Lipo for Upper and Lower Abs - Salt Lake City, UT

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Scheduled for upper/ lower abs and hips/waist lipo...

Scheduled for upper/ lower abs and hips/waist lipo. The reviews for the medical center are good and the representative was helpful. Information so far is the procedure will take 3 hours, I will have a minimum of 2 days down time and a week of soreness. The rep said expect it to feel like I have done more situps than I ever have before. I have had breast augmentation adn an eye lift so I have some experience with the recovery process.

2 days post op on lipo

My procedure was done Thursday morning (upper abs, lower abs, hips). I was very nervous but it went well. I spent the remainder of the day in a hotel resting. Made the 4 hour drive home the next morning (Friday) alone. Went to work for a couple of hours at the office-then went home. Not too much pain Thursday but by Friday night I had to take one of the pain pills my Dr. gave me. Today is Saturday and I have to say I feel pretty good. Still sore but it feels more like muscle soreness. I have to say-I wish I had paid more attention when they warned about becoming light headed when you take off the compression garment. Seriously, sit down when you take it off and just rest-I have never felt like that before. Swollen and bruised but otherwise fine. :)

1 week post op

Okay, so it's been a week and I have to say I feel great. The pain is gone for the most part, still have a twinge here and there but nothing awful. I'm starting my exercise routine today- it's my regular routine from before so nothing new for me. The bruising is gone, the incision areas have closed up with scabs. The compression suit is getting a little irritating and I have a lot itching around the treated areas. There is some skin numbness but not everywhere. My skin is still loose,I am 48 so I didn't expect miracles. Overall I am pleased with results and its only been a week- My Dr. Advised complete healing can take up to 6 months.
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