31 Year Old 2 Kids . One Year Old and Six Year Old . 2 Days Left !! Freaking out. Salt Lake City, UT

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I am a 31-year-old mother of two who breast-fed...

I am a 31-year-old mother of two who breast-fed both of her children I am getting a lollipop lift with 350 cc of silicone high-profile this Thursday . I'm very scared for the recovery because I will have help for about a week with my almost 1-year-old . Does anyone have any advice about caring for the children with recovery. I'm scared to get him in and out of the crib !

34b hoping to be full C very nervous about recovery with 1 year old

My final day before surgery !!

It's my last day with my small saggy boobs ! Im excited and crazy nervous . I've never been under before and am still very nervous about recovery . I'm also nervous if I am getting the right size . My doctor says he puts in what I pick out . He doesn't change anything in surgery . I do and don't like this . I kind of wish he would do what he thought was the best size and what I am wanting for my over all look . We will see.

Day of surgery !

On my way to surgery ! I'm very nervous . I had weird dreams last night about my boobs being tiny and then one about them being way to big ! I can't help but think of my kids . I know everything will go well , but I can't stop thinking about if I don't wake up . I love my husband , but he could not take care of the kids haha . I'm most nervous about the recovery . My son will be 1 in August and is such a mamas boy. He is very lovey and needy for me , and I'm so sad not to pick him up and dance around with him ! I will post a pic if I can , wish me luck !!


Just got home , in bed. I think surgery went well, I woke up good from the anesthesia . My left side is wayyyy swollen and hurts . He said that the left side was borderline needing a anchor lift , so I knew it was going to be more problems . Wow Is that side swollen and hurts . I can't even really feel anything one right side , it feels great . I hope thats normal. I assume it is . Post pic later . To tired now .

Here is the first pic from the hospital

U can totally tell the left side is more swollen

Left side quite painful

I keep getting these shooting pains down the left side of my armpit even down my arm . I talked to my doc and he said to watch for excessive swelling because then it could be a hematoma . It's a little more swollen but not a lot . Then it could be the nerves . I was reading and some people have that shooting never pain for weeks!! Hopefully it will just be for a few days once they settle a bit . It sucks because other then that I have like no pain so far!! Post more tomorrow

Post op appointment

So I went to see the nurse this morning . My left side is more swollen then my right,and I still have that shooting pain in my armpit . I ts probably the nerve , but I need to keep and eye on it . Just need to make sure it isn't a hematoma . Here is a pic of my swollen boobies

Swelling went down a little

So I took a nap in the recliner chair and woke up to find the swelling went down quite a bit . So I decided to take a shower . After all the activity I felt the swelling start again . Still though it was so nice for awhile!

Day 3

I'm counting my surguery day as one since it was so early . I'm much better today . Just on Ibprophen and went to the park . Now I am tired after that though . The swelling has gone down a lot and I'm not getting that shooting pain as much !

Day 4 post op

Day 4 has been good ! They have dropped a ton and are not very swollen . I've had this tingling feeling the whole day and pressure the whole day . Which is a weird feeling ! I really like the shape .

Tingly and oreasure

By the way is this super tingly and pressure feeling normal ?? Thanks . It feels like there waking up from falling asleep

Oops I mean pressure


Ache all over

Today is a setback. I'm ache all over y body. Almost like the flu but no other symptoms but acheness . I'm also very sore today . Anyone experience this ?? I felt so good yesterday, donut kinda frustrating

8 day post op visit

So I went for my week post op Today. I was so excited to take the tape off ! Now I honestly wish I could leave it on until they r totally healed . Everything looks normal , I know . It's just I feel like I'm put together with a thread , which I am. They are pretty even . The nipples are a little off, but not to bad . I think they look better then some ive seen at day 8. I was really sore today after the tape came off , and blead a little.I definitely have felt a tugging feeling all day like there going to fall apart . They feel extra heavy and I feel like the tape underneath was holding them up . It was kind of an emotional day . I feel like Sally from Noghtmare Before Christmas haha. I like the size and am happy , it's just a little scary .

3 weeks post op

Sorry I haven't posted in awhile . I have been very busy !! Things are going good . I have had help with lifting this whole time And then starting yesterday no help . I have had to lift my son from the swing to the mattress . We put his crib mattress on the floor during the day this has really helped so when I left him I don't have to lift him up and over the railing of the crib . These past two days have been really tiring though !! As I'm not able to do much housework and take care of my son because I'm just too tired . I'm really liking the way my breasts look and the swelling has gone down so much. I'm liking the shape and almost all the scabs are gone . I actually go in today for my three week appointment I just have a few spitting stitches . Underneath has been really sore wear my sports bras hit. I also noticed a little bump underneath . I usually take Advil once a day only now . I really like the way my breast look in clothing and bathing suits it's so nice to have some cleavage !! My nipples look pretty symmetrical but are still a little weird looking I'm hoping that will change but I'm not sure that it will . I've been putting the scar gel on that they gave me . Sorry again for not posting I hope everyone is doing well !! I'm really craving a bath so hopefully after today they can tell me I can have one ! I went to target yesterday and tried on a 34 d and it was too small ,before i was a 34B but now I feel like I may be a 36 . I have no idea what size I am but I like whatever size they are.

So 3 week post op not so good

I went in for my 3 week post op today . There was this scab that hadn't fallen off still . She picked it and said it should have healed by now . I guess there was a stitch deep in there she searched around ( which didn't feel good) and said she couldn't get it and to wait for the doc . He came in and dug deep! It hurt . He pulled and found the stich and cut it out . Now I have this hole ! I have to pack it twice a day with this gozz. I literally fill the hole . Yuck I am so squimish about this whole thing ... Too see a hole ! Not to mention I'm in quite a bit of pain . Now I go back next week to have it looked at . I'm pretty depressed , I thought I was close to recover and now a major set back. Also now freaking out since I now don't have my help .

My hole !!! :(:(

Ok I feel like it's getting bigger and this whole packing the gozz is a pain in the ass !!! I'm depressed !! Anyone gone through this ???

Today's pic

So today it either looks like the hole has gotten more shallow , or there is white pus filled in .

6 days afte hole . Almost 4 weeks post op

Well I'm not sure if the hole looks better or not I think tissue is filling a little bit more but it's still pretty deep. I'm disappointed but I'm starting to get used to it Im going tomorrow we'll see what the doctor says. My breast feel a lot softer and have settled in pretty good the scars seem to be lightning quite a bit if it wasn't for this whole I would be happy

4 weeks post op

So I'm 4 weeks today . I feel pretty good ! I feel good on a daily basis , except two days ago my son had a melt down and I had to carry him around . I eventually put the ergo baby carrier on and had to walk around with him to fall asleep that day and the next day I was exhausted and so so sore. Today I feel pretty good though I went for a walk and pushed him in the stroller and did a mini work out with just some abs and squats. I'm happy with the size and I love the way that they look in clothing . I do not like my nipples however one is perfectly circular and the other one is obviously a symmetrical. I don't think I would mind so much except for the one is so round. As you can see I still have the hole he says that it should clear up in 1 to 2 more weeks. This part is been very frustrating because we have a boat and I really wanted to go in the water before it gets cold. I'm doing what he says and packing it now once today I'm covering with a Band-Aid. I hope that it clears up soon!! I think I'm a 34 D and or C I haven't gone to get measured yet, but have some 36 D and 34 C lying around . The d cup fits, but the 36 is too big in the straps , so I think a 34d might fit good . The c fits , but I'm falling out a bit . It's hard to tell because they have underwire and my breast don't fit in on the bottom . I guess they need to drop still .

So I feel my hole has gotten bigger !!

Last wed I saw my ps and he said everything was fine . Today however the hole looks wider ! It doesn't look infected or anything , but wider and definetly not getting any better . I'm discouraged

Pics of hole

Salt Lake City Plastic Surgeon

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