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Hello! I'm 19 years old and have been considering...

Hello! I'm 19 years old and have been considering this procedure for a while. As a little child, I was diagnosed with precocious puberty after my breasts started developing at age five. Luckily, my mother noticed, and I lived near some amazing specialists who were able to slow me down so I could hit puberty at the same time as my peers. But the path for big boobs was, apparently, already laid out, and it seemed that C-cups appeared overnight. I never had a training bra, let alone any of the cute things I saw in stores. No, I was resigned to an expensive beige granny-style existence. In high school, I was measured for bras three times: first, I was a 32 DD, then a DDD, then H. When I graduated, I found my H bras were too big, but my DDD bras were too small. Sports bras either couldn’t hold me up or put too much pressure on my ribs. Nothing could hold them up! Even my shoulders were too narrow to support their weight, leaving me with a constant slouch.

My sister noticed my poor posture and mentioned breast reduction to me, but it never seemed like a viable option to me. Sure, my shoulders were sore and I couldn’t stand up straight, but I was more inclined to blame it on bad bras. Even so, I was extremely embarrassed about what I saw as "huge balloon tits." I wasn't proportional, and sometimes I thought that was ALL people saw.

I decided to look the procedure up on the internet when I was suffering from PMS this past February. My boobs have always gotten swollen and sore before my period, but that night they felt absolutely huge and unbearable. I was amazed and so excited at what I learned! Not only were there other people who had the bad posture and shoulder pains, but my daily headaches could now be explained. I had no idea that the two things could be connected! Even better were the stories I read HERE from women whose symptoms disappeared. I suddenly realized that I didn’t have to “just live with it” for the rest of my life. I made up my mind, made a consultation appointment for March 5, and spent hours looking at all the bras and tops and swimsuits I would be able to wear.

My mom was apprehensive at the idea of surgery, so I invited her to come to the appointment with me. The PS and the resident accompanying him were both very kind and informative, answering all our questions. They gave me implant samples to hold, showing how much would be removed based on my insurance’s guidelines. I nearly cried when he said the designated weight would take me to a B or a C. The PS took some pictures to send to the insurance, and the office filed all the necessary documents for me.

At lunch, my mom told me that even if the insurance denied my pre-authorization, she wanted to find a way for us to do this. I was so glad that the appointment had alleviated most of her fear! Now I just had to wait.

Fast forward to last Thursday: I woke up around one pm (it was spring break!) to a voicemail from the office. Excited, I called back, but the nurse I needed to speak to had called in the morning, and wasn’t available that afternoon. I assumed that it was news from the insurance, but I was disappointed to find that I hadn’t received a letter in the mail. My mom thought it was a little too soon for an insurance response anyway, so we were both curious about The Call. I called again this Monday, and was shocked to hear that the insurance had approved me! Both my mom and I kind of assumed I’d have to jump through more hoops. I made my appointment for May 1, when all my classes and tests would be over.

I’m still waiting on my insurance letter! My sister has said that our insurance will have a high deductible (about 2000 dollars?) so I’m pretty nervous about that aspect. I’m also kind of worried about work—I work at a retail store, and my PS told me I’d need two weeks off for recovery. Hopefully my boss won’t mind all that time off! She’s usually very understanding, but you never know with retail.

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