49 Year Trying to Decide on Getting a BA - San Antonio, TX

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I have been on line and researching the BA...

I have been on line and researching the BA procedures. I have never been happy with my breast and since having three children they did not stay. I have my first consultation next Wed and have a list full of questions. I'm not sure if saline is best or silicone. If I have to get them replaced after 10 years or not. If I'm going to be in massive pain or not but most importantly a reputable Doctor that is able to perform a great surgery. I live in San Antonio TX so if anyone has any info or recommendations on doctors please let me know. All advise an info is definitely welcomed.
Thank you

1st Consultation

I had my first consultation with Dr. Hiers and she was awesome. I have another consultation with Dr Lawton tomorrow. Although Dr. Hiers was my first she truly was warm and had answered all my questions before I could even ask. Her staff were the nicest ladies ever. So leaning towards her. She's very pleasant and most importantly, she listens and helps you make a decision based on what will work with your body proportions.


Today was an awesome consultation visit. I meet again with Dr. Lawton and I must say that if you went to him and first impression was a blunt, upfront, rushed personality, I'd advise you to go back. He is a very nice man and is passionate about his work. I was nervous the dirt time I meet with him because my personality is happy, cheerie and he did not come across warm. The first visit I knew he was good at what he did just from him explaining and the reviews and reviews of his work. This second visit I opened up. showed him pictures and ran down the whole list of questions etc. He took the time and listened and really was a kind man.
I just chalked it up that he had a bad day the first visit, as we are human and it happens. He truly cares and doesn't try to put you in something you don't want.
I settled on 360cc saline with a Dec 15 date.????????????????

Coffee intake

I have a dumb question, so I apologize upfront. I had my BA a week ago and I normally have one cup of coffee each morning. I've stopped the Valium and Hydrocodone as the pain is not bad and I don't like taking them if not needed. So I'm just taking antibiotics so is it okay to go back to my one cup of coffee a day?


I feel so silly, I just figured out how to input and add pictures. Had my BA 8 Dec. will post pics from day with bandages and one day post op. I think I may have one from day two but there wasn't much of a change.

No regrets ;-)

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