44 Yrs Old, 5'3, 137lbs, Breast Lift with Augmentation, 450-500cc, Textured HP Silicone Gummy Bear Implants After Losing 70lbs

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Well, here goes... I'm 44 years old, 5'3, and...

Well, here goes... I'm 44 years old, 5'3, and 137lbs. I've lost 70 pounds over the last year and now my body has paid the price. I can't wait to get my fuller breasts back. These Snoopy Boobs are killin' me. LOL. I have always had bigger breasts but never a flat tummy. I'm also going in for a tummy tuck after the BA. I'm excited for the outside to match what I feel in the inside and the hard work I have put in. I hope to lose another 10-15lbs before my TT but we will see how that goes. During my first consultation I thought I wanted 525cc's mod plus under the muscle. But, after trying sizers on again, this time with a tight, light colored shirt, I realize I probably want 450-500 tops. I want to be a full DD but not bigger. Pre-op is July 7th and surgery is scheduled for July 14th! I am so excited! I will keep you all posted!

Tomorrow Morning is The Day!

Ladies, I've been slacking! I went to my pre-op with Dr. Moore and we are on the same page. We decided to go with 485 cc Sientra textured round mod+ gummy bear implants. I explained my concern for looking too boxy, too big and matronly but that I wanted round, feminine boobs. I think this will be a good size for me. I have always had a full chest but after losing 70lbs my boobs turned into deflated balloons. LOL. Surgery is TOMORROW at 8:30 am. I will keep you posted! Here are some picks from my pre-op

Post op days 1-4

I finally am ready to write an update! What a ride! First day of surgery I did really well. Not much pain at all and I was still sleepy and a little out of it. I took a nap and wow, I really haven't felt any PAIN. The doc had me doing exercises every 90 minutes for the first 24 hours. That's when I would feel a bit of pain but it never got more than a 3 or 4. What I had been feeling up until today, day 4, is a lot of PRESSURE. It feels like I have a blood pressure cuff on too tight and my hands and arms are going numb. But around my chest. Today (day 4) was the first day I touched my nipples. HOLY MOLY, they were sensitive. Guess I will wait a little longer to put my surgical spacers in. Lol. All in all my experience has been GREAT! I highly recommend the Rapid Recovery method! Almost pain free. I didn't think it would be but it truly has been. Today I have felt even better. I will go back to work tomorrow. For stats I was a 36D and had 485cc Sientra textured round mod plus. Today was my first day in a bra and I'm a 38DD. I have to wear a wired sports bra day and night for 3 weeks, because I had a lift along with implants. I hope all you ladies who have had surgery recently are recovering well! Now if my boobs would just get out of my armpits, I will be happy. LOL

Arnica Montana

Hey ladies, I just want you to know that I have been using ice packs and both Arnica Montana gel and dissolvable pills. They have been amazing! My swelling is down quite a bit today. I know I'm nowhere near the end of swelling, but it's made a difference. Happy healing!

Day 5 PO

Yesterday was day 5. I have no pain really except my nerves a growing back so I'm getting sharp shooting pain in my nipples, breast and on my incisions. Sharp stabby pains that go away as quickly as they come. I've pretty much stopped taking ibuprofen except the arnica Montana gel and pills. It really has helped with the swelling. They are also getting a little "softer". They jiggle a little. Lol All in all, a great recovery so far! I hope you all are healing well or are excited for your surgeries!

7 days PO...and fainting

OKEE dokee... I made it to one week! Sharp zingers were not bad today at all. I changed the dressings today...and fainted. Lol the first time I looked at my incisions I almost fainted. But today, I actually went out. Lol So, my mom is changing my dressings now. Lol feeling really good. No pain and lots of mobility. The Arnica Montana has REALLY helped with the swelling and bruising. It's really almost gone in most places. Now if they would please drop and fluff a bit, lol. Happy Healing!

10 days post op

Hey Ladies,
Not much to report. Things are going great despite fainting while changing my dressings. I changed them again and...NO FAINTING! Lol. I'm not wearing the steri-strips anymore. Now just neosporen and bandages. I do want to say that I am wearing a tank top under my sports bra. It's more comfortable since I'm wearing the bra 24/7. I get a little irritation under my boobs and at the front clasp. Swelling had gone down, still waiting for them to drop (it's going to be a while) and my nipples and incision are very sensitive and tender. My incisions still look really rough but they will settle down. Other than that, doing great! Happy Healing!

Here are the pics

Hope these upload

2 weeks post op!

I can't believe it's been two weeks already! I'm feeling really good. I have no real restriction as far as movement with no pain. The most uncomfortable thing I've felt has been extreme sensitivity in my nipples and tenderness at the incision sight. My left breast is settling more quickly then my right one. The right breast is riding very high still. I hope you all are healing well or excited for your upcoming surgery!

4 weeks post op

Hey everyone, sorry I haven't updated you all sooner but I've been traveling and been dealing with some family issues, SO, here I am now. July 11th was 4 weeks post op. My scars are looking so much better. LOTS of sensitivity on my incisions and nipples. My nipples are super sensitive and I've noticed they are very "tight". They don't stand up or get hard when it's cold. It feels like the skin is too tight to be able to really get an erect nipple. Anyone else with this issue? Otherwise I'm feeling great. I've been sleeping on my side for a couple of weeks now and even my tummy. No pain, just those darn ZINGERS. Otherwise I'm feeling great! I'm also looking for some recommendations for scar treatment. Help. Whelp. Loki hope you all are doing amazing!

Scar treatment

Hey everyone sorry I've been so unavailable. August is a very emotional month. It was the first year anniversary of my husband's passing, his birthday, both his parents birthdays and my oldest stepson's birthday. So ya, I'm exhausted. Lol. That being said, my scar is healing nicely! I still feel my stitches and some are poking through and others are resolving nicely. I have no concerns about how they look I will get some pictures uploaded soon. The nerves are still regrouping so I still have numbness and hypersensitivity and everything in between. I still get sharp twinges, but not as frequently and they don't last long. The tightness in my aureolas is softening up which means that if its cold and my nipples tighten up, it's not as painful. I am getting ready for tummy tuck surgery on October 5th. I'll be writing an update on the review so check it out if you're interested. So far so good! I hope you're all healing well and excited for your upcoming surgeries!

Scar update, pics, almost 8 weeks post op

Hey everyone, I can't believe it's going to be TWO MONTHS since I had my breast lift and breast aug with implants. Wow! Feeling pretty much back to normal. I have had the occasional sharp nerve pain, I'm spitting stitches but the scars are softening. I'm using silicone scar strips. My scars are looking SOOO much better. They were looking really rough at first so I was a little nervous, but they really are looking amazing. Let me know if you have any questions! Happy healing!

Before, during and after

I hope this gives you an idea of what my stages have been like
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I am so glad I met Dr. Moore. His staff have been amazing and made me feel so comfortable. I would recommend him to anyone

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