there plastic surgeons"! I told her that its no different then someone putting on makeup, buying clothes, or going to the gym to look better. I unfortunaly have to go through surgery to repair and fix my body because I can only do so much, now I need a little help. I also told her if she couldn't be supportive then she needs to shut her F"**king mouth about the situation. I do not need negativity right now or at all so I just need to surround people with positive vibes about this. my dad is really supportive he understands why I am doing this and anything that will help my self esteem he is all for and my two sisters are supportive which is nice. That's all for now ill update again sometime soon.

My wish picador tummy and butt

Sorry damn autocorrect

Sorry damn phone likes to correct me on everything
So up above is wish pics for tummy and butt

Mental struggle/Surgery is coming soon!!!

Just wondering if anyone else has gone through the mental fight with being selfish and too vain.? Also go through with the vanity and selfish conversation with their significant other?? Well my date for my TT is in Jan of 2015 and its right around corner. I fell excited but scared still. Keep on fighting with myself, "Am I being vain?", "Am I being selfish?". I know I do need a tummy tuck there is no doubt about that at all, my muscles need to be repaired badly and the excess skin below needs to be cut off. I justify to myself and husband that I need this TT done no matter what. I also want a BBL and Breasts Aug/Lift. I have to explain to my husband that it needs to be done. I have read a lot of peoples profile's saying that after the TT is done everything else does not match, legs look like they belong to someone else, but either looks nonexistent or too big wide whatever. I know the breast will look bigger than what they do know so after the TT they will look big but they still going to sag! my breast sag a lot and its a lot of skin no roundness as much. My butt has to indents now when before it had not, I believe it due to gravity my butt went south it doesn't sit as high as it once used to. He tells me, " I think if you just workout that you will get your butt to where you want it. You have a nice butt just work it out." Do not get me wrong I do work out 5-6 days a week I do cardio and I do my weights, I can dead lift over 500lbs with my legs, so yea I have no problem working out and I know my butt will get rock hard again, which he didn't not like before. This way I can get a little more volume, round it out and it will giggle instead of being rock hard and tight. What is wrong with that? I also told him my breast will be flat once I stop breast feeding they will look like flat tire with no inner tube.. Anyways, I will post Pre op pics around September I am thinking. I am not where I want to be far as lbs goes but I am still working on it. I will only post Tummy pics no butt or breast at this point but when it gets closer for my July date for the BBL then I will post Butt pics pre op and post.

Surgery in feb with some pre op pics

Here's some pre op pics and. A simulator pic as well . Surgery in feb. Still in process of losing lbs but it's been a hassle with the thyroid disorder right. Ow after having the baby, waiting for hormones to go back to normal. I still work out and lift weights regularly.

Surgery is approaching soon YIKES!

Hello ladies,
I haven't updated in awhile, I didn't want to jinx anything. Surgery is approaching in April of this year for my TT. Things appear to be falling into place as they should for this surgery to happen :) Right now as far what is going to be done is muscle repair, excess skin removal , and should be alipo on the monis pubis area but since I was told 2 different stories on that , I have to wait to actually speak directly to Dr. Salama myself to see if it is included in the TT or not. If its not then I have to pay 500 to get it lipo so that means no room for outter thigh lipo :( I am hoping that it is included so I can add that outter thigh lipo. ive been debating between inner thigh or outter thigh, I thought I would leave the inner thigh for my bbl next year and this year get my saddlebags removed lol. I am still currently battling this weight, I do have a thyroid issue that has been working against me in the weight loss department. I still work out 5-6 days a week plus I walk 2-4 miles a day, every day on top of my gym workout. I was eating clean I thought but apparently I had a lot of soy in my diet which inhibits the thyroid to function properly, so now I am going soy free along with gluten free. i started taking Leptigen about a month ago, it actually has helped lose 10.6lbs, i know its from that cuz i was trying to lose lbs on my own with clean eating and working out 2 hours a day everyday and nothing was making that scale budge! thankful i found Leptigen, it has not been super dramatic for me in the LBS department but it at least helped with 10.6lbs. i am hoping to be down to at least 200 but i do not think its going to get there in time for the surgery. i am currently at 231.6 pounds. I bought some thyroid supplements to help with thyroid issues so i am hoping that helps with not only losing my hair, brittle nails, dry skin, premature aging, etc but also starts to work for weight too. i just finished the T 25 workout 2 weeks ago, i didn't lose any weight from that but from the leptigen i did, but i did lose 5 inches from the workout. so now i am doing the Jillian Michaels dvd, the 1 week challenge , she is hard that's for sure, lol. I workout with that 5 days a week. I cleaned my diet even more no more soy, that should help getting that out of the way. Dr. Salama is the plastic surgeon to do my TT and my BBl(next year) , so i am making this a little vacation for our kids and taking them to Disney World. I am still scared to go under but i think everyone is when it comes to surgery. i just pray and hope that everything goes smooth and well in and out of surgery. So just to update everything, i am 5'8 231.6lbs, current measurements are lower abdomen 41, waist 35, chest 39, hips 47, thigh 25. i had my 7th child 2years ago, so i am still struggling with losing that pregnancy weight, thank you thyroid! anyways, i will update when it gets a little closer. Happy healings to everyone!

Who is Dr. Salama's Anesthesiologist?

can anyone tell me the name of the Anesthesiologist that Dr. Salama uses in his OR room? much needed information and trying to get through to that damn office is like taming a fucking lion with read meat around your neck, IMPOSSIBLE! if anyone knows the name to his Anesthesiologist that would be much appreciated , THANK YOU

Better Before Pics!

So I had taken these yesterday, mainly to see my progress with weightloss and weightlifting. But also to reflect back on when I have my TT to compare before and after.

Forgot a frontal before pic

Here it is, sorry bout that. Don't mind the mess in the background, I was doing laundry yesterday.

Trying to find a place to book for Surgery in April in Aventura FL or near by!

So I have been searching all day for a vacation rental that isn't going to break the bank. I know places fill up quick around Aventura seems to be the capital of surgery over there lol. So I am looking around the area as well, and its gotta fit my family and I. All my kids are girls, so they can bunk together for 12days lol. If anyone has any places that yall know of please let me know. thanks

1 Month 9 days left!!!!

Wanted to update since im getting closer to surgery :) I am nervous of course and scared but also excited. I had gotten all my labs done and sent in to the office, all is good! i had a few dreams about surgery, totally weird. I am very scared, but i know that's a normal feeling to have for any kind of surgery, ya know. I have been working out like crazy 2-3X a day, everyday. i had only lost 10lbs of the 30 i needed to but i still have time. I am still on my thyroid supplements, ill stop those in April( at beginning). i am already off birth control, a head of time just in case. i have been weight lifting more, so my body is getting really toned and stronger :) i am really focusing on building up my strength even more in my legs, cuz i am going to need them. All i have to do is buy the leg massagers and a pillow with arms for sitting up cuz i wont be able to lay down. I have been day dreaming alot about how i will look afterwards, will i be happier? will i be upset? will the outcome be good or bad? i have my wish tummy pics to woman very similar to my before so i am sure that Salama will give me what my body will allow. One of my wish pics is actually a picture of me, my shape from the back side how my back looks and how it helps my sides curve in, that i would like to see in the front. cant wait to see all my hard work finally show through in the front! As soon as that skin comes off, i shall see my abs once again lol. Ill update again when it gets closer much closer. have a great day ladies

Dr Salam's office canceled my surgery

so I get a call today from Salama's office, stating my surgery had to be cancelled because I haven't lost any weight. I guess there are state requirements that for an outpatient surgery they cant conduct surgery on anyone with a bmi of 35% and allegedly mine is at 36%. I told the lady wgo called me that I was not 239 anymore I am 230 which would mean I fall under the 35% bmi . Anyways, she was fucking rude. she's checking with the office manager about seeing if they are charging me another rescheduling fee. I said, since it technically falls under the medical reason then no I should not be charged another fee. She will email me the findings on this. They fucking better not charge me shit for this, when its technically a medical reason why it cant be done. I am upset that they didn't bring this up to me in the first place when I called to reschedule the last time, I told her I still haven't lost the 30lbs she never said anything about it so I proceeded to reschedule. But now I am a month away and all of a sudden its an issue? Really? I told this f**king B**ch that my bmi is at 35% she didn't care cuz that is not what the doctors scale said on the papers.
not sure yet

Actually decided to go with Dr. Salama from Aventura FL. Surgery is in April for a Tummy Tuck and next year is the BBL with him. i have not met him yet but all of his credentials check out and that's IMPORTANT! his work is great as well, but his office staff not so great. They need to get their stuff together soon because when an office seems so out of whack it scares people off. They are representing HIM and they do a horrible job, besides his brother. His brother does an awesome job at getting information to you and professional and courteous. But you don't always get dr. Salama's brother, sometimes you get air headed women that do not know what they are talking about and they like to give out half truths. Like i said, they need to get their shit together! ill update more when i meet Dr. Salama :)

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