Smart Lipo and Vibro Lipo - Upper/lower Abs and Flanks - San Antonio, TX

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Having smart and vibro lipo done tomorrow. I am...

Having smart and vibro lipo done tomorrow. I am 38, 133 lbs, with three kids - so I have the muffin top and flabby lower abs.

I am a bit nervous but not for the procedure.. mainly because I am not sure how much the prescribed drugs I received will help manage the pain. I know it is not a pain free procedure and that the medication is to only ease the discomfort, but still nervous. If anyone can provide some thoughts on how they felt without going under that would be fantastic.

I am also nervous about the recovery timeframe and scars. I like others do not want others to know we had some work done so I am hoping they heal and fade quickly.

Did anyone use arnica cream or mederma on their scars after the incisions closed?

I will post before/after pictures over the next few days!

Day of Surgery I had my smart lipo and vibro...

Day of Surgery

I had my smart lipo and vibro lipo combo surgery for my upper/lower abs and flanks yesterday 2/23/11. My doctor prescribed xanax, hydrocodone and an antinausea medicine to be taken at 3,2,1 hours before surgery respectively. I was very loopy and my nervousness went right away. They first began by cleaning my entire tummy and flanks. Then came the lidocain mixture. I didn't even really feel the lidocain going in. Just a few light pricks. The doctor then performed the smart lipo on my lower abs because there was more fat and the vibro on my upper abs and flanks to provide more sculpting. I would say that the procedure was wierd as you feel the tugging but was not that uncomfortable. I did have a few moments of more discomfort near my rib area.

I do admit that I laughed a few times because the vibro (or tickle) lipo does vibrate and when he was around my flanks I laughed. Odd I know.. but true.

I am draining but not excessively. I found that the thin maxi pads or pantiliners held with tape are easier and more absorbent than the medical pads they gave me.

I was pretty out of it most of the day and slept all night. I did have help changing my dressing late at night (which I recommend as you are still dizzy and not very coherent).

Day 2 Post OP:

I woke up very sore, swollen and bruised. I did take arnica a few days before and have started bromelain as well to help with the swelling and bruising. I am 3 lbs heavier than before the surgery.
As others have said it really feels like you have done a very difficult work out..or perhaps the feeling as if you go skiing or do something strenuous and all those muscles being uses are not in shape to do it.

My biggest issue is that bending over is a bit difficult. The compression garment does not feel good to me and I bought some high spanx (goes up to the bottom of my breast) to be more comfortable.

My drainage is very minimal today and have switched a few of the incisions to the larger flexible bandaids. I would suggest getting some of these. I also bought arnica cream and have been putting them on the bruises. I am already seeing a difference by doing this.

I will get my before pix that I took as well as some post op pix out soon when I can bend my body enough to do it.

In all I am glad I did it...even though I am bloated I can see a bit more sculpting in my ab area and will look forward to how I will look in a 6 weeks. 

Week 8 Update - All my incisions have healed and...

Week 8 Update - All my incisions have healed and scars are starting to fade. My right flank incision still itches a bit and is has been the last one to heal. My flank areas still are slightly swollen.

I have not lost weight and clothes are starting to feel better. I think I will be one of the people who will notice the big changes at 12+ weeks. I did attached a photo so you can see for yourself.

I have been going to get massage therapy for my abdomen and flanks for 3 weeks now it really makes a huge difference in taking out the lumps and indentations. It does not feel great (like a normal massage would) but it has really helped with the healing. Two sessions were included in my Smart Lipo procedures.

I have started back into my work out routine and noticed that of course the abdomen work outs are a bit harder.

I will post again at 12 weeks.

12 week update. Finally starting to notice some...

12 week update. Finally starting to notice some differences and tightening. I have noticed more of a difference in my clothes fitting better but my weight has been still fluctuating +or- 3 lbs a month.

I am still treating my scars. Need to get a scar fader as Mederma is not helping right now. The one scar on front right of my belly button is the most noticable and it right on the waist line so sometimes clothes dig into it.

Lumpiness and indentations are very minimal due to the massages I have been getting regularly. I am going to check into Smooth Shapes cellulite as well to see if that will help.
I have posted some updated pictures.
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