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I am having a full TT with BA ( 500cc silicone)...

I am having a full TT with BA ( 500cc silicone) after having gastric bypass in 2008. I am totally happy in my skin, however, after loosing over 100lbs people still look directly at your 'gut' once they realize its you-- like your forever on display. ( have that apron look in everything i wear, which is wearing on my self conscious ,So, as a treat to myself after nearly 5 years of weight loss and keeping it off, my husband and I decided that I deserve to get my tummy done-- the BA is a treat for the hubby- ( so he says) lol-- I am super excited, but nervous all in one-- I nearly walked out prior to my GBP- so i hope i can do this-- with the daily posts from you ladies, i think i can make it-- ( i just gotta get ahold of the anxiety and show it who'se boss)


not real thrilled about the pics-- kinda grosses me out actually-- hence, the reason im getting the MM-- cant wait to continue my journey to the new me-- Also have a forum on the Gastric Bypass in 08 ( not sure how to navigate thru this sight really well but lots of pics there as well) -- ( ALL BEFORE PICS) surgery is in 2 weeks, cant wait to post after pics FULL TT and BA without lift

getting that much closer-- only a few days left--

well, only a few days left till the surgery ( MM) Kinda nervous and excited all in one- Ive been nesting for a few weeks-- wanting to make things easier on myself and family- I have pre prepped a weeks worth of dinners ( to help out my teen and hubby) got all the gadgets Ive read about online ( like the shower chair, handy dandy picker upper tool, meds, easy slip on clothing ( from a thrift store) extra sports bras that latch in front , scar gel, and all those other ones ive read about-- My mother in law says I should take the BONE, FLESH and CARTILAGE vitamin? has anyone taken that? I have NOT started it, ill wait till after surgery-- ( it does say one of the ingredients can cause lack of absorption of some medications- and i would rather know my pain meds ARE going to work) -- I have a friend coming to cook a meal and clean up the house if its needed ( which i doubt, i been scrubbing like a mad woman- just to make sure) - I think im just finding things to do until the big day-- I have read so many posts and love them all-- Im hoping im one of those that is very pain tolerant and come thru this like a charm- I am a little nervous that my surgeon 'suggested' going with a larger implant than the one i chose-- so he ordered BOTH so i can decide again-- I dont want basket balls on my chest, but i do want a nice pump/cleavage if that makes sense?) EVERY person I know that has BA has wished they would of went bigger- so i think im going to leave that one up to the surgeon-- infact, im gonna be that wierdo that tapes a note to their chest that says-- ' -- put one size on each side and pick the better look '- or something silly like that! Anyhow, i wish you all a speedy recovery- and Ill see ya on the upside soon-- best of luck!!

tomorrow is my big day

getting really nervous and excited to have surgery tomorrow. I'm totally fine with the tummy tuck I'm nervous about boobs too big too little OMG. I have a great husband and support group. can't wait to be on the flat side......

surgery in 1 hour.....yikes

took ,1/2 a xanex.... feeling anxious...excited and everything in between. . wish me luck... big changes by the end of the afternoon.

holy ta ta s.... hope they go down alot... I have monster boobs.

tummy tuck breast Aug went well. no tummy pain whatsoever. chest is swollen and sore. doing amazing with lots of help

recovering nicely. TT, BA, all with a smile

surgery was perfect, staff was amazing, when rate the combination pretty simple. breasts been a little more tender than the .tummy. overall pain scale from 1 to 10 I would rate it a 3 or 4. ( worst feeling in the world is a cough). no regrets, just patiently progressing. .... just a FYI, instead of buying a lot of steri strips or gauze pads, you can buy a roll of cotton finger tubing and cut it the length of your incision and keep it in place with your paper tape. if you have any leaking or bleeding you can use your little nonstick pads underneath that. I'll post a picture of what that looks like next review ( the finger gauze and how awesome it works).

developed a weird rash

so I had my TT and BA June 25th. 11 12 days later I developed a rash on my trunk and behind my ears and scalp. I don't know if its a delayed anesthetic reaction or what. I spoke with my surgeon, we can understand the trunk portion but not the ears, so we're going to do topical benadryl an antibiotic. anyone else experiencing this,? I'm still absolutely loving all my procedures.... wouldn't change my doctor or what I had done for the world... should get the stitches out of my belly button Thursday.... recoveries actually been pretty minor in pain free. hope you all are doing great

2 weeks post op went good minus needing 2 stitches

went in for my 2 week checkup. everything is going great with the breasts. the tummy tuck looks amazing, however yesterday started bleeding on the pubic bone. ( due to a blood pocket/ hematoma), surgeon is going to put a stitch just to prevent further problems. anxiety over the stitches is really on my mind.... sheesh I just got done having stitches , ( that I took out of my belly button this morning myself)... I'm pretty excited to start doing the breast massage, never get through this little bit of tummy trouble things will be super groovy! hope everyone's recovery is going amazing....

16 days PO

my profile top and bottom... with new incision on pubic bone and stitches

I'm totally freaking out!!!

I just got my mommy makeover almost 3 weeks ago. I had done a mammogram 7 days prior. I was supposed to have results prior to my makeover, but had heard nothing. have no signs or inclinations anything is wrong. all the sudden yesterday I get a call that they found something in my mammogram. now I have to do a ton of my tests, and hope for the best... I'm kind of irritated because I did tell them that I was doing the mommy makeover need a rapid results. ( and I also inform them that my grandmother had had a double mastectomy at the age of 37) the lady doing the image in was also commenting on how well my films looked, that some of them were so perfect it was like a text book, they should be used in teaching ( like getting a clear image of your bacon strap)... thats some strip of tissue underneath your breast that goes down your stomach, I don't know.... it's just what she said. I asked if I should have any concerns because I was having my mommy makeover a week later, and her response was everything looked good to her ,theyd have a radiologist read it and get the results to me within a few days. now a month later and me almost 3 weeks and my mommy makeover, no insurance , my savings was depleted on the mommy makeover, I could potentially have breast cancer. I'm keeping all of my feelings and emotions in, as I have two daughters home right now, though theyre older, there's no need to give them added stress. anyone else experience of abnormal mammogram that turned out okay,? and how hard is it getting another mammogram on you've got implants better still tender??????
Salt Lake City Plastic Surgeon

after meeting with a few other PS, i choose the one that I felt I clicked with and the one that has my best interest at heart-- Not only does my surgeon practice in SLC he also comes to my home town once a month-- So i can avoid an added travel trip and have check ups or drains removed locally-- big bonus! He also did my friends breast reconstruction after her chemo/radiation- mastectomy-- as well as another gal I won a make over with a few years back and his work is pretty A+ rated!! I cant wait and have full faith in Dr Chick.

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