1st Treatment Yesterday (Back Thigh Area) - Salt Lake City, UT

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Know before you go! I was told at my fist apt...

Know before you go! I was told at my fist apt DURING THE TREATMENT.. Not before at my consultation...

1. DRINK DRINK DRINK they want you to drink a gallon of water the day of your treatment and then drink as close to that per day as possible for duration of treatments.

2. SWEAT! You gotta work out she says this isn't an easy fix you have to do the work at home. 45 min at least the day of following or just before treatment and then (SERIOUSLY she said this) You need to work out 45 min cardio 15 min weights DAILY ... so I say "WTF? ARE YOU KIDDING? lol if I had the time for 1 hour 7 days a week I doubt I would need this crap!" I was laughing and she scolded me for it... um whatever I am soooo not doing this one

3. (yes there is more) You need to wear Compression Garments ... Really? It is 98 degrees outside and I need to wear spanks under my cloths ... we will see about this one Maybe I will wear them to bed...

4. (hang tight it keeps going)Dry brushing/exfoliating. Do this before your treatment and continue to do this once or twice a week for course of your treatment (okay I do dry brush once a week anyway so guess I can handle this one)
5. (this is my favorite one) USE CELLULITE CREAM .. yes they tell you to use the anti cellulite cream that you have tried and gave up on because with the Magical treatments it will suddenly work... (not sure if I will do this one or not i will let you know) ..

Really why don't they tell you this BEFORE you pay! Honestly the exorcise 1 hr a day for 8 weeks .. LOL i would have walked away, seriously some of us would have issues anyway but definitely not all of us!

OKAY so all that said here is what I can tell you about my first treatment NOT painful little uncomfortable on my side fat pockets. Today I don't notice any improvement ...little redness (hickey look alike) marks and little soreness. I will be back to report after my next treatment and I will get into more of the "why, type of treatments tried in past etc." I think this is a long enough novel for now!

If anyone makes it though my entire post I Would really like to hear back about other's instructions and if they followed ALL of them to the letter!

Second Treatment ... is my Cellulite WORSE? Okay...

Second Treatment ... is my Cellulite WORSE? Okay so I had my second treatment and YES I am following some of the instructions .. I am using Nivia cellulite cream every morning and chugging water I even got some of those control slim wear shots and pants.. I didn't go with the Super expensive medical ones because you can get them at walmart for like 1/10th the cost.
The day after my 2nd treatment I freaked because I swear my lines and dimples were worse... but a few days later I was confused because it seems a bit better, my skintone seems to be improving (tighter) but I dont have your regular celulite mine looks like huge creases and deep lines ...
I have tried it all! I have been obessessed with getting rid of it! It is embarrassing I have tried celulite creams, I have tried the synergie and vela-smooth (the older machine .. no change after 8 treatments) I swear companies see me coming because I am Desperate to rid myself of diples, lines and creases! I am so hoping this works still, I have another treatment on Tuesday .. I plan to keep posting.

I have had 4 treatments and see a little more...

I have had 4 treatments and see a little more improvement. .. Am I going to run out in my bikini? UM NO ... Shorts? NO... still too noticable
I have my 5th scheduled.

Poor because if I knew that I had to follow all the instructions (I mean before the treatment I may have tried cellulite cream, compression pants while working out 7 days a week to see if that does the trick without the heat vaccume) LOL. I may post pics if I KNOW KNOW that no one would EVER know it was Me!

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