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Hi there! I am 5'5, approximately 120lbs,...

Hi there! I am 5'5, approximately 120lbs, pear-shape size 2-4, wearing a 32A bra at the moment. I am hoping to get breast augmentation surgery in September-Octoberish. I just recently quit breastfeeding my one-year old about two months ago and have been advised to wait 4-6 months before getting a consultation.

After surgery, I hope to be a 32D which is what I was during pregnancy and while breastfeeding. I want to make sure that my doctor recommends and approves of the size of implant I choose due to my narrow and small ribcage and lack of upper body tissue. I worry that too big of implant will make me look heavy or will look strange on top my ribcage.

I am also aware that I may need a breast lift along with implants in order to get the optimal results that I seek.

Workout Gear Pictures & Mini Freak Out

Starting to really worry about how my boobs are going to turn out. I have so many fears. I just want them to look fabulous and not like a freak show. I'm hoping to have my concerns remedied during my consultation, but that isn't until August!

These pictures show how flat as a board I look in my workout attire. It is depressing and I feel no where near sexy.

Topless Selfies

Here are the topless photos I promised. The left breast (the one on the opposite side of the mole on my stomach) is slightly smaller and perkier than the right one. I'm not sure how noticeable it is. Also, the harder they are then the perkier and higher they are. In these pics they are slightly hard. I am only a couple months without breastfeeding so I am aware that there could be some changes still to come. I will post updated photos before my consult. I know only a ps could really tell me, but I'm curious about your opinions on me needing a breast lift.

More Nudies

Just some more Nudies for the cause and a swimsuit shot. Depending on what my ps says, I am thinking anywhere between 450 to 550 cc silicone high profile under the muscle. This is definitely subject to change given my plastic surgeon's recommendations. I will also most likely have to have a larger implant put into my left breast.

Wish Pictures

Here are some pictures of results that I will be pleased with.

Asymmetry Getting Worse

So, as my breasts shrink more and more the longer after breastfeeding I get, my asymmetry is worsening. Seriously, my left breast is small, but is also tighter and perkier. My poor right breast struggles. She is slightly larger, but way saggier. It's embarrassing. I've been concerned about what people are going to think about me getting a "boob job", but I think I will just tell them, "Well, my right breast was and A cup and my left AA cup. Prior to my first pregnancy I was a B cup and symmetrical!" If that doesn't shut them up then the hell with them! [ha ha] I don't think anyone could disagree with someone wanting even breasts and restoration really. Forget getting attention and all that other stuff, I just want the boobs for my own pleasure and happiness. I will post updated pictures in September or late August, so the increased unevenness can be documented.

More Wish Pics

Decided to post more wish pics of "real" breasts as opposed to photoshopped ones. These are the ones I will be showing my doctor.


Today I made my consultation appointment. After MUCH research I narrowed it down to three doctors.

The first one I called charges $95 for a consult. Um, no thank you!

The second one (Dr. Warnock) I made an appointment with.

Then the third one whom I already favored above the rest (Dr. Fryer), was the same number as Dr. Warnock. Yes, they share the same practice and no they do not compete with each other, so I had to choose to have a consult with only one! I chose Dr. Fryer just cause I had already favored him based on my research, but Dr. Warnock was such a close second. I am really bummed.

Now, I have only one consult and I'm not sure if I should make appointments with other doctors just to have more than one opinion. I just don't obo what to do.

Anyway, September 24th at 11:30 AM! Woo-hoo!


After having many months to research and analyze breast after breast, I have decided that maybe I might go with smaller implants than I originally thought. My current weight is 115lbs and I am so active that I worry they will sort of get in the way. My cousins have frames similar to mine and they naturally have large breasts and they were telling me all the "difficulties" they encounter. I want to eventually run a marathon and I am very active in general. I would hate to boobs too big that I couldn't easier tuck them away.

That being said, I do want to fill up my breasts enough to bring them back to their state while I was pregnant. This puts me at a 32D. I am so excited to speak with my doctor about my recommended size range!

I am posting some more wish photos. My wish photos are more about the look than the exact size.

I am also posting another before of me in a tank top. I am hoping to fill it out a little bit better after my surgery. Ha

Consults Next Week

The time is almost here. I cannot wait to have my two consults next week. I'm still paranoid about the need of a lift. As each day passes I become more and more in hate with my current breasts. Can't wait to find out the recommended size range and answers to all of my questions!

Pics of my before state now that they have settled from breastfeeding.

I give my current boobs a two. I just think they are so ugly. How bad do you all think they are?

Freaking out! Need support.

Had my first consult today. I like my doctor, but I am unsure about sizing. My bed is 10 and the largest I can go in high profile is 325cc but I feel like that is too small. I can go bigger in extra high profile, but does extra high profile look weird? I can't seem to find pics.


That is suppose to say "bwd is 10".
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