34 Year Old Mommy 2 Kids and Need a New Body - Salt Lake City, UT

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So I had never thought of doing something like...

So I had never thought of doing something like this until about a couple months ago. I've always worked out but my mid section would never show a any kind of change and I would get upset. I just figured that I'd just have to deal with it and that was that. I actually started thinking about it a couple months ago and started looking into it. I finally thought "OK" I'm just going to do and then really started researching the cost, procedure, healing process and all that fun jazz. When I thought I'm going to have to tell my husband and see how he feels about me doing I was nervous. One night I told him I want boobs and possibly a tummy tuck depending on how much it is. He gave me a weird look! He commented by saying you're not planning on going huge are you? I told him of course not! I'm super small and it would look ridiculous. I started looking for surgeons and got a referral from my sis. I had my consultation and afterwards I thought no matter what I have to do I'm getting this done!! The getting financed has been a pain but it's finally gone through and I'm all paid! Now I just have to wait!! It's been extremely hard because I'm not a patient person and I've had to quit smoking cold turkey which has been the hardest thing!!

TOMORROW'S THE BIG DAY!!! 350 cc's, TT and lipo

So my surgery is tomorrow at 5:30 AM and up until now I've just been purchasing things I'll need and doing my regular routine and haven't been nervous until today! I'm so excited to get it done but all of the aftermath with healing, kids, school and that stuff I'm nervous about. I'm not used to being down and not being able to do things so this will be hard! I'm confident my hubby and daughter ,who just turned 14 today!, will be able to handle it but I'm still nervous. I'm super excited for my new body I'll have tomorrow! YAY!! I'll have to figure out how to post pics with my phone of the before and after :) Oh and I decided to go with 350 cc's so I won't be unhappy with not having enough boob


So I haven't been on here for a bit since my surgery but now I'm back. So apparently my surgery went really well and he was able to fit 339 cc's. Guess 350 wouldn't have fit too well haha. So my husband has been AMAZING throughout this whole ordeal! I seriously don't know if I would've been able to do it without him.
When I was in recovery I was so out of it and the nurse was trying to tell me certain things and I really can't remember what she was saying but she was really nice! My husband had to empty my drains every 2 hours along with giving me my meds and help me walk around. The anti-nausea pills were making me even more sick and throwing up after you had a tummy tuck hurts like hell!!
I just today (5 days later) finally haven't thrown up which has been amazing! I ended up in the ER last night due to a bleeding hemorrhoid when I finally was able to have a BM and nothing was seriously wrong but my PS wanted to make sure. My PS has been amazing since I had the surgery. He was going out of town this labor day weekend but answered the calls when my husband called about the issues I've been having and then he called back last night to see how things were going. Awesome guy! I've been able to take some pictures but not as many as some since I've had such a rough ride! Today has definitely been a lot better and I know it'll get even better. It will be nice to walk a bit more straight when I'm able to :) OH and the PS took 5 1/2 inches off my stomach!! I knew I had quite a bit of skin but I didn't think he'd get all that he wanted but am happy he did!

trying to upload pictures

I've been trying to update my profile and it won't let me! Very frustrating!

more pics

before and after pics

Only letting me upload 1 picture at a time! So lame

day after surgery

Only got the 1 picture after since I was so sick

6 days since surgery

So it's been six days since my surgery and things are getting better. My liver count was high when I ended up in the hospital for a different reason and they drew blood and found that out. So that means absolutely no pain pills ha I'm tough. I'm actually not in a ton of pain but just uncomfortable when I'm massaging and over doing it like I did last night. Things are starting to look a bit more normal and am thinking that this is getting to be a good decision :) I'm hoping I get my stupid drains out on Tuesday when I have my appointment. I seriously can't sleep!

1 week today

Things are definitely getting better. My breasts keep getting really swollen and it's completely uncomfortable but I know it'll go away. I can finally stand less hunched over and been able to do different tasks. I'm really starting to enjoy the change I'm seeing in my body!


udated pictures

I am so happy with my results...minus my dog ears I'll have to get fixed in 6 months. I've got more confidence than I've ever had in my life :)

more pics

Here's my before and almost 2 months after :)

4 month update

So it's been 4 months since my surgery and a month since my revision. I'm so happy with my results! Now it's getting back into shape then I'll feel normal again :)

Breast revision

So on the first I had my breast revision done. You could see my actual breast tissue and implant as 2 different parts instead of them as one. It's been pretty painful since I was only able to take the pain pills for a day and a half. So far I'm so pleased with the results and my breasts look a bit more natural ????

Before and after pictures

I should've done this before I posted the pictures lol. Here's the pictures next to each other so you can see the huge difference! All I can say is wow! They finally look normal!!
Dr. Peterson

I was pretty nervous when I first went there but it was a good experience. I had a few questions and he was really good at the answering them and I told him that I want to look natural and not like a porn star! He took my measurements and I tried sizers and I'm going to get 300 cc's. Still kind of nervous that's too big but after reading reviews I want to make sure I have enough boob lol.

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