I Love my Adjustable Implants and Breast Lift

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At the age of 49 and three kids. I was a B with...

At the age of 49 and three kids. I was a B with what my Dr called "rocks in my socks". I was ready to feel good about myself. I have been working out with a trainer 4 days a week for 8 months. So I was ready for my reward.

I had a breast lift on December 4, 2009 with adjustable implants. After surgery I had 60cc's. Dr did not believe in a lift and full blown implants.

I came home with a pain ball, therefore had no discomfort for the first 4 days. When the pain ball came out, the worst was over.

I waited till Feb 4th, 2010, till my lift healed. I did have a few problems, I had an allergic reaction to some of the stitches, but every time that happened, my Dr. was right there taking care of it.

On February 4th I went back and had more added to my breast, I went up to 280cc's under the muscle. Just enough to stretch my muscle. They looked great but I wanted bigger.

I went back On March 18th and had more added, I am now up to 400 and 440cc's.

I absolutely love them, they are swollen and will go down in time.

I will go back on May 4th to do any final adjustments and remove my ports.

Yes, I have had to be very patient, but it was all worth it, they look natural and amazing. Because I know exactly what I will be when I am done. No wishing I was smaller or larger.

The whole staff was amazing, never ran late. They now feel like family.

I would HIGHLY recommend my Doctor and his Staff. I honestly believe he is one of the BEST in the NATION.

Picture's are right after my second adjustment. They are swollen and high.

San Antonio Plastic Surgeon

He cares about the patient (me). To him his procedure is like a painting is to a Painter. He takes pride in what he does. His staff are all amazing. My favorite being Sylvia. He is fun and easy to talk to you~~ The fact that he does adjustable implants also says it all. Don't wish on a size you should have been..Be the size you want..

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