32 Yo, Mom to Three, 5'7" 147 Lbs. 400cc Under the Muscle - Salt Lake City, UT

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I've loved this site so far! It's helped me so...

I've loved this site so far! It's helped me so much in making the decision to have my surgery and also helped me size wise, and I feel more mentally prepared. Hopefully my review can help someone else. I've had a hard time finding others with my same measurements (height and weight) as me, ya'll are so slim!

My BA is scheduled for August 26th. I never thought I'd get a BA. I've always been small chested and had curvy hips and thighs. I'm the very definition of "pear shaped" ????. I've been married for almost ten years now and have three beautiful boys ages 6, 4, and 2. I breastfed all of them. Luckily my breasts aren't too droopy, so I don't need a lift.

My best friend had a BA a couple months ago and the second I saw them I thought "I need those!" It was kind of crazy as I was raised in a very conservative household and "boob job" was always something my mom referred to as a negative, vain, terrible thing...so I never ever even considered it for myself, even though I've alway been frustrated in swimming suits, bras, and lingerie...I'd say I was a bit brainwashed.

After seeing my friend's, my entire thought process changed. Suddenly I was researching all things boob job. I brought it up to my husband and he was a little surprised, but very supportive in my researching it. He has been great about not pushing me one way or another.

I chose dr Grant R. Fairbanks Senior because of his experience (40+ years--he's literally like 80 years old) and his artistic background, he is a very talented sculptor. He also teaches art classes to the plastic surgeon students at a local university here, is board certified, and a member of several plastic surgery societies. He has a very impressive background and after my consultation with him I was so impressed! He even gave me a mini art lesson as it applies to the body and the breasts.

My biggest hurdle was telling my mom. I decided email was best as I didn't want her interjecting with her opinions and advice on the matter. I was confident in my decision and let her know. I was so surprised when she responded in a very loving, kind way, asking how she can help with my kids. I bawled. Since then I've felt complete peace and excitement about my decision. I've attached some before pics. BTW I'm going with 400cc under the muscle. Not sure what profile as that wasn't ever discussed. Debating on 375cc ???? Since my bottom is curvy I don't want to look fat! But also don't want to regret going too small.

Wish boobs

Here are a few wish pics. I actually like a little bit of a fake look, but I don't want big circles on my chest like headlights!!

Surgery this Friday!

I'm feeling so nervous and excited about my surgery this Friday! My period is going to start this week and my boobs have been so sore! My husband was like, "just wait until next week at this time..." ???? I hope my period starting isn't anything problematic. Were any of you ladies on your periods during surgery?

As dumb as this sounds, I'm mostly nervous about the iv! I have small veins and I swear I get poked 4-5 times every time I've gotten IVs or my blood drawn or anything. Especially while fasting. So this gives me major anxiety. I've had three c-sections and the surgery itself doesn't scare me half as bad as the IV...ridiculous, I know.

I'm getting excited but still nervous and undecided on size. I'm almost certain I'm going to go with 400ccs, but was originally planning on 375. I make the final decision at my preop this Thursday.

I've been eating terribly this weekend (I get massive pms cravings) so I'm planning on getting back to my healthy ways tomorrow so my body is as healthy as possible before my surgery. I am a major vitamin freak and take a multi, b-12, two probiotics, and normally eat a fairly healthy diet and exercise regularly. This pms has thrown a little wrench in my healthy eating. Also I get terrible menstrual cramps and always take a lot of Motrin when my period starts which I can't take any at all this week ???? so I'm hoping if it starts in the next day or two it isn't terrible.

In prep I ordered some large ice packs from Amazon. I've seen several women on here mention Arnica...never heard of it. Is it a huge help? My surgeons office gives me a surgical bra after surgery...is there anything else I need to get (or avoid) this week to make my recovery quicker and easier?!

This is a jumbled mess of random thoughts but any advice or comments are appreciated!! Thanks ladies!

Preop today, surgery tomorrow!

Went to my preop today. It was basically just a basic physical. Dr said I look healthy, so that's good! ???? I got all my prescriptions sleeping pill (for tonight and after surgery if I need them), pain killers for after, and an antibiotic for after. The ps also gave me medical soap to wash with twice today and once before surgery tomorrow. I got blood drawn at the lab afterwards and I was so scared! They can never get my veins and I get poked three or four times usually! I hate hate it. Well the phlebotomist was so great and stuck me once and after wiggling that dang needle around for a second, she got it! ???????????????? I'm surprisingly calm about tomorrow but still very nervous about the size. I really don't want to be too big. Is rather be too small than too big but I want that beautiful semi-fake look. Curve and fullness at the top and beautiful shape. My ps is a sculptor so I told him "you're the artist you decide what will look best on my frame." Now I'm just doing laundry, all clothing, sheets, and towels, and cleaning my house spotless. Here's hoping tomorrow goes well and I love them!

Hells bells I survived the surgery but might die from the pain

Hi ladies, my surgery was this morning. I got there and the staff was so kind and loving. I got a shot in my leg to relax me. Anesthesiologist was a wonderful kind man. Got my iv in on the first try ???????? I was still so worried about the size. I trust my doctors and nurses 100% and I ended up just saying whatever looks best put them in. "I don't want porn star boobs! Classy not trashy! Don't want to look fat!" They were so kind and the surgical nurse assured me woman to woman she'd get me what I wanted. When I woke up, nurse said "okay Honey we did 400. You'll look beautiful and they fit your frame."

I wasn't in pain then, but now?! I'm bawling!!! I've noticed I need pain meds every three hours but I have to wait until it's been four. That last hour I've spent bawling to the point of hiccuping. I go tomorrow morning to get my drains out. I hope they loosen this mummy wrap. I haven't seen them yet. Please tell me this pain gets better quickly! I want to die! Also I've had three c-sections and this is comparable! I need some encouragement ladies! ????

Advice please?

Well I expected some pain but nothing like this!! Yesterday was so bad and today I do feel better but have a low grade fever and the shakes if im not bundled up. Especially right after I wake up from these Percocet-induced naps. My sweet husband took my temperature and I had a low grade fever of 99.8. I called the dr just took make him aware and he said it's a little worrisome, stay on my antibiotic schedule and he was going to check on my tomorrow. On a positive note, holy gorgeous boobs!! Pray for me girls this hurts so bad and I'm scared! I really don't want an infection. I'll post some after pics in a couple hours after my babies are in bed.

Two days out and feeling SO much better!!

I woke up last night at 2am so itchy, swollen, and sweaty. My amazing husband helped me get in my big soaker tub with some yummy bubble bath. I made sure to keep the girls dry but it felt so good to wash down the rest of my body. Today I'm mostly sore on my right side where my dr pulled out the drain. It hurt bad coming out (worse than the other side) so I'm not surprised. My shakes have stopped and no fever! ???????????????????????? I haven't had the energy to take new selfies of the girls bare but I will soon. Here's some in my bra with my ace wrap. You can see I have a tiny bit of bruising on the tops of my breasts and my right side is sitting much higher and stiffer than my left. It's definitely my most painful side. Just a reminder of my stats, I'm 5'7" and 147 lbs. 400cc submuscular

Here's an updated picture

My right side is so high and tight. I'm uncomfortable but not even close to how I felt that first night. I'm already excited to see what's to come and hope the more I get moving the softer and better they'll feel and look. I have a checkup tomorrow with Dr Fairbanks.

5 days post op

Today I feel down. Kind of like the booby blues. I look at them and they just seem so small still. Also not as round as I was hoping for. I was debating between 375cc and 400cc and left it up to the dr. Dr put in the 400s which I'm so happy he did because they still look small. Will they look rounder as they drop? I had one wish picture and they don't even look close to that. Ladies, tell me what you think? Picture is my before and then today (surgery was last Friday, so five days post op). I get my stitches out next Monday.

One week out!

I received 400cc silicone round under the muscle. I'm feeling good. My implants are still tight and haven't dropped but I am massaging and wearing my strap to encourage them to drop. I get my stitches removed this upcoming Tuesday. The incisions are still sore. Morning boob is real! I wake up pretty stiff in the mornings. At my appointment this past Monday, my dr pushed so hard on the tops of my implants in a downward motion I actually cried. I thought those incisions were going to bust right open and my implants would go flying out on the table ????. Then he told me I needed to do that every day. I've been doing it but ouch!! I'm so impatient and want them to drop and fluff. Just curious how long did it take yours to do that? Really drop and settle into place?

Time lapse

I would encourage any of you who are going to do the surgery to take daily pics. It's interesting to see how they change over time. This is how mine have changed in just one week. Obviously very small changes but knowing they're dropping makes me happy ????

9 Days post surgery...Bloat

I made the mistake of weighing myself yesterday. Oh ladies, throw the scales away if you are getting BA surgery. Throw them in the garbage, have your husband, significant other, bff whoever, hide them in a place where you can't find them for a few weeks, bury them in a pit, hit them with a sledgehammer, do whatever, but do NOT, I repeat do NOT step on a scale until you are at least four weeks past surgery. I got on that scale and got lightheaded like....it's broken!! That's the only explanation! I immediately started hyperventilating and bawling and my husband, (bless his heart) had to spend the next twenty mins "talking me off the ledge" so to speak. I'm about to get real ladies and I was plus ten pounds! I was immediately looking on here and researching the weight of my implants (400ccs = roughly 1.75 lbs FYI) post surgical weight gain and apparently it's normal--water weight, and constipation are the two biggest culprits yadda yadda. I look and feel bloated. It doesn't help that I appear to have skipped my period completely. I was due to start the day before surgery and I'm telling you, my body is like clockwork, and still no period. I was crampy today though so maybe soon. It's buggin. I even took a pregnancy test like, it would be an immaculate conception but it's happened before!! Haha. Negative of course--praise the heavens above. My stomach is usually quite flat and it's all kinds of bloated. I've been pregnant three times and I'm serious--I look pregnant! I haven't been having any more bathroom issues so I'm thinking it's part period part still that post surgical water retention. I'm starting regular walking this week and of course watching what goes in my body. Pray for me. I've never been petite although my figure is slim enough it's a lot of work for me to stay "semi slim"--especially after three babies all c-sections. Those tummy muscles just aren't the same. Doing my best to stay positive and know it's in my control and within my reach to get rid of this bloat. I don't feel sexy--even with my new additions. That's a real bummer :( my husband did say today though, and I quote, "I love your boobs." I was like that's great honey, they cost you $6000.

12 days post op

I got my stitches removed yesterday. Mine weren't the dissolving kind. It didn't hurt that bad! I'm pleased with my progress! Also dr said since I skipped my period I'm likely due to have a bad one next month. So that's just great. Also my scale is broken! My dr was concerned when I told him I'd gained ten pounds and he made me get on the scale at his office and said actually I'm showing you have lost three since your surgery... Oh gosh I could've hugged the man! We just moved and our scale had a lot of erosion around the battery when I took it out. And it's about ten years old. Well surprise! It's broken! I could've cried I was feeling so fat.

Progression picture. One week post op versus three weeks post op :)

Well tomorrow will be the three week mark since my BA. My only complaints are that my nipples feel so raw. That same feeling you get when you're first nursing a baby. And my incisions are still sore. But overall I feel pretty great! I'm even wishing I had gone a little bit bigger! But I think they look great in clothes. I think if I had gone bigger I'd feel like I looked fatter up top which I really didn't want. I'm glad I've taken regular pictures so I can see the slow progress they're making. The top picture is from one week after surgery and the bottom picture was taken today. If you look at my scars you can see how the implant has dropped closer to my incisions in just that two week period. Not a huge change in appearance otherwise but they're dropping! Slowly but surely.
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