29, 2 kids, Mildly Tuberous breasts, 485cc Sientra Silicone implants & Lollipop Lift

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I've always wanted to have my breasts fixed. I was...

I've always wanted to have my breasts fixed. I was heavier as an adolescent so it set the tone for my saggy boobs throughout my life, especially when I lost off my childish fat. Now that I'm older, married and mother of two adorable kids -I'm ready. I've had a hard time justifying this purchase, I feel tremendous "mom guilt" and it doesn't happen that my husband likes my boobs the way they are. So finally committing to the procedure feels like a milestone in itself! I am nervous, anxious and most of all excited!
So I am 1 month pre-op and after doing lots of research decided to go with a doctor six hours away and out of state in Utah. Dr. Brzowski and his staff came highly recommended by a friend who had her augmentation there years back. I originally looked for a PS in Denver but it is considerably more expensive! At one office a basic silicone implant starts at... $9800!! Needless to say I was extremely pleased to have my implants and lift cost $7000.
Dr.Brzowski's office has been beyond accommodating! They have handle everything via email and phone thus far, saving me a trip to Utah. I will have my procedure Sept 11th. Exactly 1 month before we head to Cabo for my 30th birthday. This was another huge concern. The shower water in Mexico with freshly healed incisions, physical limitations etc. But Dr. B and his staff feel that if all heals well I'll be able to submerge my chest and be as active as comfortable ! I decided to chance because I refuse to feel uncomfortable In bathing suit any longer. Won't be long until the surgery gets here- I will update closer to. I'll also upload some "before" photos! My breasts are saggy and my nipples are not proportioned with my size- I'm about a B cup. With this procedure I hope to be a large C or conservative D but I won't know until my fitting th day before, which size will look best. This particular lift, circumareola, is great because it reduces my nipple size, removed excess skin and allows the implant to be inserted through the nipple without any scarring.

Before photo

Prepping for Surgery

Hi all, a little of two weeks till surgery time for my BA! I'm so ready to get this over with.
So I am doing some shopping online to prep and was wondering what items were essential to your recovery? I have a zip up sports bra, just got a big one since I'm not exactly sure how big I'll be. I ordered some button up pajama tops and a larger zip up hoodie. Anything else? Thanks in advanced!

2 weeks out and paid in full!

Since I am traveling to another state for my procedure I got a phone call today to collect the balance on my procedure and to go over pre- operative instructions. I was actually really surprised at what I was told. I've read a lot of people prepping their bodies for surgery by taking vitamin E supplements etc and post surgery using scar creams. My PS office doesn't suggest any of that. The only thing I can take pre surgery is a multivitamin because I have already been taking it. Post op- unless something isn't healing well they don't want any creams or oils used on the incision site. They said to use Hibiclense the night before and morning of to wash my chest and no shaving my armpits a week prior. Also no ibuprofen, aspirin or cough meds 2 weeks prior. I was happy to hear that I could eat until midnight the night before. Other than that I am so excited to get there and figure out what size will look best! We will also confirm if I will 100% be doing the circumaerola lift or maybe something more aggressive. I'll post more then! I'm also adding some more before pics in my bathing suit top!

Tanning with freshly scarred breasts

Anyone have any advice on using the tanning bed after a BA? I am going to mexico one month post op and am hoping to catch a base tan beforehand. I know I need to cover my incisions but with what? It should def be UV resistant. I am hoping to use something more skimp than a bathing suit. I plan on starting to tan pre surg so I can get the burning out of the way. Thanks in advance for any insight!

Less than a week.. And feeling a little freaked out.

My doctor has recommended a benelli lift from photos he has seen of my chest, and will confirm upon our pre-op. But I have read more and more mixed reviews on this lift and am feeling super nervous! This lift sounds fantastic and can be but it can also can be horrendous! Just venting my concerns :(

Tomorrow is the day!

We made it to Utah today and had my live consultation/pre-op/sizing appt all in one! I'm getting 485cc Sientra silicone round textured implants. My PS- who is very informative and friendly- thought textured would help prevent my implants from sliding down my sides when on my back and keep them in place. We are undecided about which lift to do, Benelli or lollipop as my left breast has more excessive skin (not sagging) so we might need to remove that. We agreed that he would make the final judgement call in the OR. I am totally ok with it, in fact I paid for the lollipop and if he doesn't do it I will be refunded.
Got all my pain meds, ice packs and medical cleanse and ready to go! Can't wait to be on the other side and recovering. Surgery is at 930 in the morning so I'll update more tomorrow!

I'm on the other side!

Been out of it all day. Underestimated the pain by a lot and the dependency I'd have on my friend to help with. My arms and chest hurt and I finally just got past the neausea, which I accredit to the anesthesia. Sprite really helped settled my stomach.
PS went with lollipop lift once he saw how my implants looked in the OR. I'm happy about this bc atleast the stitches will self dissolved, unlike the benelli that needs sutures removed. Plus I know the excessive skin is gone and he gave me the better possible results for my case.I'm hoping to feel a lot better tomorrow as we are supposed to drive back home 6 hours away. I just finally looked at my chest and took a pic, I've been under the weather all day! Ill post more soon-thanks!

Day 2

After my last post I threw up 2 more times. I think it was the Norco making me sick- it's just too harsh on my belly. I was abled to get on and off rest last night and feel a little better today. My arms definitely don't hurt as bad. Yesterday was quite the doozy and today will be pretty rough I'm sure as I am planning on driving the 6 hours back home. I am just sticking to the Valium, ibuprofen and hydrocodone to manage pain. Throwing up with a super tight chest is pretty crappy. I definitely underestimated the pain, as I usually have a high tolerance for pain but luckily I already feel a little better than yesterday! Wish me luck on traveling today!

Letting the girls breath!

My PS called me and gave me permission to loosen my bra- it was sooo tight!

Slowly but surely

Each day is getting better and better. The pain is subsiding and I'm no longer on the heavy duty meds mepegran- as it made me violently ill. Just on norco, Valium and ibuprofen. Took my first shower today too which was nice. My boobs are rock hard and super high on my chest but I wasn't instructed to massage and read with textured implants not to. I will talk with my PS next Tuesday and see what he says. Otherwise, super happy with my results my nipples are half the size they were pre surgery and my boobs are a lot bigger ;-) all good news!

Still high & tight!

Nothing super new except pain is very manageable with ibuprofen. I've eliminated all other pain meds. I feel like a linebacker with how high and square my boobs are but I know that's normal and I'm super happy. My sister is visiting so I'm venturing out of my house for the first time today and it feels good. Supposed to hear from my PS office today so I will inquire about the girls dropping and if there is anything I can do to help that.

Home alone... With the kids!

So today is my first day solo with my rambunctious 18 month old boy and 4 year old daughter. I had my BL/BA 5 days ago and I'm worried about my son head butting my chest, he is so wild! The other obstical is getting him in and out of his crib. My husband got him out before work this morning but we'll see how nap time goes. There is really no way avoiding lifting him- this 5 pound weight restriction is ridiculous! I am also supposed to work tomorrow night and I'm a bartender... I feel good, just on ibuprofen by day and Valium by night to sleep. There is no pain just tightness. I do tire really easy so we'll see how it goes.. Feel free to share your experiences and maybe things you did to get through this transition. Thanks in advanced!

Itchy itchy!

So initially I was worried that I wasn't going to be as big as I had wanted but now that they are settling and the muscle is loosening they look huge! And the sides of my boobs are so itchy- like my skin is stretching. I'm keeping them lathered with almond oil- not on the incisions of course. I also had taken down my before photo so I am reposting that so you can see what I had before. My PS is a miracle worker. I love how proportioned my nipples are- never would have thought it could have turned out this well :)
My thoughts on people who are hyper critical of their results- they didn't have bad enough boobs to begin with- bc in my mind- anything is better than what I had. Plastic surgery is an art and nothing is promised- there are so many variables that will effect the outcome. Don't expect perfection because that is not obtainable!

They keep growing!

So one week post off and my boobs are busting out of this surgical bra. I had a good day of mild busyness but still not back to work till Monday at my desk job. My boobs were sore and ice felt like heaven and they feel amazing right now. i think as the muscle relaxes the implant is not being so compressed so the true size is coming out. I'm gonna guess 36DD oops! ???????? Still hope they drop a lot more before Mexico next month!

Just annoying...

So my boobs at this point are just annoying lol I'm not complaining simply explaining this stage in the game. They itch- constantly- the side where skin is stretching- now the incisions. My back hurts in between my shoulder blades and I'm hoping that's from still sleeping semi-inclined and not from the new weight. And if I accidentally slip down completely flat while sleeping it's super uncomfortable. They hurt the most when I wake. My PS office has told me no massaging and I must wear my surgical bra 24/7.. Which is hard for me bc it's almost like a nightly ritual to let my boobies free before bed. My area above my implant is still so inflamed and swollen looking that I wondering if there's something I can do to help calm this, other than the 800mg ibuprofen I've been taking.
I still have steri strips on and I remove those this Saturday. I've been lathering everywhere but my incisions with almond oil to help the stretching. At this point my chest looks awful in a bathing suit top- so I'm hoping for drastic improvements before Mexico in 2 weeks. All in all very very happy, my surgeon did an amazing job. I just can't wait to be past this annoying point! Otherwise I move normally, still no heavy lifting but they ar t painful so that's good :)

Loving the results!

After consulting my PS office today I took off my steri strips this evening in the shower. I am beyond amazed by the results. My PS did a fine job! Compared to what I had it's a dream come true. My implants are still very high but all this patience will pay off!

Turned a HUGE corner

I finally feel as though I've turned a huge corner in my recovery. I feel about 90% normal.. Arm soreness is to a minimal, I can reach normally. I can sleep on my side and back without discomfort and the morning boob is very minimal as well as the pain associated with back sleeping. I am definitely dropping and the upper pole thickness is diminishing. I still have some scabs on my incisions which need to be dimished before I can submerge my breasts in Mexico next week. Anywho, what a difference a couple days make! I uploaded a pic from this morning of my in my same bra and shirt that I tried my implants on in pre-surgery to see a comparison. Have a great day!

Bathing suit pics

My boobs are still pretty swollen and look pretty fake still. I was hoping for a miracle before Mexico but it's all good. It's tank tops and cover ups for me. I can't help but feel self conscious with my new boobs. What do you think?

What implants?

So I'm almost 6 weeks post and so very happy with my decision to have this surgery. I'm sleeping very comfortably (still no belly sleeping though) and my implants don't feel foreign at all, they feel every bit a part of me as my legs :) I sent follow up pics to my doctor, upon their request, today and they confirmed that I still have a little more dropping to do, but everything looks awesome. See for yourself...

I can tummy sleep now :)

All is well and I love my girls. I'm a 34/C or 34/D and super happy.

1 year post-surg and HAPPY HAPPY!

It took a while for me to get used to my boobs but my final size is 34DD. I went through several sizes early on until finally getting to my correct, final size. I am super happy with my results. They can be played up or down and the scarring is disappearing well. I don't regret my decision and would do it again in a heartbeat- maybe even a tad bigger :)~
Ogden Plastic Surgeon

My experience with Dr Brzowski's office was great. His facility is very clean and well kept. Dr B was very friendly and professional and I love my results, which is the most important. You can tell he is a perfectionist and took his time with my surgery. He personally called me the next day (Saturday) to check on me, which was very reassuring. My incisions look fantastic, my recovery has been smooth and my results are awesome! I highly recommend Dr. Brzowski and his staff to anyone!

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