I Am 39, with 2 Teenage Kids. I Have Wanted to Have my Flanks Removed Since the Birth of my First Born - Salt Lake City

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I'm 5'10 and 165#. I have recently been stalking...

I'm 5'10 and 165#. I have recently been stalking this website of pictures. On March 25 at 10a I'm having lipo on my inner and outer thighs, flanks, and lower abs. My fears are spending the money and not getting what I want. I want a smaller overall hip section. I workout and am very active, cellulite is a problem on my glutes, I'm hoping this will help somewhat. Exactly 21 days, am very excited!!!

6 more days!

I am very excited for next Tuesday! I have hired a personal trainer and will start with her hopefully in 4 weeks, I'm ready to get to a better me.

Getting nervous!

2 days until lipo. I am all checked in my hotel and go for my consultation tomorrow (had a phone consult). Is there anything I should ask other than the ordinary? Ready to get rid of these guys:)

Did it!

It's done, I had flanks, abs, inner and outer thighs suctioned. I believe I read too many wonderful reviews filled with rainbows and unicorns about the pain level. I am still glad I did it but did not expect this much pain. I'm hoping for a good nights rest and feeling better tomorrow.

2 days post

My pain level is a 6-7 when I get up or sit back down. Walking isn't bad and laying down is better. I'm sick from the Percocet. I stink from not showering and am constipated. It will get better

4 days PO

No pain med today, uncomfortable to get up or sit down, walk pretty slow. I feel as though I'm getting a bladder infection, I'm hoping it's a side effect from the medication. I do have a yeast infection from the antibody (which is very common for me) I have not had a bowel movement on my own, I did use an enema to prevent blockage as pain killers do that to me. I left the house for dinner this afternoon. I can only eat 1/2 of what I'm use to as the Garment is uncomfortable. I do not want to lose weight in fear of loose skin. My inner thighs are horrendously swollen and honestly the most uncomfortable, the garment doesn't work there... I have noticed a significant bulk reduction even with the swelling. I would like to go back to work for 4 hours on Monday. The first 48 hours were by far the worst. I'm washing my garment now and can almost feel the swelling start, it does feel great w/o it thought:)

Day 6 p op

Back to work! I have an office job to where I can sit most of the few hours I am going in for today. Trying it out. Over did it yesterday by getting up and going to church and then lunch. I looked in the mirror this morning and thought I am looking good! Then realized I have on my compression garment lol. Hoping for a few good hours of catching up at work. I wish I would have taken measurements right before surgery!

16 days post

Bruising and swelling are subsiding. I have never been a fan of compression anything but I have got use to he garments and binder. I am seeing and feeling he results:) wanting to get more active but will wait for continued healing.

I have a thigh gap:)

I have never had a gap!! 2 weeks post. It was worth all the pain, I have always worked out hard and could never accomplish this. I like my curves and full figure, I don't desire to be stick thin, but this gap (and still swollen) is pretty dang exciting to me lol.
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