26 F, 150 LBS, 5"7 Often Mistaken For Pregnant. Abdomen and Flanks Liposuction - Salt Lake City, UT

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I'm not sure if I'm doing this right but here we...

I'm not sure if I'm doing this right but here we go. As a recent divorcee, I decided to undergo the procedure of liposuction. I was always VERY slender growing up but when I hit 24 I started gaining a lot of weight. But most of this weight is carried in my stomach as you can see in the before pictures. It sucked. I would constantly get asked if I was pregnant and when I was "due." I understand a lot of belly fat comes from diet and when I started eating healthier I noticed the numbers on the scale going down but my stomach stayed the same. The divorce happened and I decided to treat myself to something that will help me feel better about myself and getting out there again. I went to a few places to get quotes but most of them were out of my price range. Sono Bello did a great job with pricing as well as answering all of my questions about the procedure.

The Procedure

I should've been more prepared for what I was going into. The doctor had said that I would be getting local anesthesia so I thought I would take some Xanax to help with any anxiety and get a few shots here and there then be good to go. I was a little nervous but I thought I would be super loopy and unaware of what was going on. I wasn't. I remember.... half of it. Six shots were given but they were more to numb the skin for the micro-incisions for the medical tools to go through. The doctor then told me I would feel some discomfort at this point because they had to numb my stomach. I have not been in so much pain in my life. The tool they used reminded me of the tube they use at the dentist when they're like "CLOSE" and it sucks out the saliva. It felt like he was jabbing me and scraping my stomach like it was a dirt grill. I don't like being vocal in front of doctors but oh, I kept saying "ow," groaning, and breathing heavily. I also kept on apologizing for being vocal. The doctor said I was handling it well, noticed my discomfort and requested some pain killers which, I think, helped. After the right side of my abdomen was done I was more used to the pain so the left side wasn't as bad. Once I was numb, I was out. I don't remember anything else of the procedure.

I do remember the containers holding the fat/fluid. They looked like Jamba Juice blenders. They almost took out 5 Liters. I also vaguely remember being in a wheelchair, wheeled to my mother's car, and then being really hungry and wanting a sandwich.

The First Night

After I got home my family was really great about making sure I got up to drink lots of water and go to the bathroom. The doctor advised I walk around a little bit every 2 hours. I couldn't stand up for a long time without feeling sick or dizzy but I could go to the bathroom and walk around my room a bit.

At the time I was in a little pain but still on lots of medication so it wasn't too bad. My back was SO bruised and my stomach was incredibly swollen. And then there was the changing of the dressing. I blew through the gauze like crazy. My mom was very adamant about it staying clean. I only bled all the way through twice which leaked through my corset thing and the 24 hour wrap they gave me. After about a day I only needed bandaids and by day two and a half they were are okay with out it.

Day 2, 3, and 4

The pain has been pretty much just like the doctor said. It felt like I had worked out for 4738296 hours. Sore. It killed when I moved my stomach muscles. They were sore but nothing that pain killers couldn't handle and after day three I would only need about 2 Percocet a day and one at night. I did start having some anxiety for some reason so I took Xanax a few times to help me sleep. I also got a really upset stomach on day 3 and was nauseated all night. No good. The bruising started to change during this time. They stopped being so blue and started turning the deep red and yellow colors. The skin is SO sensitive to the touch. I couldn't touch my skin at all and putting on the garment freaking sucked because it was so tight. The most pain came from when I would get up and adjust in the bed.

Found this site on Day 5, my first day back to work

I found this site because I was feeling really down that my swelling is still around. I don't feel like I've seen much improvement at all. My parents say that they see the difference. But I was feeling really down about it.

Work sucked. I work at a desk job at I was SO sore by the end of the day. I was more swollen than usual. And more sore than I had been the entire time so far. I didn't want to take percocet because it makes me really tired so the entire time was extra strength tylenol. I felt like it didn't touch my soreness at all. The bruising, although on the surface seemed to be doing better, hurt to the touch more than ever. My stomach was also very fevered and my mom helped me put some cream the doctor gave us all over to help cool and provide some surface pain relief.

I think I was just overwhelmed. I was so glad to have found this site though. I stayed up until two AM reading people's reviews and experiences.

Day Six

Work was much better today. I downed so much water today to help with the swelling and pain. I also took a 2 hour break from my corset thing because it is seriously the WORST to wear with the bruising. Its like the zipper and the seams just press up against the swelling and make it hurt even more. Plus its weird peeing with clothes on. (There's a pee hole!)

The bruising is much more yellow than I've ever seen. It looks like jaundice. You can't see in the pictures because of the lighting but I look like a yellow alien in real life. My belly button is still super swollen. (which I learned I had a herniated belly button through this procedure, um what?) I'm afraid that my the mid part of my midsection is still large. I don't want to have to go through this again to finish up anything that might have gotten missed. I know I have a lot of work to do to get a flat "pretty" stomach. Just worry showing through. Thats all.

Tomorrow I have my follow up with my doctor. Lets hope things go well.

My mom says that I'm looking way good... so there's that. Love you, mom.

Day Ten

My post op appointment went well. The nurse said I was looking good and everything I was experiencing was normal. I don't have to wear my corset thing anymore but she advised I buy a different one that is a bit more comfortable because it would help keep the shape through my healing. I bought a nude one that goes underneath the breast but stops before the hips. It will be SO much better than my full body one. I'm excited to get it. Especially because there won't be any zippers! Woo!

The pain is different now than in the beginning. In the beginning it would hurt to readjust at all. Now it just hurts when I bend certain ways. Sitting down to get into the car is always uncomfortable. But bearable.

I'm starting to get the hard lumps all over my stomach and sides. I've never felt anything like it. Its SO weird. And they are painful to massage out! My mom is really worried that this isn't supposed to be happening. I told her the doctor told me this was normal but it does seem pretty excessive. I feel like they never go away no matter how much I've massaged. And now my stomach is starting to get super sore. I'm a little worried. I've seen some people have little electronic massagers... is this a good idea? Should I get one? I wouldn't even know what to buy.... any suggestions?

Also, my results are still kind of hit and miss. My flanks are looking pretty good and I'm happy about them but my stomach still looks a little "preggers" if you know what I mean. Here's to hoping things get better.

I don't have pictures right now but I'll update with some asap.

Day Eleven

Just a quick update with photos.

Not Really Anything To Do With My Procedure...

Buuut I've felt so much support from everyone on here that I would love to invite you all to join me on my makeup channel on youtube. I haven't mentioned what kind of surgery I have had to my viewers yet and I would like to keep that private for now. BUT if you like beauty, please subscribe! You can find me under: justjenmakeup

Sono Bello

My doctor was very nice and the nurse was incredibly helpful. They helped put me at ease and also helped my mother who was worried about the procedure. They assured her every step of the way and made sure I was comfortable.

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