4 Kids 30 Yrs Old 5'6. Saggy Sadness Goin on Here 435 Cc Mp Under Muscle - Salt Lake City, UT

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I had my last kid four months ago and I've been...

I had my last kid four months ago and I've been saving to do this for forever. Just have been waiting till last baby got here. I am super excited and also crazy nervous. I have been researching and researching.
PS says I am borderline needing a lift – I'm terrified of the scarring so I'm going to do the implants and see how I like those results. My ps says I can come back for a
Lift at any time if my results are less than satisfactory.
I am really conservative and don't want them to be blatantly obvious I have had surgery. I am hoping to get more upper pole fullness and hoping the size of the implant will help lift a little to take away the sag and wrinkle as it fills. Fingers crossed.
I have seen two people who did not get a lift but looked very similar to my starting point. So hopefully I can look similar to their finish point. I am going with a textured round moderate projection/profile ( to fill the width I need- it's what my last suggested if I want a more natural look.

Surgery tomorrow

Super nervous. Kinda wanna throw up.
Very excited.
I'll post more after pics later. Here are some of my last "before"s

I'm on the other side!

Yesterday went pretty smoothly. They were running a little bit behind. My surgery was scheduled for 9 so I I got there half an hour early per protocol. I took a Valium and an antibiotic with a small sip Of water at 8 and they stuff made me feel weird. It was crazy.
I ended up getting called back at 9:45. They drew on me and I was in surgery at 10. Everything went pretty smoothly. I had a hard time
Waking up from the anesthesia bur it was ok. I went home, took a two hour nap and started my stretches. Took a shower and washed my hair. I have been doing my stretches every hour and continued through the night every 90 mins. I'm a little sore but not in any real pain. I took an ibuprofen yesterday evening but have been doing great ever since.
Hopefully the "rapid recovery" is as quickly as everyone says it is.
I have a little bit of sag and there is some asymmetry but apparently that is normal? And wow they are riding high- just like most I have seen here in real self.
Here's to a quick recovery so I can get back to the gym.


I'm almost 4 weeks post and holy cow. I love these!
I was told I needed a lift and now I know why-there is still some sag, but only when I lean forward. Not a big deal to me.
We will see if I decide to go back for the lift. But as for now- I'm obsessed and in love.
They are starting to soften and relax which is awesome. Here are some pics.
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