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I had a rhinoplasty done 7 yrs ago. I did a lot of...

I had a rhinoplasty done 7 yrs ago. I did a lot of research and consulted with 8 surgeons before I made my decision. I was happy with everything, until a couple years ago. I noticed that my nose had changed a little, but it wasn't worth mentioning to my husband, because it was hard to get him support me having surgery in the first place.

However, I had been having severe brain fog and fatigue, reduced sense of smell, couldn't get a good breath through my nose, post nasal drip and got sick a lot. I did lots of blood work, saw a few different doctors and specialists, had an MRI, etc. My tests came back normal, but they found that my left maxillary sinus had mucous in it. I went to an ENT, got on a 3 weeks course of antibiotics and started Flonase and saline rinses. I went to another ENT (Dr. Swenson), whom I had heard really good things about, and he did a CT scan and an exam. He found that I had nasal valve collapse, enlarged turbinates, a deviated septum, chronic maxillary sinusitis and Eustacian tube dysfunction. I couldn't believe this!! I went back to the doctor who did my rhinoplasty, and he said the issues I was having probably weren't from my previous surgery. Grrr! I had spent $11,000 on that surgery (rhinoplasty and chin augmentation) and it was frustrating to find out I needed a revision. I saw another doctor for a 3rd opinion, and sure enough, he diagnosed me with the exact same thing that Dr. Swenson did.

I decided to go through with surgery with Dr. Swenson. He is such a great doctor and has a great bedside manner. I am so glad I found him!

I am 4 days post op, and I am feeling good, so far! I can't wait to have my splints removed and can't wait to breathe better!

Surgery day

I was so nervous to have surgery again, but was excited to get it over with! I arrived to the surgery center at 9am and did some pre-op paperwork, did a urine sample and spoke to the anesthesiologist. Dr. Swenson came in to check on me and assure me that everything would be ok. Surgery started at around 10:15. I walked back to the OR ans laid down on the table. The anesthesiologist gave me my IV, had me breathe into a mask, and I was out! The next thing I know, I'm awake. The nurse had me drink some water and take a pain pill. I ate some crackers, too. My only complaint was that my throat was really sore from the anesthesia tube. My mouth was also really dry. Surgery went well and took an hour and a half. I went home and rested, but felt really good most of the day. Sleeping was difficult, because of the mustache dressing. I had to mouth breathe, and it felt lIke I was going to suffocate. My mouth was so dry and my throat was sore. Other than that, the first day and night was better than expected.

A few pictures

5 days post op

Things have been going really well. Day 3 was the worst as far as pain goes. I also started swelling and bruising on day 3. I saw my doctor and he said that everything went really well and he cleaned out my nose. I get my external and internal splints off/out on Monday! I can't wait!! I am still congested and still have drainage (mostly clear.) Is this normal? I thought the drainage would be gone by now! I am only taking ibuprofen for pain now and I am still tired, but I am able to drive and be up and about, and sleeping is much better now :)

Before pics

Yellow bruising and going out

I am getting cabin fever! I really want to go out today, but don't know if I should go out with the splint. Did anyone go to the store with your splint on? I should just go and not care what others think about me!

My bruises are turning yellow. Hopefully they'll be gone soon! I don't have much swelling in my cheeks/eyes anymore!

Cast OFF and splints are OUT!! :)

I am happy dancing over here!!!! I was so anxious to get my splints out today, but everything went so well! Dr. Swenson is a gem of a man. He carefully cleaned and suctioned my nose and I got all sweaty and hot from nerves, and he had my chair lay back and he put a cold paper towel on my forehead. He is such a caring man :) He put numbing solution on cotton and had me sit for about 10 mins with that in and then he pulled out the splints. It didn't hurt at all! I am very pleased with the shape of my nose and soooo hapay I can breathe! I am still swollen, but breathing is better than it has been in years and it will only get better from here! I am so happy I had this surgery! :)


Nasty internal splint

I can't believe this was in my nose! One was in each nostril. It is made of plastic that doesn't bend much. I have no clue how it fit in my nose!

Here is the pic of the splint

5 month progress

It has been 5 months since my revision and things are looking good. I still have a small amount of swelling, but that's ok! I am pleased with my results and happy I am breathe again!
Salt Lake City Facial Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Swenson is amazing!!! He is very knowledgeable and made me feel very comfortable about what he was planning on doing to help correct my issues. He is very calm and reassuring and I felt so happy to have found him! I look forward to being able to breathe again! :)

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