Liposuction on Lipedema Legs Spiral Thigh Lift San Antonio TX

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Well here I go! Thanks to several users on Real...

Well here I go! Thanks to several users on Real Self Ive elected to go to San Antonio, TX to have extensive liposuction on my thighs and calves and a spiral thigh lift by Dr Peter Fisher. So far the process has been fairly smooth. His office staff is friendly, just be patient to get your questions answered and your surgery date. I have found out the most from patients on this site and developed wonderful friendships this far! Im flying to TX from CA and have orchestrated my long stay hotel at Homewood Garden Suites, and stating a total of two and a half weeks. I will have help with me the entire time. My preop is in the morning so I will update from there in hopes of helping someone else who is contemplating this procedure or doctor.

I had gastric bypass 17 years ago at the weight of 300. I currently weigh 160ish but no matter what i do i cannot get my bottom half to shrink up. Last year i had a breast lift aug and tummy tuck from a different doctor but searched out Dr Fisher for my legs given his experience. Ill post before and afters of my previous procedures too. Dr Amirshaybani in Modesto, CA did that work!!! Legs are tricky especially with Lipedema type fat. It runs in my family. Well here goes my rs friends......

Day 4 After Leg, Thigh, Calf Liposuction

Ok folks here goes. I had my surgery on Thursday and it's Sunday morning. I cannot say enough about Dr Fisher's expertise and bedside manner, the hospital where I stayed one night and the hospital staff! Bottom line, this is no cake walk! I like to think I have a decent tolerance for pain but this is the most painful thing I've ever gone through. Well worth it I know but yikes! First day I was in bed not to move. Second day I had to get out of bed as I had to go home. They were slow to get me up and let me do it at my own pace and no rushing me out which I loved. I could not stand up straight at all. My calf muscles were so tight and sore I could not stand flat footed. So I discovered walking on tip toes like a ballerina worked for me. Also, you have to get a walker! My family went to Walmart and got me one with wheels and a seat. I am taking hydrocodone 10s every three hours. I have swelling but I dont think it's too bad. My legs are wrapped in ace bandages right now so we will see what Dr Fisher says at my follow up tomorrow. Photos to follow if I can figure out how to add comments to them. Lol

Photos after debulking

First photo shows one leg done. Same with second photo. Third photo is the one I love most. The doctor was holding up my skin in the back to show what my leg will look like after the second procedure. Look, I have an ankle! If you zoom in on the other leg you can see the deflated loose skin. The next pic are my legs wrapped up in ace after surgery. The final pic is part of the fat he removed. There was another container half full. Totaling about 16-17 pounds. He will lipo thighs a little more when we do round two. There you have it! Pics from a doctor who know his stuff when it comes to legs!!

Photo of fat!

Whoops left this one off! Goodbye painful fat!!!

July 26, 2016 update 5 day post op update

Today is 5 days post op and tomorrow ill be traveling back to CA via airplane. I had my post op yesterday and i seem to look like i should. Swelling is normal. Dr Fisher did prescribe some lasix for 30 days and recommended ibuprofin throughout the day as its an inflammitory. I am weaning off Norco and I bet once im settled at home ill be done with it totally. Im watching my salt and drinking mostly all water. My bowels have not come alive yet darn it so im hoping thats today! LOL. Im not really experiencing pain now as much as i am just irritated by the vibration sensation under the garment. I feel like im wearing something very rough on my skin and want it off but ill get used to it. My soreness was more from muscle than anything. My calves felt like i did a million calf lifts. Haha. But a flip flop with a little wedge is great to walk on. Im nervous about traveling tomorrow but once i get home i will have four straight days of elevation. Cant wait to get home!!

One Week Post Op

Wahooo! I am back home and one week out from surgery. Travel home was not bad at all. Wear as much compression as possible when traveling! Im really not taling anything for pain any longer except ibuprofin here and there. Its really not pain at this point as much as it is a bothersome feeling and muscle soreness so i know that part is behind me! The worst spot is swelling above my heel on my left. Putting a cool pack on it really helped ladt night. I totally recommend having a wedge flip flop to walk in. For me, my calve muscles are sore sore when i first get up to walk. Here at home i was 164 prior to surgery and now down to 158. Even though several pounds of fat was removed, fluid fills its place but im feeling that come off daily. Im drinking alot of water, eating low salt and high protein. As much as id love to lay here and let me legs breathe, the compression garmet is a must and does make me feel better. I ordered mine from and am ordering a second one in one size smaller today. Honestly, because this surgery was meant to debulk me, i wasnt expecting to see much difference. I am really happy to see fat pockets gone, my fat cuff gone on my left ankle and just like wow, i may have knees afterall! Lol. Keep in mind at one week out there is still alot of swelling! Today i started taking Arnicare tablets for swelling. I figured it cant hurt.

Compression counts!

Im wearing double compression today because ive had to be on my feet and im telling you, compression is key folks! Its end of day and my legs feel pretty good. Im still shocked by the size!!!! I look goofy when i leave the house but i dont care!! Im wearing MedicalZ leggings in black. I love these best but also like the feel of my new Merina ones in beige. But no stir up so they creep around my ankle and cut in if im swollen so i pulled them down.

Ankle Amazement!

Tomorrow will be four weeks since my surgery. I took this pic tonight after a long evening on my feet, however with compression. Can you tell which pic was before???? I cannot wait to wear a strappy sandle and a short dress! I have never worn anything above my ankle because of the fat cuffs. Literally brings tears to my eyes. Dr Fisher did what my local doctors said couldnt be done!! Anklessss!!!!

40 day Ankle update

I really need to get more pics of my other leg areas but i just am so blown away that i truly have an ankle like a NORMAL person!!!

Dressing Up 3 months later!!!

Most people take certain body parts for granted, big or small. I will NEVER take my calves and ankles for granted that Dr Fisher has blessed me with. Haha. Im not even finished with my legs but i can wear a short dress, no spanx and girdles and even went with no panty hose! I got heels too! Literally, first time ever i walked to an event and didnt feel like people were looking at my huge calves and fatty ankles. Im confident, dont get me wrong, but my bottom half is starting to match my top half!!!!

8 months post lipo

I wore a short skirt for the first time ever!! Im two and a half weeks out from my thigh lift! The lipo procedure has already been life changing. If you are considering ankle calf surgery Dr Peter Fisher is your guy!! Thank you Dr Fisher!
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