Breast Reduction in Bangkok Thailand

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Hello and thank you to everyone for posting their...

Hello and thank you to everyone for posting their stories. I am booked to have Breast Reduction on 21.06.2015 with Dr Montien in Bangkok through a medical Travel Company based in Australia. This site has been a wealth of information and instrumental in my decision to finally commit to the operation I have desired for over 20 years. I am a size 14 F and have always had huge breasts. With each child , I went up a size after breastfeeding for 18 months then 21 months respectively.
I suffer from chronic neck and shoulder pain after being hit by a car on my bicycle at the age of 19.
I take daily medication for this and I loathe taking it. I hope that after surgery I will feel some relief and not have to take medication anymore on a daily basis.

Before pics- Scary!

Almost 5 weeks away from the operation. I have just had a mammogram and ultrasound here in Australia and am all clear. My mother had early Breast dance run her 40's so I have had them every year as a preventative measure since my early 30's. It feels a little real now after researching and thinking about this as a concept. I am really grateful to all who have posted their experiences on here.

Post surgery day 4

Surgery went well I am 4 days out and have had minimal pain. Much less than I expected. I spent 2 nights in hospital and was offered pethadeine very 3 hours which I gladly accepted the first day and night but then had it only twice the second day. The dr was wonderful he marked and measured me thoroughly with tape measure and ruler he spent considerable time doing this at least 45 minutes. The next day I had surgery and prior to surgery he came and marked me again . He took another half an hour doing so and I felt comfortable that he was really considering the size I had requested . (C) I was transferred to the hospital each time from my hotel both for surgery and any post & pre op consultations & reviews. I paid around $450 for a 10 day care package from the company I booked surgery through , which ment I was met at my hotel and accompanied to all hospital consultations which assisted greatly with communication regarding filling out forms etc. Dr Montien was kind friendly and very easy to talk to. I found him to be very professional and wouldn't hesitate to recommend him. The beautiful girl who came for ten days to help me change my dressings after release, assisted me with my hair , purchasing 2nd hand books to read, showing me around where I could do laundry , the supermarket , train stations, shopping malls and generally just give me emotional support was a blessing and she made the whole experience so easy for me. I had a review day 3 and Dr was pleased with the results, I will be transported to the hospital see him on day 6 for another review. I'm now on panadeine forte and antibiotics. The entire 2 days in hospital I was on a drip Iv antibiotics. The nurses explained every thing they were doing each time they did something. I felt included in the process. The hospital was very clean and hygrometer standards very high. Perhaps more so than I have observed in Australian hospitals!
I'll update more in the coming days .

One week

I am feeling great & I am no longer taking painkillers at all. I saw the Dr again today and he will see me in one weeks time before I depart for home. He took 600g from my left Breast & 550 g from the right. I am no longer taking painkillers at all. Prior to surgery I was taking them for my neck & shoulder pain. I am beyond happy so far with my results . Aom (my patient carer) has been an amazing highlight of my trip. Such a beautiful person inside & out. Even though I probably don't need her help each day anymore , I look forward to her visit because I enjoy her company so much. I am blown away by the post care 3 consults with Dr Montien, always on time. I would not hesitate to recommend International Rejuvenation and Dr Montien. The care pre & post surgery has been incredible.

Underneath day 9

Day 11

I took the stern tape off today as it was beginning to peel off. My case manager advised me to purchase stern strips from the chemist ( waterproof) and replace them tobassistveith the tension on the scars for 4 weeks. I did this after s shower sbs swabbing the scars with alcohol solution. I just cut the strips into little strips. Feeling great to be home and in my own bed although still sleeping on my back which is irritating, however a very snell price to pay for how amazing my transformation has been both physically & psychologically. I hope to be back she sleeping within the next few weeks. I'm iffcto buy some New Bras tomorrow . I've just been wearing the agh bras since the surgery. I'm excited to see if I really am a C!

4 weeks post surgery

Hello I thought I'd post some u[dated shots as I found other's photos's really helpful pre surgery to see the changes afterwards.
I have only noticed the black spot on my left breast due to taking the photos!.It looks like maybe a stitch trying to work it's way out/
I have zero pain, no irritation so I'm not fearful.I will visit my GP however to check it out.
Side sleeping again since week 3……Hallelujah!!!
I am back at work since week 3 and have no issues at all.
I am slathering coconut oil on my scars morning and night. The frontal scars are looking great, I expect the underneath scars to take much more time to fade.It's only 4 weeks and I am amazed at the difference in my posture and my psychological state of mind. I wish I had done this 10 years ago.

7 weeks Post op

Everything is going well apart from the little spot I was worried about which the Surgeon confirmed by email, is necrotic. At first I panicked but I began to adjust ,realising how small it is and that it will just take longer to heal. I googled like a mad woman and got all freaked out of course and saw hideous photos of huge dead gaping sores…Mine is tiny and at the nipple section point which I have since, calmly researched and found is very common! My actual boobs feel great, the lollipop scars are healing really well. The anchor scars are a little red and raised and feel irritated although I think it's because they are in a bra 24/7 still. It's winter here in Australia and there's no real opportunity to let them out and breathe so to speak. I physically feel great. Today I went clothes shopping for the first time & took my usual large sizes into the change room. The sales assistant was like, I will get you a small, you are swimming in that!. I think I still haven't adjusted to how small my chest is, I love it. My brain has just not caught up with the reality yet! I am still wearing a AHh bra to bed at night and my wireless bra to work. Due to the irritability of the anchor scars I bought some gauze yesterday from the chemist and have lined it into my bra to see if it relieves the irritation at all.When I contacted my Case Manager in relation to the blackspot she contacted the surgeon immediately. Dr Montien responded that afternoon by email. I feel completely happy with the post op communication by both International Rejuvenation and Dr Montien himself.
Dr. Montien Lueprapai

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