My Journey 31YO for Tummy Tuck, Vaser Lipo, Breast Aug & Under Eye Surgery in Sukhumvit Thailand

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Hi all. Well I've finally decided to make the...

Hi all.

Well I've finally decided to make the plunge. After years of waiting and life taking over I've finally decided to set all aside and go for the Mommy Makeover. Reading up on other reviews I thought it was quite helpful of others that have documented their journey so I thought I'd do the same.
I'm a 32 yo kiwi mother of 2 living in Australia. I have waited 10 years after having 2 islander children (the 1st was small so minimal damage but with a 10lb 11oz baby no 2... she definitely left a mark)
No amount of exercise can restore my sagging b cup breasts and tummy (altho I must admit my exercise regime has slipped of late so the love handles have joined the party)
Also I am over everyone thinking I'm tired or unwell with my baggy under eyes.
So I thought a Mummy Makeover would do the trip. I'm still in plan mode right now so not everything is set in stone.
Im not sure blepharoplasty vs Restylane filler. It's hard to tell as there are many 50/50 reviews about both procedures) as well as Thread Lift and Botox.

I know I'm possibly going overboard but my Drs I've been consulting with via Destination Beauty Virtual Consultations and Dr Bhumsak has tenatively advised for and against various things I enquired about getting done. Which are:

Lower Eye Blepharoplasty - May just go for fillers as Dr suggested I may not need them. We shall See.
Mini Tummy Tuck (or possibly Full) (TBC)
Vaser Lipo of 5 areas (Stomach, Love Handles, Inner & Outer Thighs) (This was before I asked for a Tummy Tuck so we'll see what is needed)
Breast Augmentation (over 400cc) Again we'll see what the dr says at our consultation.

All up this works out to $19600 which from others reviews is a lot more than other paid so we shall see how much the damage is (and hopefully not physically) after face-to-face consult in Thailand.
I'm also going to book in for a free consultation with a local hospital so I have a bit more information.
I know the date is only another 2 months, and I have a lot more research and consulting to do, but I'm feeling fairly confidant and realistic about what's ahead.

Again this is all pre planning stuff so any helpful tips, advice etc would be much appreciated. (Checklists, To Dos/Donts pre/post op)

Day 1 Post Op

Sorry all I have been crazy busy since my 1st post so have a lot to tell.
I started writing up my review yesterday when I was about to go in for Surgery but didn't press enter and was carted into surgery before I knew which way was up. So I'm going to go backwards in time. so you don't miss out on all the good stuff. I apologise for it being a bit all over the place in advance :)

After this post, I basically got into planning mode.
I spent hours, days even, trolling the net, looking up information about what to bring to Bangkok, what restrictions there were with customs, the processes for surgery and which surgeries would be best for me, which medications to take over, what bindings I should get, a massive to do list, and shopping lsit. ANd I tell ya know. A lot of it wasn't really necessary.

BASICALLY you don't need to worry. Pack some loose clothes, your personals and some Thai Baht for the Taxi Fare. Everything else you can get from MBK or a local drug store anywhere.
I bought antibiotics, anti-anxiety, and sleeping pills which wasn't really necessary. When you go to the Green Pharmacies in Bangkok they have everything here for SOOOO cheap!
Maternity belts, gauze, they even sell Valium over the counter if you are so inclined. But consult with your doctor first of course. I bought over a Thai power adapter for $25 from Dick Smiths and could have got one for 80Baht = 25c.. So save your money. THey have everything you need here. I additionally bought Milk of Magnesia, Eye Cream, Face Cream (for $5 normally $80) AntiBacterial Soap for before surgery (remember to wash before going in for surgery and this soap is the best to get Anti-bacterial Soap Extra. I can't remember what mine is but as long as it is a strong one then you'll be good) I also bought Cough lozenges, extra pain killers and antibiotics all for less than $30AUD.

Same goes with at the airport. (I got off at Suvarnabhumi Airport) When you get past customs, you'll be on level 4. You will see a lot of drivers calling out asking if you want a taxi. Do not go with them. Go downstairs to Level 2 and you will see the sign showing Public Taxis. Go out to the booths with ladies sitting there and tell them where you want to go. The first taxi driver in the line will take you to his car and will have his meter running. My hotel offered an airport shuttle for $1400 Baht. My taxi only cost me $285Baht including tolls. So go for a taxi. NB: they do add an extra 50Baht for the airport pickup fee. This is normal and barely anything so don't be upset with it added on. A good note as well. Try and speak Thai as much as possible. I've been using the phrase book from Triposo Bangkok. App (on iOS & Android) It works without Wifi/3G and has all the phrases you need to get the message across, as well as maps, guides etc.
I use Hello, How are you, Excuse Me, Thank you and Goodbye, yes and no all the time. Memorise them cos those little words go a long way. When talking (well trying to talk) Thai they are so friendly and give you great discounts on things.They will walk thru fire for you if you try to talk to them in Thai.

In regards to Exchanging Money. Do it in Thailand. You will get so much more over here than from within your own Country. The best place to go is on Level 1 of the Airport the Exchange across from subway and on the ramp from the airport train line. If going to one within Bangkok, Superrich will normally beat any other bank for money exchanges so if you have a lot to change, then you will make a huge savings. There is a super rich at Asok BTS Station. Or you can check out the following website to compare rates.

For Mobiles and Data. Get True Move Sims from any Seven 11 Store which are everywhere and make sure they give you the right size. They cost about 299Baht and you need to get onto free Wifi to add extra packages for Data and Calling. Or you can buy a True Move Money card to topup so you can add on the relevant wifi/data/call packages. There is a 7/11 on Level 1 of the airport which I belive you can get sims from there. Otherwise, I would suggest going into a TrueMove shop which are in Terminal 21, MBK and other areas, but you would have to google them. At truemove you can top up with the machine using cash, and ask the staff to help you activate the appropriate package. It took me forever but in the end you just ring a certain no for example #*19455# which will setup your plan. The no is diff for each plan so don't copy this example.
I didn't know this tho so got someone to help me. It is really simple but I had to be shown as the instructions for English were limited.

Another rule, is always smile. IT is disrepectful to show your negative emotions so even if you feel like crying. Smile. IT makes a huge difference. Never do or say anything bad about their King. It is definitely frowned upon. so things like stepping on coins which has the kings image on it is frowned upon and bad form.

In regards to the company I went through I went through Destination Beauty. They have been great in helping me get sorted for Surgery. Altho as I did not stay at their accommodation and went to my own with my brother, I have to get my own way to the hospital and back as well as airport. Which was actually a lot better but then again I do kinda wish I had gone with them, cos it is good to talk to other patients about their experiences and not have to worry about Taxis after I check out of hospital. My brother leaves on Monday so I'm going to be all alone, so I will ask the DB rep Prao if she can set me up at their hotel for me.
The bonus with being separate is I get to see the real Bangkok because we are staying in Sukhumvit Soi 15 which has a lot of cool restaurants and bars around. Soi 11 has definintely got a lot to do, we are there pretty much everyday and the mall on the corner, Terminal 21 is amazing. The other great benefit is we are only a tuk tuk ride to this mall which is attached to the BTS Asok Station (The Skytrain) which is the best way to get around Bangkok. Pay for your ticket, jump on the right train and all signs are in english and thai so you know which stop to get off at. I love catching the BTS even tho I was scared at first. Don't bother with Taxis unless it is out of the way. The taxi drivers will yell out to you on every corner asking if you want a ride, but they are polite about it. Just smile and say Mai Chai (meaning no). NB: If you are going to catch a taxi make sure it is one that is moving and isn't parked on the side of the street,. Also always make sure they have the meter running. If not, ask to get out and don;t bother with them. It might sound cheaper to get the ticket at 100Baht but I guarantee you if you use the meter it would only cost you 50Baht. Another great alternative is to use the Motorbike taxis. Pay them 20Baht once you reach your destination and you will have some fun on the way. The roads in Bangkok are crazy but they are actually pretty polite with pedestrians, even tho it may seem not to be so.

I'm a smoker but only with Nicotine refillable E-Cig Vaporizers. I know with surgery you have to cut nicotine completely, which I haven't managed to do, but at least I'm not ingesting tar, carbon monoxide etc (Excuses excuses I know) Anyway I read up that it was okay to bring them into Bangkok Customs. SO I have a few of them on me. However the markets sell them in abundance for next to nothing, so if you are a smoker going to Bangkok for surgery there is always the option of a vaporizer if like me the habit is to hard for you to shake. ALTHO... I'm not a doctor so you;re best bet is to cut nicotine completely cos you need to be able to heal quickly and nicotine reduces the amount of blood to your outer skin.

I went for my assessment on Tuesday, and was supposed to go in for surgery on Tues, however I lost my eftpos card near an ATM in Bangkok. What a drama that became! I quickly ordered an emergency master card, but it would not arrive until the Tues afternoon. So I had the assessment Tues, got back to the hotel, waited for the Card to arrive, then spent 6 hours trying to sort payment with Destination Beauty, only to find that I could only use it for Eftpos. ATM and Online payments did not work. As well as some dramas between Commbank and Mastercard, blocking my new card and other things. But in keeping positive I got it sorted and I was able to pay for the surgery the next day via Eftpos.
I went with Dr Bhumsak and he was great. He told me exactly what I should do and when I asked for other things, he suggested against it, because it would not be safe, or look right. So I fully trust in him. Originallly I wanted to get 550cc breasts but in the end, measuring my breasts he recommended 355c moderate plus silicone subglandular. Mostly because my upper chest is quite thick and my skin is thick to so I would be better off with subglandular over submuscular. I've also had a mini tummy tuck and 5 areas of VASER lipo as well as under my eyes done. I In total all my work cost me 551000Baht which worked out to $19k AUD. It would have been less if I had not been so lazy leading up to my departure date. If I had remained under 80kg it would have been about $500AUD cheaper but ah well. C'est la vie! I got there in the end.

I got wheeled into the OR, had a few tests done, and then given the anaesthesia thinking this isn't going to work and laughin in my head. The room was very cold which is always the case apparently, and when I started to get nervous, I just said a few prayers in my head, to calm me down and saying thank you for getting me to where I wanted to be for so long. My surgery was over 6 hours with 2 surgeons working on me plus Dr Bhumsaks medical team. There were no complications. I came to in the Recovery Room not realising that nearly 7 hours had passed. I was disorientated and sore and finally clicked that the surgery had been done. I was amazed. Going from having a mask over my face to waking in a bed with a nurse asking me if I'm okay. It kind of felt like a dream. I felt like I couldnt breath at one point and started to cry softly but only because of coming off the drugs I think not from anything else.

So right now I'm lying in the luxury hospital room. I came out of surgery 26 hours ago and altho I'm feeling painful, I did expect to feel much worse. My breasts feel like rock melons, and I'm bruised everywhere and can barely move, because I got Vaser Lipo there is more fluid to leak out cos it's all melted fat so there's been a fair bit of leakages onto my bed. It hurts to roll over so when the nurses come to clean me it can feel like a bit of a task. They give me sponge baths morning and night and check on me every hour to give me my meds, check my blood pressure and help me with anything I'm needing. I can't wash until Sat (today is Thu) to allow the wounds to heal over. So sponge baths for me til then. Then I should be able to check out. My package covers me for 3 nights (poss 4 if needed as I did have quite a bit done)

The hospital room is so comfortable here at Samitivej Sukhumvit Hospital I cannot complain at all. I have my own massive room, with kitchenette, dining area, leather lounger, flat screen wall mounted TV which has internet, tv, and radio running on it with compatible keyboard and remote. .They give you an ipod which controls the lights, air con and curtains, the toilet seats are heated, and is a bidet. It's just so flash and comfy I honestly don't want to leave :P
The staff at the hospital are lovely, and very caring. I've been relying on them a lot to get better and they always help with a smile. There was one lady whom seemed pretty rude at first, but after talking to her in Thai and smiling my new tits off she is so warm towards me hehe so remember Smile no matter what and talk Thai and they will provide the best service for you.

I think I've covered most things. Now I'm stuck in bed I'll keep you updated on my progress. It's only been Day 1 Post Op so wish me luck! I hear Day 3 or 4 tend to be the worst. Lets hope not but if so I'm ready :) Once I'm able to stand I will add my photos on here for you :)

Ciao for now ;D

Day 3

Well I've been in bed now for 3 days in the hospital. My package actually covers me for 5 nights but I'm now able to move about more freely and am ready to go back to my hotel. If my brother wasn't going to leave on the 14th I would probably stay on because the hospital room is perfect and comfortable, but since I barely get to see him I'm going to go back to the hotel and relax with him and his partner there. The 1st day after surgery was very sore and I could barely move. I did have a lot of fluid come out all over the bed but the nurses cleaned me up and the dr explained it was all normal. He redressed my wounds and all are clean and clear. My stitches are clean and look almost like they are ready to come off. So I'm happy about that.

I'm currently sitting here packed and ready to head out. Just waiting on discharge nurse to redress the stitches, put on waterproof band for my stomach and other parts, and then I'll have my shower and head back to the hotel.
The only pain now is a couple of pulls from the odd stitch but I can pull myself with my arms now which was impossible before, and I can walk about. It's only really sore when I bump any bruises from the lipo. Funnily enough I feel no pain from the tummy tuck and that's the most invasive operation I had done. This surgery has been a breeze I feel and I'm so happy I did it. My eyes are still slightly puffy and bruised but nothing that is dramatic or to be concerned with. I like the look of them more and more as they heal and can't wait to be fully healed to appreciate the improvements that have been made. My breasts, I'm glad I went with the docs recommendations. I did want larger but if I had then I could end up tampering with gravity, with nipples pointing south, and saggy skin eventually so yea. Can't wait to get fitted for my new bra and see what size I actually am. Fingers crossed they are Ds like the Dr said they were. I'm wider and taller than most girls so to me they look little. A bit of exercise will make em look larger I'm sure.

Day 4

Eek I've been a little naughty. My brother's last day here so went to Weekend Markets with him. Now I'm all swollen cos of heat and maybe too much salt in the diet. So skulling back the water and doing light Lymphatic Drain Massage (LMD) altho I'm not sure if should do now or give it time tbh. I now know with Lipo (after the fact) that swelling is common and major swelling goes between 3-4 weeks and don't see end results until after 6 months. At first I started freaking out cos some parts were really tight and numb and others loose (from edema I think) however after some reading I know what is going on and am now happy again. Serves me right for not reading up more on Lipo after effects. I was so wrapped up in looking up Tummy Tuck, Breasts and Eyes I neglected that part of my research.. So will continue to rest up for rest of the week and hope like crazy my weekend shopping spree didn't cause too much harm. My stitches don't cause any discomfort only the swelling so I'm believing like crazy that all is well and I just have to rest rest rest. My appt is in 2 more sleeps so will keep ya all posted :) FYI my eyes have nearly stopped swelling and I'm loving the results. Soooo happy I did my eyes in the end. Just that little change has given me the biggest confidence boost. Yay!

Drs Check

NB: This was from lastnight but internet was slow so would not save.

Finally it has come. My 2nd checkup. I was supposed to have a Day 3 PO Checkup however Dr wasn't available so have had to postpone til Day 7. As this means no showers or tampering with bandages til then I am definitely excited to get the check over with, hopefully pass with flying colors and be able to have a shower. I am definitely over towelling myself and shower wipes. I'm now flying solo at the hotel across from last weeks. My brother and his partner have gone back to NZ so I face Bangkok as a SIM (Strong Independent Woman... or you could even say Superbly insane woman) however you look at it. However even tho Bangkok can be a bit much I've come here at the perfect time. It's rainy season aka Off Peak Season so all the Sales are on due to less tourists. Everything is far cheaper (due to Rain Season Sales), there are avail taxis everywhere and the rain actually helps cool the place down a tad. So if you are like me and would prefer not to have to wade through crowds while recovering from surgery, head to Bangkok in July/Aug. Anyway I digress. I'm staying at Dream Hotel Bangkok which is friggin amazing. Got me a king size suite on Level 3 (same floor as the massage/spa clinic, so is very convenient) Level 2 is the restaurant with free buffet breaky so I'm one happy chappy, it's safe, it's central, all the taxi drivers know where it is, the bed feels like you're lying a floating cloud and most importantly it's very clean. The only down side is there is no kitchenette / washing machine which is what I wanted originally, however it has a minibar which I've stocked up with my own fruits, drinks etc, the hotel is so close to the supermarket (Robinsons), Terminal 21 (with Free HOtel tuktuk when you want) and I've found the best laundry service on Sukhumvit soi 13 ( offering B60 per kilo) as the hotel laundry costs are just monstrous. I received 2 compression garments from the Hospital in the end (paid extra B5160 for extra garment + bra which is far better than Ebay in Oz) and I need to clean the spare, so launderette will be my 2nd destination tomorrow following my Drs appt. The massage place here at the hotel is great, however at hotel rates, so I'm going to Urban Retreat Spa which is by Terminal 21/BTS Asok station and they specialise in LDM for reasonable price so that's probably my 3rd destination tomorrow while I wait for my laundry.

In regards to my recovery things are tracking on well. The swelling is still there but noticeably improved. I apologise for my bad photo in the mirror. It's an awkward position. So will get dr to take photo of me in the buff like my before photo so you can see differences and my hideously deformed swelled up monster legs :P. I'm still numb and swollen and as black as Beth Heke after Boys Night (sorry Kiwi joke) but the pain is dropping now. Either I'm getting used to the pain or like most people, as its nearly day 7 it means reduction in bruising. My ankles continue to swell now and then (mostly when hot), however I read up that light walks help with circulation so am getting around a bit more. Went out today to do a few light errands, and have noticed a huge difference with less swelling and pain. My 3 hour massage today may also have been a factor. :P

I will post up before and after pics of my eyes tomorrow. Not best lighting right now. Ciao for now :)

Post Drs Check

Drs check done. All the stiches are out and everything looks good. I did sleep

on my side so my right breasts is very swollen and numb now. I can't wait to be

able to have a proper sleep on my side. I'm not a big fan of sleeping on my back

especially since the swelling is making my feet and ankes swell up which is

making my heels very sore and lying on my back all night means I wake up with

aching heels. Anyways. So yea all the stitches are out however I stil have to

wear bandages on my tummy scar as well as under breasts so I can have a quick

shower but must avoid getting the wound wet for too long. Funnily I couldn't get

to sleep last night as I could not wait to see the dr, and then ended up

sleeping in. Got a taxi whom thought I was going to the other Samitivej hospital

so I ended up being late. Luckily taxis are really cheap so it only cost me B100

which I would have paid if he'd taken me right way anyway. I like to attract

good karma so yea. Its only an extra 40 Baht more so it just ended up being a

nice tour of the city :P
So yes, all is tracking well. Found the laundrette okay, altho was a fair way

down Soi 13 and was down the stairs not the driveway to basement as per their

website. Very cheap 75Baht for 1kg washing which incl Service Charge of B15. And

my LDM is booked for Urban Retreat Spa at 2.30pm. Now is time to rest up.

Here are some proper after photos. As you can see my right breast is very

swollen so that is why one looks bigger than the other. This wasn't the case

yesterday so just ignore. the left breast is the actual sizes of both. The dr

has recommended some massages for breasts, to keep CG on for 1 month and avoid

pools and baths for a month as well. And he approved massages, and suggested

using Lavender Oil (or Rosemary altho Lav is better) and have light massaging

done. So Swedish massage is okay as well.

As you can see by my eyes, there is a huge improvement. I am so glad I did the

under eyes. I wasn't going to at first but Its the best thing I could've done.

Over the moon :)

And yes my legs are still all lumpy and swollen but doc said this should only be

for about another month. It's all normal and looks good to him. Phew!!!

FYI that was this morning. Urban Retreat Spa is awesome!!! Very lovely and she was gentle on my bruised legs. Am going to try Art of Massage tomorrow. They are attached to Tops Market/Robinsons and are a lot cheaper.

More After Pics from Drs Check

NB: Right breast more swollen cos I lay on my side all night but they are actually same size :P

Swelling going down

As you can see the breasts are starting to slowly settle. One of left (my right is still quite high) so continuing the massages which are really helping. Also I slept on the other side last night to even them out which worked so they are still work in progress.
My tummy still very swollen as well as legs but getting better.

I apologise in advance about my posts. It's more of a journal not only about my surgeries but my experience in Bangkok so bear with.

Had a great massage at Art of Massage (Aroma 60mins for 600Baht) however the mattress was on the floor and there was a baby cockroach at end of bed when I walked in. Needless to say I couldn't relax at all. Lady was good tho and I feel well. However. I think I'll just stick to the massages at Urban Retreat Spa by BTS Asok.

Getting my hair done shortly. One on Soi 19. Reasonable prices and cheaper than the one I had booked couple doors down.

Got my laundry sorted nice and easy. Found a shortcut from soi15 to soi13 and laundrette is right there so was a quick 5min walk which suited me fine. Thankful that I bought a cheap umbrella from street market down the road cos it's either raining (barely) or really sunny so yea, an umbrella is definitely a must for Thailand esp after surgery.

Not much else to report. I found the photos of a couple months back when I was working out regularly. As you can see my breasts shrivelled to next to nothing so even tho I wish my new breasts were larger, it is a vast improvement. And yea. If I had got to big it would not have sat right on me. Either would have had a band across it distorting the silicone or they would have hung to low, and thinking of the longterm, I would not like to have hangy down breasts. So I'm pretty content with the size. Still decent 2 hand size, and once they settle down should look great in a bikini :)

Salon Day

Went to MBK. managed to get my s3 LCD screen fixed. Was quoted $250 in Oz. Only paid $60 AUD so I'm stoked. Went a tad overboard with shopping but still huge savings over Oz.
Also went a tad overboard with Salon. Had head massage, mani, pedi, foot scrub, hair treatment, and huge bottle of hair treatment/toner product. All up paid $260 AUD so still happy. Tomorrow will get another massage, and just chill out after that. Looking forward to go home. Bangkok is great don't get me wrong and I have barely tickled what is out there but yea. I am looking forward to not being alone anymore. Got me a dinner voucher from so got a night out planned for Sat.

Right now I'm Wishing I hadn't bought over a suitcase, and just bought everything here (incl Suitcase). Ah well. Time now to riffle through my suitcase and ditch some old stuff I won't need. Or pay the extra for extra baggage. We shall see. Glad I bought over my digital luggage scales.

Back in Australia

So I've been back now for 6 days from Bangkok.
Flew out from Bangkok on Sunday 20th July 2014 at midnight and landed Monday 21st July midday. I was a little worried about the flight back vs my implants, however this was not an issue at all. The only issue was not enough leg room which didn't help my bruised legs at all, but I wore my CG as well as compression socks, and was pretty comfortable. Also I wore an Aah bra over my hospital issued bra which gave me piece of mind, and helped with swelling.

I had to go back to work on Wed which was a true test to my swelling debacle! Moving my ankles around has helped and drinking plenty of water I've found is a must. This has made me need to go to the toilet a lot more however it has helped with flushing and reducing swelling/bloating and also promotes me getting outta my chair regularly (I work in an office all day).

As of today, my incision areas are all healing really well. My eyes are fully healed and I'm very happy with the results. The bruising in my legs and abs are slowly subsiding, however the numbness and swelling is still there and still causing a fair bit of pain, but is not too bad. It's to be expected at this time. So I'm taking it easy, not moving around too quickly. I also bought myself a Revitive Circulation Booster from EBay which is definitely helping.
The other night I got cramp in the tops of my feet, so I gave myself a gentle massage, which caused massive bruising around my feet and ankles. May not have helped that I hadn't consumed enough water that day OOPS! That was a once off-er tho and the circulation machine has gotten rid of that issue, so I'm looking forward to using it at the office. Particularly since my stomach was bloated and sore after work (that time of the month doesn't help). So I'm facing the fact that I'm trying to do too much and finally taking it easy.

Another issue is that I have a sharp pain under my right breast close to the scar that shoots under my armpit. It happens I notice when my breast is hanging loosely. I believe this to be an issue with a nerve as when I hold my breast up it does not hurt at all. So I've changed my bra to hold up my breast better and now am able to move my right arm freely without pain/discomfort. I will continue my massages and use the circulator to help with this issue as well.

So a few things have gone on but with some online researching I see this is all part of the healing process. Happy with the way things are looking, particularly as the swelling slowly goes. The arnica cream is definitely helping with bruising as well so all in all I'm stoked with the results, and just excited to be back to full strength... hopefully asap. Little over being invalid but I'm not gonna stress about it.

Very late Update ????

Well sorry all for my lateness but life got in the way.

It is now 1 year and 3 months since my Extreme Mommy Makeover and sadly I don't have a lot of praise for Dest Beauty. Although I highly recommend the doctors at Sukhumvit hospital.
My issue lies n how differently they seemed to treat me after I Paid the money. Complete contrast from over helpful to don't care about any complaints. U get what ur given.
I asked Prao repeatedly regarding my Tummy Tuck still protruding after 6 months and was told it was still swollen and healing. No it wasn't. I asked again @ 8 & 10 months and then gave up.
My tummy is not smooth as expected and although tighter it's a big issue even more than before surgery.

My breasts I'm happy with although I wish I had asked for an internal stitch with skin glue. but yea nah I'm actually in love with my boobs!!!

Lipo..... DONT DO IT!!!! It can misshape ur legs and it is sooooooo painful and recovery is forever. If you want to do lipo I can show u a far cheaper option! I did lipo and within 3 months the fat was back even tho I was eating healthy but I couldn't continue my workouts. Thankfully my friend got me on a program and i lost 15 kg and have kept it off. Omg I could've saved sooooooooo much money had I done the program instead of lipo! Id be driving my dream car the amount I paid for lipo! But ah well. Live and learn I guess!

My eyes I love! So glad I sorted the bags under my eyes. No longer an irritation for me.

Now to sort out my tummy ????

I say you're best to just get your breasts done and see someone yoU trust in Oz. Dr Bhumsak was good although idk I felt a little rushed and he didn't really want to hear anything I wanted cos he knew better. Which yes I agree but yeah it felt very much like... Thank u for ur money now please just smile and go. Dr Bhumsak I must say was a true expert and very clean and professional but I sensed idk something about him that did not for me instil comfort. I've heard Dr Pitchit is awesome as everyone loves him.

DB and Prao I must say go elsewhere. Altho lovely at first if you voice your concerns, complain or gosh forbid request a surgery correction or refund you will only be fighting an uphill battle.

Main word of advice..... Research research research.... These establishments will be there forever so don't rush and jump intO it. Research til you think you've done too much and then start talking to other patients associated with who you wish to go with.

Attached is my before and after photo for my 30 day cleanse. How sad that Before Photo is 3 months after Lipo eeek!!!
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