Long Term Breast Lift Results 11 years out and Still Happy - Salt Lake City, UT

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I'm now 38years old and it's been 11 years since...

I'm now 38years old and it's been 11 years since my prodedure.

The photos will show why I did the surgery better than any words can. I only had the lift with NO reduction. He also corrected a bit of asymetry. I ended up having a full anchor lift although the DR was trying to avoid it if possible. It depends on your skin type. My just happened to be very elastic and he said he had to do the anchor the skin could be pulled fairly tight under the areola.

My surgery was back in April 2001. I'm still so please with my results with no regrets at all! I don't remember hardly any pain probably because I had lipo at the same time and the lipo hurt like hell, pretty much my whole body, ankles to abs so breast were a cake walk. Healing was really good except for one little 1" spot on one breast where it had a hard time healing so the scar got a little wide right there but Dr was happy to do a little scar revision in his office when I was about 3 months out for nocharge. Just some local numbing and he removed the wide scar tissue and re-sutured it. Then that section healed great.

This has greatly helped my self esteem even if I were the only one who ever seen them. I hated them laying on my stomach .

So over time have they dropped? Well a little, but that really cant be avoided with natural breasts. For awhile after surgery i could go braless if I wanted and thye looked great. I can still just put on a tank with just a shelf bra to roam around the house after a shower and i would be afraid to answer the door. For the most part I keep my investment nice and supported in a good VS bra.

You may also notice in some of the photos that my nipples pull down toward the bottom of the areola. This is only when they are relaxed. When they are cold/perky they are perfect in the center. I guess this is because my Dr tries not to cut the nipple completely off so that he can keep the nerves intact so that you can maintain nipple sensation. He didnt have to move my areola/nipple up far enough to warrant cutting the nerves. I'm completely happy with his decision and glad he didnt risk me losing any sensation.

The only thing I would do differently is look into the newer lift procedure where they take a piece of your chest muscle and form a sling under your breast, basicly making a bra out of your muscles to supoport the weight of your breasts. After all that is why implants stay so high and firm, by placing them under your muscle. I have seen some photos of lifts using the muscle bra/sling and they look almost like you have implants and will keep your breasts supported without your skin taking all the weight. There are probably more potential problems with that type if the Dr does it wrong. I can't comment on that but the idea sounds great.

I wrote this because I remember when I had my surgery and wondered how thing held up in the long term. I couldn't find any long term results. Dr's always show you before and after but usually only a few months to a year post op. It's a big decision. I hope this helps anyone decide whether the long term results are good or not. I am very happy with them. I guess the vertical scar is seriously the only possible negative thing? The pros definately out weighed the cons for me.

Charles H Stewart

Very respectful and talented. I never felt rushed. He was very willing to answer questions.

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