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I was 22 in 1996 when I felt that I needed to get...

I was 22 in 1996 when I felt that I needed to get breast implants. I had just finished breastfeeding my baby daughter. I commented to my husband that maybe I should consider breast implants and without hesitating he enthusiastically replied yes! I wasn't 100% sure that I wanted to, but he wanted me to, so I scheduled the surgery and went ahead. shortly after surgery, they encapsulated. I had to have a capsulectomy and one of them was still quite firm after, but it was bearable. I went on with these implants for years. Finally in 2007 my right breast began to shrink. I had a leak in my saline implant. It got smaller and smaller. I finally went back to the surgeon and asked him if I should just have them taken out, since my empty breast wasn't a bad size on its own. He said, "Oh, you don't want to do that! they won't look right. Once you've had implants, you can't just have them out. How about we put in some nice gel implants?" I thought about it, and decided that it would probably be best, but I told him I wanted to go smaller. Well, after the surgery was all said and done, I ended up larger than before. I felt very self conscious. I'm 5'4 and 105 lbs. I barely have a butt, and here I was walking around with giant D cups, I did this for a year before heading back to my Dr.'s office. He tried to talk me out of explant, but I wouldn't sway from my decision this time. I was scared. I was quite worried about how it may look, but I wanted those fake silicone bags out of my body.


So far it hasn't been bad. A little ibuprophin and a lot of rest. I am anxiously awaiting the healing and fluffing.


I asked to keep my implants after. I thought it would be nice to have them for whatever reason, but as I was recovering, I wondered if they would freeze. I put them in the freezer and used them for ice packs. They were fantastic. I highly recommend trying it!

one week post op

Today marks one week since the explant surgery. I'm still very happy with the outcome and I can't wait until the stitches are out and I can be active again. I love how soft my breasts feel and I love that I can lay on my side without discomfort. I've noticed that my back and neck feel so much better... I've always had a lot of tension and tightness, but now I feel much more relaxed. I've tried on all of my wardrobe and I love the way I look. I feel much more in balance. I will post again once the stitches are out!

Two weeks. Stitches out.

I'm now bandage and stitch-free. I have to admit, I'm a tiny bit disappointed with the dimpling of the skin and the scars.... I think it's something that will heal over time. I have to say that I still don't regret explant one bit. I am just very excited to get done healing already!!! I am really really happy with my breast size and the natural, soft feel. I will update again in a few weeks! THANK YOU so much for all the support. This forum has helped me so much. Thank you for your comments and encouragement!

Three weeks!

I am so happy that I had my breast implants removed. I can relax on my stomach without pain... I can grate cheese without my boobs jumping up and down. I can run down the stairs without pain. 17 years of worthless pain GONE! It seems like bras are beginning to fit better, the pain of the incisions is decreasing and overall I feel fantastic! I can't wait until they fluff up and fill out! Those of you who are thinking of explanting, DO IT!

week to week

Here is a pic of the first three weeks of my recovery. I'm still healing and will be for a while, but here is a good example of the changes week to week. Notice the tightening of the breast tissue, the nipples and how the breasts move in toward the center. It's so wonderful to be myself!

OOPS.. Pics attached

I didn't upload the pic... Here it is.

Four Weeks!

Feeling confident! I have been going through my summer wardrobe and trying on clothes. It feels great to fit into them the way I am supposed to. I have been working out a little again. I wanted to give myself a full chance to heal. Push ups never felt so good! I can't wait until next summer when I can wear t-shirts and tanks and not look like a wanna-be porn star :)

No regrets!

I am still so happy that I decided to explant! Best decision ever! I'm so much happier with the way I look. Thank you everyone for all your support and kind words. I've noticed a bit more fluffing and perking up since my last photo. I will wait another week to post an update with a photo of my progress. I can't believe it's been 5 weeks! The only thing that I've noticed that concerns me is that I think there might have been some minor nerve damage with my left breast capsulectomy. I've noticed that if I sleep on my back my left arm falls asleep. Every time. That hasn't ever happened before...of course I didn't ever sleep in my back because my implants were so uncomfortable. Either way, I'm sure it'll improve as I heal. You know what I love? Running down the stairs. I feel like a gazelle. Lol.

One year later

I really meant to update before now, but life gets so busy! I am still so glad I had my removal surgery. Since I last posted, not a day goes by that I don't marvel at being able to lie on my belly or do yoga poses like bow pose without pain. I've gained so much more confidence and sexuality now that I am "real". As far as appearance goes, I'm happy that my breasts look as good as they do considering what I've done to them, and I'm pleasantly surprised at how much they've fluffed up! I'll post more photos, because they have improved quite a bit. I'll get them up soon!

Finally, after one year of recovery.

Salt Lake City Plastic Surgeon

Very quick and simple surgery.

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