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Soooo this is the start of what I'm assuming is...

Soooo this is the start of what I'm assuming is going to be a very long process. I'm 21 years old and I've had big boobs since I was 12. The bullying and unwanted attention from boys was something I grew accustomed to at a very young age. The size of my unproportionately large breasts on my 5'2 body was something that caused MASSIVE social anxiety. Skipping out on trips to the lake with friends, or almost any activity that might require me to wear anything form-fitting was something I was very used to growing up. I've always been a bit of a loner. I'm so used to feeling like people don't take me seriously, or feeling like I was being objectified the second I walk into public. I've always felt outrageously self conscious and uncomfortable in my own skin. Of course these are all things you can relate to if you're reading this review and considering a breast reduction for yourself.
I'm 21 years old and haven't shared my body with anyone else because I'm so afraid of what they might think. I haven't allowed myself to fully live because of my massive insecurity that sits on my chest. The last time I was fitted for a bra was about two years ago, when I was 40 lbs lighter. The woman at VS pulled me away from my friends and whispered that I was a 36DDD, the biggest size they carry. She whispered it like it was a dirty secret. I remember coming home and bawling my eyes out, reading all about breast reductions, and feeling absolutely helpless because I didn't have health insurance. After a massive weight gain, (hello depression) I'm not even sure what size I am now... but I know it's too big. At this point in time I have close to no confidence, but fortunately I have found so much inspiration in the community of people on this website! I recently got health insurance so I am so excited to start this process and do whatever it takes to have this done. I'm currently 198 lbs (yikes) so I KNOW I will need to lose weight before a surgeon even considers doing this, but I'm okay with that. I've been wanting to try and lose weight for a while and I'm glad I have this surgery as motivation to do so. I'll keep everyone posted on any appointments, insurance issues, post ops, photos, everything! :)

Insurance Requirements

So! I called my health insurance company to find out what kind of hoops I need to jump through. I have Utah Humana, and pay for the Silver plan. I haven't heard great reviews about them but... it's better than not having any coverage I guess! :P

Here's the email they sent me:

Hello Madison, The coverage determination for a reduction mammoplasty are as follows: Humana members may be eligible under the Plan for reduction mammoplasty when the following criteria are met:
• Based on member’s body surface area (BSA), using the DuBois/DuBois formula, tissue to be removed from each breast is expected to be greater than or equal to the 22nd percentile of the Schnur sliding scale (see Attachment A for BSA calculation and Schnur sliding scale); AND
• Female 18 years of age or older or for whom breast growth is complete; AND
• Macromastia; AND
• Mammogram (individuals 40 years of age or older) negative for suspected cancer within 12 calendar months prior to the date of scheduled reduction mammoplasty; AND
• One of the following conditions refractory to a minimum of three months of documented conservative treatment*:
Medical complications due to refractory skin breakdown (ie, severe soft tissue infection, tissue necrosis, ulceration or hemorrhage) resulting from overlying breast tissue, not relieved or controlled by dermatological therapy and other conservative treatment; OR
Functional impairment adversely affecting activities of daily living due to severe back, neck and/or shoulder pain or upper extremity paresthesias directly attributable to macromastia with failure to respond to conservative treatment.
*Conservative treatment includes proper bra support, postural modifications and three months of continuous medical management including but may not be limited to, one of the following:
• Chiropractic care or osteopathic manipulative treatment; OR
• Medically prescribed exercise regimen; OR
• Medically prescribed nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) and/or muscle relaxant medications; OR
• Medically supervised weight loss program; OR
• Orthopedic or spine surgeon evaluation of spinal pain; OR
• Physical therapy
Please have the performing physician or referring physician obtain an authorization for the reducation mammaplasty procedure for medical necessity with our Authorizations Department.

This doesn't sound too hard to meet! I'm relieved to see they only require 3 months of 'conservative treatment'. I can do that easy :P I meet with my general Doctor in a couple of weeks and I'll talk to him about how I can document that :)

Ughhhh I lost my health insurance

... just as quickly as I got it! My monthly premiums TRIPLED. I'm only 21 and right now I just can't afford it :( I'm so sad. Getting health insurance gave me so much hope that I could get this breast reduction... now it's all shattered.

I'll have to wait until open enrollment in JANUARY to be added to my moms health insurance. I knew this was going to be a long process but I didn't think it was going to take this long. Seriously so bummed. :(
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