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The usual... 4 babies in 5 years. I was left with...

the usual... 4 babies in 5 years. I was left with a separated stomach, and empty saggy breasts. Looking forward to getting my pre-baby figure, and hopefully a little better back.

Well I scheduled it for sure today!! I'm so...

well I scheduled it for sure today!! I'm so excited to get this done. A little nervous about recovery and such, but mostly excited.
I had 2 consults, and feel very confident about my choice for my plastic surgeon. Realself has helped me immensely in getting enough guts to go ahead and do it. It's so nice to see it from people's point of view instead of wondering about who is "editing" or benefiting from the before/after pictures and comments on a plastic surgeons website.
Both surgeons I consulted with told me very similar things and that I do have a lot of excess skin on my stomach (yea! It's not just fat), and my poor breasts are saggy enough they both recommend a lift as well. (not comfortable posting nude boobie Picts on line, so hope that helps the visual...they're pretty deflated) Looking at doing about 250cc implants, and hopefully that along with the lift will get me back to my small perky C (pre-kids size)

Then a bit about me. Im 29. I have 4 kids; 5, 4, 2 and my baby is 10 months old. My husband is fantastically supportive of me doing it, but in no way pushy. He just wants me to be happy and comfortable about me, and in my own skin. I workout regularly 4-6 days a week either running, doing p90x, or Insanity. I'm 5'4 and 118 lbs.

Let the countdown begin!!

It's starting to seem more real...12 more days!...

It's starting to seem more real...12 more days! Trying to get the last minute things taken care of. What are all your thoughts on the arnica and bromelin? Are they worth it? Gel or pill or both? My husband works in the health food industry so I'm no stranger to homeopathic stuff and I'm a regular supplement taker. Also what do you all eat following surgery? How's the appetite? I'm thinking I'll be pretty passed put from the pain mess (oh how they make me loopy, I hate taking them) so I was thinking protien shakes and greens for most my meals for the first 72 hours, to get something in my system and to get the healing process started. Is this realistic?

Takes with my plastic surgeons office today to get my mess called in and measurements for my girdle and stuff. These next few days are going to fly by!! I hope!! :) thanks to all you real self ladies for all your support and encourgement. I don't know why I feel so guilty even thinking about telling people. Only my mom and hubby know so far, and I really don't want anyone else to know. So thanks for providing a place to talk!

I made it!! :) things went smoothly they say. I...

I made it!! :) things went smoothly they say. I have a vertical scar, I had weird stretched skin above my belly button, and in order to get it to look right, she did a vertical. She did was she thought would look best, and I'd be happier with it. I trust her opinion and skill. Haven't seen it yet, but my girlies are nice and perky, I'm looking forward to when they settle. She went with 280cc silicone...not sure which profile. They look like they're going to be just the right size
Most of my discomfort is coming from the TT incision site. I'm finally waking up from the anesthesia...I haven't been able to even keep my eyes open till now, and got out of surgery at 1ish, and it's 8:45 now. :)
I had to look at my girlies, they're still tapes and stuff but I haven't seen the taped up TT incision. Hopefully tomorrow. :)
Here's looking forward to a smooth recovery!

I'm not sure how to count the days...so we'll just...

I'm not sure how to count the days...so we'll just go by saying I had surgery yesterday. So it's been over 24 hours since I got home. :)

I'm feeling good. Sore...yes. Tender...yes. Sleepy...yes. If I don't move I feel great, and the hardest part is getting up or getting back down. I've been forcing myself to get up and walk around at least every 2 hours. I feel like I'm standing up pretty straight. I had the no drain tummy tuck, and I'm so glad I don't have to deal with those. Got in the shower this morning, felt amazing. Took off all the bulky ABD pads and put on the smaller kotex ones (so glad I had those on hand. They work perfectly)

I had my first real food for dinner tonight. I've just had protien shakes, Greens supplement, p90x recovery drink, and toast. Been drinking lots and lots of water and staying on top of my pain pills. I hate feeling so dopey from them, but they're doing their job so I'll keep up with it at least for another day or two.

My breasts hardly bother me at all. They feel engorged and like I did too many pushups. They seem too big to me today, but when I saw them yesterday before they started swelling they looked just right. Oh and I figured out that they are high profile. Looking forward to them settling down.

So far so good. :)

Another quick update. 3 days after surgery...

Another quick update. 3 days after surgery (surgery was sept 28)
I feel FANTASTIC! I'm so surprised at how well I'm feeling. Still lounging around. No kids here and just taking it easy, but getting up and down is easier (I know having strong arms and legs prior to surgery have helped) and I'm walking straighter, and almost back to my normal pace and not the granny shuffle step like I was as soon as I got home from surgery.
Took another shower this morning (no drains rock!) washed and did my hair and my make-up, and put on my sweats :) then took a couple hour nap. :)
Walked around outside for a bit and it felt good to get some fresh air. My breasts are nice and soft, a teeny bit tender, but I hardly notice them. I tried on some regular clothes and they seem to be perfect, and don't scream hello monster fake boobs! My regular pants fit, a little snug and uncomfortable around the waist, but wearable for short public appearances. :)
Overall super happy. Looking forward to seeing my incision. Did try on a bikini and the main incision is in the perfect place. It's nice and low and short. I'm a little worried about my vertical, but I'll deal with that when it comes. I'm hoping it'll just heal up nice and I won't even notice it next summer.
I'll have to get on the computer to upload a picture, hopefully in the next day or two...I've loved seeing all your picture updates.
Thanks for all your support!! You ladies are simply amazing! :)

Day 4 (I think) :) feeling better every single day...

Day 4 (I think) :) feeling better every single day. Still just lounging around the house, BUT, I only had one 1 hour nap today. :) hooray. celebrate the little things right?
Put on some regular clothes and everything looked good and not like I had anything obvious done, which I'm so glad about. Went for a short walk around the block and felt good. Surprising at how tired it made me even though we went really slow. Noticing the swelling is worse at night, but way flat and tiny in the mornings.
Ice packs have been a life saver for me. I've used them on my lower back where I had lipo, and then on my breast. Its felt great. Not comfortable putting them on my stomach because it's still numb, but it feels great in those other places.
I can't get comfortable in bed to sleep all night, I'm not a back sleeper though so I'm sure that's the main problem. Sleeping great in my recliner. Getting up and down easy. Only taking Tylenol for pain today, and it's taking the edge off for sure.
Taking arnica and bromelin, not sure how much it is helping, and the most bruising I have is in my pubic area, right under my incision. I expected it though, so it doesn't bother me. Oh and I think my belly button will turn out looking fabulous. It's nice to see a tiny one again ;) I can hardly even see the incision line from that so I'm thinking it'll heal awesomely (is that a word). It's fun looking at spots (moles/scars) and seeing where they've ended up now, and realizing how much skin was taken off by how things moved.
Appetite is coming back to normal, I'm sure it's partly because I'm not in a drug induced coma 80% of the time. ;)
Looking forward to a continued smooth recovery process. Yeah!!

So I've had a couple question pertaining to my no...

So I've had a couple question pertaining to my no drain technique. Let me tell you all, I highly recommend it if you can find a doctor qualified to do it. I don't know what the drains are like, but from what I've read they are painful and cumbersome, so to not have had any is FABULOUS!!
The idea behind it all and they way it works is this...(this is my understanding anyway, I'm no MD)...typically during a TT the doc cuts and lifts up the flap and sews everything together and then stitches it back down along the incision. During a no drain or quilting technique, the doc does the same but also stitches the flap back to the muscle so there isn't room for pockets of fluid to develop. Think of it like a quilted blanket. If you just stick to pieces of fabric together and sew around the edges there is still movement between the pieces, but if you quilt it, you they don't move, and the more quilting is done the less ability for movement there is. My doctor told me she's seen better contours, better looking belly buttons, smoother recoveries, and has never had to drain a seroma since changing over to the no drain technique. I'm sure there are other technical things and all, but that made sense to me. Dr K told me she was very hesitant to switch over because the drains are so important, and play such a huge role in a tummy tuck, but since she's made the switch she would never go back.
I've had nothing but a positive expirence with it and I highly recommend it. I do have some swelling 5 days PO (as to be expected) but it is minimal, and I notice just a slight difference morning to night. It was much more noticable the first 24 hours after surgery. My measurements are about the same as they were prior to surgery, and I know they'll only go down seeing how I had a 1-2 inch separation in my abs before surgery. So I'm sooo excited to see the change. I'm even starting to see a waist and hips! (I've never been a girl with hips either, so it'll be nice to have some more curves) Hooray!
Anyway hope all that makes sense...please excuse all my typing errors, I'm sure there are many, especially coming from typing on my phone.
Still feeling good. Did more today (laundry, cleaned toilets, fixed dinner, and got my kids back) I've noticed how easily tired I get and how sore my back gets. Ice packs are fabulous. O and I can hold my 20lb baby and walk short distances, but it's nice to just sit and cuddle. I know part of that is because I worked out a LOT before surgery, so I know I have a lot of upper body strength, and it's helped out a ton. So if you're looking into getting this done get in shape, and good shape before and I'm sure it'll help you have a smooth recovery. I'm sure it's helped mine.
Ok I've blabbed enough! Happy healing!!

Well I'm 8 days post op, and feeling Fab! I can't...

Well I'm 8 days post op, and feeling Fab! I can't believe the new shape that is taking over and showing already, and I'm feeling my confidence levels coming back up. It's so nice to have boobs that fill out a bra, and don't fall out when I lay on my side of bend over and all that. I feel like they are a perfect size and I think they are settling in nicely. They don't hurt at all, and I can't feel the difference between the real left-over ones, and my new ones so that makes me really happy. (as a reference 280cc silicone high profile) I love how I don't have "armpit boob" either.

I really feel good and am back to the usual things, just slower, and forcing myself to take breaks. It's very reminiscent of the first trimester of pregnancy, with the tiredness, but instead of nausea it's occasional achy-ness. I love my heating and cold packs for my back, they help out so much, and I really think I have very minimal swelling. It's most noticeable at night and right above my incision line. I have some weird swelling, where I'm assuming the flank lipo was done. It's like its collected in my upper butt cheeks, and I don't have much back there so it's almost a noticeable roll. It's where I'm the most sore so I'm assuming and hoping it's just swelling.

I took measurements this morning on my waist and I lost 2!! inches since surgery. SUPER happy about seeing a 25, and my weight is the same as it was the day of surgery (give or take a pound). I never thought I'd get my 34-25-34 measurements back after kids, but they are reappearing!!

Overall very happy so far and looking forward to getting back to 100% and not having to wear the compression garment and I'm so looking forward to seeing my incision, in another couple weeks. My PS likes to keep the tape on for 2-3 weeks to aid in healing and helping take pressure the incision, so it scars better.

Oh and I'm sleeping in bed, rolling onto each side (gently) and I'm able to wear all my normal clothes and even a few new shirts that didn't look good with the squishy. I'm standing up straight, and reminding myself to as it helps my back feel better. I try to use my core a little more, and that seems to help too.

Anyway I think all my post's are way to long...but I hope it'll at least help someone on their journey! So far it has been SOOO worth it!

P.S. off all the narcotic pain meds too. I take...

P.S. off all the narcotic pain meds too. I take Tylenol before bed and right when I wake up, but once I get moving I'm good. I can probably go without it but, I figure a little Tylenol won't hurt anything.

12 days PO. Feeling so close to normal. I force...

12 days PO. Feeling so close to normal. I force myself to take breaks during the day and do notice a difference when I do. Had a busy weekend, went on a movie & dinner date night with my sweet husband. I noticed after sitting in a theatre for 2 hours I was stiff and it took a bit to get stretched out again. :) We were out in the car almost all day Saturday running from here to there and I noticed stiffness when I'd first get out, but other than that I feel great. I'm still tired, also expected, but after being busy over the weekend I crashed yesterday afternoon and took a 3 hour nap then went back to bed a couple hours later. I have to remind myself that I'm still healing and my body needs the rest.

I feel like I can do the things that need to be done to keep my house running smooth (laundry, running kids here and there, dishes, meals, and light cleaning...haven't busted out the vacuum yet) so that is nice. My swelling is going down every day and its concentrated around my incision. Still have bruising that is taking it's time to go away right in my groin area. My incision is looking good and seems to be healing nicely. It seems really tiny and hardly noticeable in some places and I'm hoping the rest will look the same with time. I'm also able to see some ab definition and am looking forward to toning them. I had a good looking 4-pack prior to surgery that you could see if I pulled the skin tight, so hopefully I can get it looking like that again only now the skins already tight!
My implants are seeming to fall into place, a little lower on the right than the left but they feel great. I hardly notice them at all...besides they look 100x better than before. ;) the incision on them from the lift is very faint and healing nicely.

Overall feeling great! So glad I did this, and I'm looking forward to being able to work out again. I've missed it...and I'm looking forward to not seeing my squishy stomach while working out! Hooray!!

3 weeks post op! Feeling great. Almost back to...

3 weeks post op! Feeling great. Almost back to the old me. Doing everything except the tough workouts. I'm walking again, and I ride my bike or rollerblade to get my oldest from school, and that hasn't been a problem. I also went on a 3 mile walk/jog the other morning, and felt great. I did notice a little extra swelling the rest of the day, but I felt fine so that was nice. Hoping to ease my way back into my workout routine with more running, and eventually back to where I was lifting and what not.
I try to lay down for about 30 minutes every afternoon (try being the key word here... not always do-able)
Went to see my Doc yesterday, and she is very pleased with how things look (so am I!) and how I'm healing. I think being healthy and eating heathy has helped tremendously in my smooth recovery process. Will determine if I need a revision on my vertical down the road, but for now just waiting to see what my body does with it. I'm just happy with how flat my stomach is, there is no hiding squishy skin, scars I can deal with.
I love my implants, they seem to be just the right size for me and am shocked at how small my waist is. (As a reference, I'm 5'4'' 115 lbs, and was a small B cup prior. Now I'm about a 32 small C...just what I was hoping for, they don't seem too big, and I don't look top heavy with them). I need to go get fitted for a new bra, got the go-ahead to wear whatever kind I wanted... HOORAY!!!
I also can get rid of the zip up compression garment, and go without or with spanx. Its nice to sleep without it and I do like the spanx during the day but I take it off after dinner, seems to help with swelling especially if I'm up and going alot.
Overall thrilled with the results, and how smooth my recovery has been going so far. If you're looking into getting it done, just do it! Schedule your consults!!

Just a reference about my vertical scar. I have a...

Just a reference about my vertical scar. I have a vertical because of a huge stretch mark that went from my belly button up about 4-5 inches, it was about 2 inches wide too. The rest of the stretch marks that I had under my belly button and to the side are all gone (yea!) so that is the reason for such a long vertical. Dr K was trying to get it to look the best that it could, and by leaving the stretch mark it just didn't look right. She thought that the scar would heal better and look better over time and leave me with the best result in the long run... I trust her opinion and think I will be happiest with the result of a thin scar as opposed to a huge stretch mark.

Trying to do a weekly update until 6 weeks, then...

Trying to do a weekly update until 6 weeks, then monthly after that. :) I know reading everyone else's stories, and trying to figure out how I'd be feeling in the weeks after helped my out in my preparation mentally, physically and emotionally. So I hope my ramblings help someone else too!
I'm 4 weeks out today. I started working out again Monday and have got in a good hour workout everyday this week. I'm starting out slow on the treadmill walk/jogging, but notice improvement everyday in my speed and distance. I don't feel like I lost any cardio strength during my recovery (thank heavens), but I start feeling tight or get a side ache and have to walk for a while. I've tried to keep things pretty low impact (no jumping stuff yet) and I've lightened my weights a little, and make sure that I feel comfortable. No specific ab work yet. "boy" pushups are harder, but surprisingly it's my core that bothers me more than my chest, however pushups from my knees are totally doable. I tried doing a pull-up and couldn't at all....but other than that...my body is giving me a green light.
I also have started going without spanx or any sort of compression. So far so good. I still swell in the evenings, but it's usually only noticeable to me and it seems similar to when I was wearing something, so I figure why bother. I also went and got fitted for a bra at Victoria's Secret...32DD or 34D (which sounds huge in my head) I was a little surprised, but they fit and are comfortable so I can't let the size of my cup bother me. :) they honestly don't look, in my mind, like a DD. I've started massaging my breasts more and they are softening up and settling nicely.
All in all things are going great. I still force myself to sit or lay down for at least 30 minutes in the afternoon and then try to veg out on the couch after the kids are in bed, until I make it to bed myself. :)

So I think this will just be a quick update. 5...

So I think this will just be a quick update. 5 weeks out today! I feel great! I really feel like my old self again, until I pass a mirror :), or arch my back to stretch my stomach muscles. I do get occasional cramp like twinges in different areas in my stomach but they subside quickly. The numbness in my stomach is still there but the area that is numb is getting smaller. It doesn't bother me at all, and I know the nerve regeneration takes its dear sweet time.
I need to take new pictures but I've got a legit 4-pack going on and I couldn't be happier with that! (I knew it was hiding somewhere under all that squishy!) I do still have minimal swelling around my incision, but it doesn't bother me or prevent me from wearing any clothes. I don't think anyone could even notice besides me. I point it out to my husband at the end of the day and he looks at me weird and raises an eyebrow... so gauging from his response I'll keep calling it minimal. The scaring is starting to smooth out and I try to remember to massage it during the day or any down time that I get. I'm putting skin colored steri strips on it for now, and then at 2 months, I think, I start silicone scar treatment. It seems to be healing well at this point, and I know this all takes time. The weather is starting to cool off and my favorite cold-weather pastime is tanning (bad, yes, I know...) So I'm missing out on that a little, but I think I'll go get a spray on, just to get rid of the pasty white-ness I've got going on. Its all for a good cause though, so I'm sure I'll manage.
I don't make myself lay down and rest anymore, and don't feel the need to on a regular basis. I'm back to exercising full time (an hour a day 5-6 days a week) and just listening to my body. But I'm back at it almost to what I was doing before surgery. I do feel like I could do more but I want to ease my way back into it.
Breasts are settling in nicely, and I'm loving them. Lately I've noticed that they get sensitive at times, but then it goes away. I'm trying to massage them in the shower , and that seems to work for me. I love how soft and realistic they feel and look.
all in all doing great! hopefully I'll get some more pictures taken in the next couple days, just as a reference....once again basically a novel. Hope everyone is doing fantastic!

Added some pictures :) enjoy!

added some pictures :) enjoy!

6 1/2 weeks! Man the time flies... Things are...

6 1/2 weeks! Man the time flies...
Things are going great! I feel good. I love the way that I look. I'm so so so GLAD that I had this done... and for me I feel like I did it at the perfect time. I think I would be a little more discouraged if summer and bathing suit season was around the corner, but I've got all winter to get my scar healed up nicely and the occasional swelling to go away and be rocking a bikini next summer! Hooray!

Breast's are settling in nicely, they are starting to have a more natural looking slope , and I'm loving the size and shape that they are. They are really getting soft too which is wonderful. Still massaging and that seems to help.

Stomach great. I'm exercising full time. I still haven't started doing any specific ab work, but it's more that I'm being lazy than any thing else.

I've photo shopped my vertical scar just to see what I hope it'll look like next summer (or close) :) Happy healing to all you who've had it done, and to all you who are getting ready to do this or thinking about it... YOU ARE GOING TO LOVE IT!!!

Hey all! Holidays kept me really busy and running...

Hey all! Holidays kept me really busy and running here and there.

Anyway here is my quick update! 3 months post op...time flies. Everything is fantastic. I would do it again in a heart beat. It's the best money I have spent on myself, tied with getting lasix on my eyes. I love the way I feel, and look. I feel so much more confident in my clothes (and swim suit) and I don't feel like I look like I had anything done...which is what I was going for. Everything looks very natural. Even my mom, who knew I had it done, said she couldn't even tell.
I do notice swelling only when I eat crappy food, and if I drink tons of water the next day it goes away.
I'm still hanging around 115lbs, which is a good weight for my frame. I'm working out full time, full intensity and it feel GREAT!
I'm happy with how my scar is healing. I go back to my PS this week and I'm hoping we will discuss what to do with the small pucker at the top of my vertical. It seems like my vertical is healing and fading nicely so if I can get that silly little pucker removed and have everything lay flat, I'll be ecstatic.

I highly recommend getting it done to anyone who is questioning their decision. Get a good plastic surgeon, and get it scheduled!! Oh and for me getting it done the end of September was perfect timing.

Almost 2 years later...

Still the best thing I ever did for myself! Pictures speak more than words....
Be patient all you newbies! It gets better before you know it.
Salt Lake City Plastic Surgeon

Will update after a couple more weeks on the follow up care. she was so sweet and encouraging, and gave me a big hug before heading into surgery, and told me she'd take good care of me, and I'd be so happy when it was all over with. Very happy with my decision so far. :)

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