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I haven't always had big boobs. I got my first bra...

I haven't always had big boobs. I got my first bra in the fourth grade when I still didn't really have a chest at all. In fifth grade I specifically remember stuffing tissue into my bra to make my boobs look bigger, and always being jealous of the other girls in my class. I now know intimately well the meaning of the phrase "be careful what you wish for". By seventh grade I was a B cup, eighth a C, beginning of ninth a D and by the end of the year I was a DD. After this point I stopped measuring myself. By my senior year of high school I was wearing a DDD (still am) but my boobs are probably bigger than that, which I know most of you on here can probably relate to.

I have horrible posture and back issues (two of my ribs are constantly popping out of their sockets), and I have shoulder and neck tension and get at least 3 tension headaches a week. So a few months ago I started seriously considering getting a breast reduction which had been at the back of my mind for years. I discovered RealSelf and reading all of the stories on here gave me the courage to tell my mom I wanted to seriously consider this procedure. We scheduled an appointment with the plastic surgeon and everything went well. I had to wait about 3 weeks to get approved by insurance and I was churning myself to butter the entire time. My PS let me know that my insurance company rarely approves BRs without unattainable requirements. But somehow, luckily, I was approved. We scheduled my surgery date and now I'm one week pre-op.

I'm definitely a bit anxious but mostly excited. One thing that did concern me a bit was that I do not have a pre-op appointment with my PS. I know I trust her because she actually did another surgery on me 11 years ago, but most of the women I've seen on here have had pre-op appointments. I know I'm just getting bad anxiety because I want it all to go smoothly, but have any of you also not had a pre-op appointment?

Last thing is that my surgeon only does the lollipop incision for BRs, but pretty much all of the incisions I've seen on here have been anchor. I'm just curious as to how other people that have had the lollipop incision fared.

Some pics

Quick Update

Tomorrow is the big day. I can't believe it's already here. I'm a bit nervous but mostly just excited. This past week I have just been gathering supplies for after and focusing on not getting sick lol because both my sister and dad have had bad colds. I'll try to update tomorrow but I may just be sleeping, so it could be Saturday. Thanks for all of the support! I really appreciate it.

Quick Update

so a quick update. my surgery went well and got home to rest. but as the day progressed my left breast had considerably more pain (the right actually has none) and was double the size of my right breast. we contacted my surgeon and she is going to see me tomorrow to release the fluid that's building up in there.
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