26yrs, No Kids, 5'2" 110lbs, B to DD/DDD cup, 485 CC Silicone Natrelle Inspira, Inframammary Incision, Under the Muscle

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Hey ladies! After discovering this website, I have...

Hey ladies! After discovering this website, I have learned so much about Breast Augmentation surgery, and it has helped me become more serious about it. My review is going to be extremely detailed and long just to warn you guys!

I've wanted bigger boobs for as long as I can remember, but I've been pretty content with having perky and pretty even boobs until now. With the help of my Victoria's Secret bras, they look decent when I'm wearing clothes, but I want to feel better about myself once everything comes off! I want large and full breasts that don't need any assistance from underwire, extra padding and push up!

My stats:
Height - 5'2"
Weight - 110-112lbs
BWD - 12.5" Left and 12.3" Right
Cup Size - Small to average B, but I fit into a 32C for padded bras at Victoria's Secret
Desires - D cup!
Type - Silicone, 415-485 CC's under the muscle and maybe the periaereolar incision but I'm still considering getting it through the crease. Probably high profile and smooth implants, but I'm unsure on what brand I want to go with. Sientra or Natrelle Inspira?

I've gone to 2 consultations so far. My first one was with Dr. Kirk Moore. That wasn't a very good experience for me, because they kept me waiting for over 40 minutes before I finally was seen. You have to ring the doorbell to get inside, and the receptionist will tell you which side to go to depending on what you're getting. When I went to the appropriate side, I stood there waiting for a while until someone came by and I told them I had an appointment. After filling out the paperwork I was sitting there for at least 40 minutes until I was about ready to walk out, so I asked when I would be seen and this girl in scrubs said now with no apology. Pretty unprofessional if you ask me. Finally a girl named Sherine brought me back and explained the procedure, possible risks, and the recovery. They market a "Rapid Recovery" approach where you're supposed to be ready to go back to work after a day off. Sounds kind of iffy to me, but everyone heals differently I guess. They also only use local anesthesia, so the effects are supposed to wear off quicker than general anesthesia and not leave you feeling as sick. Pain killers aren't prescribed, and you should only need Tylenol. That kind of scares me, because I'm a baby when it comes to pain.

When Dr Moore came in to see me, he was kind of standoffish, and I didn't feel that comfortable with him. He examined my breasts and pointed out a stretch mark I had and asked what happened if I had never had children before. That put me off, because how the hell should I know when that's just how my skin is and I've never really noticed it myself. I am definitely susceptible to them, and have plenty on my hips and thighs from puberty. They also run in my family so I'm sure I'll get them if I ever have children.

Since I have stretch marks and also have a small frame, Dr Moore told me he wouldn't go any larger than 385 CC's and there's no other option besides the infra mammary incision. He told me Sientra implants are the latest model with the best gummy bear cohesive silicone and warranty and pretty much sold me on the smooth round high profile. He asked me if I had any questions and quickly left. After my 5 minutes with him, I put on a special bra and I got to try on 385 CC's and I was happy with that size. Sherine told me that if I wanted that size, they'd probably put in 415's since you lose some volume when going under the muscle. Since that was the biggest they would go, and I didn't want to try on any smaller sizes, that was the extent of the fitting. She gave me a price quote of $6200 and if I paid cash, they'd take off $200. I thought that was a bit pricy compared to other surgeons in Utah who charge $5200 for silicone, but she said Sientra costs more.

My second consultation was with Dr. Jed Bindrup. So many girls have gone to him, and he has done a fantastic job on everyone I've seen that had him as their surgeon. His staff was extremely professional and welcoming, and I didn't wait at all after finishing my paperwork to be seen. Dr Bindrup himself called me back and we went to his office where he explained the procedure, risks, implant options and I immediately felt at ease and extremely comfortable with him. After he answered my questions and explained incision options, which for him are through the areolar or in the crease under the breast, we went into the exam room so I could change into the sizing bra. He measured me in a lot more ways than Dr Moore had and gave me a copy of my measurements which was nice. He had asked what size I had liked at my first consult, so he brought out some options and had me try on a different size in each cup without telling me the CC's to see what I preferred. I really liked this approach because I wasn't set on an exact number and he didn't discourage me by saying he would only go this big and whatnot. He also took the time to explain the different implant options and told me that Sientra was currently off the market until March 1st because of issues with sterility in their factories and Dr Moore was likely being incentified to sell it right now because of that. That worried me because I had no idea that was happening and they didn't tell me so at my first consult. Pretty shady.

Dr Bindrup told me he has good experiences with Natrelle Inspira because it has less rippling than the others and that will be more prominent in me since I am trying to go a lot bigger, but if I'm set on Sientra they will order it for me but there might be a back log since they come from Brazil and Natrelle is from Texas. Right now I'm leaning towards Natrelle! It turns out they all have the same warranties too.

I have a couple more consultations scheduled in the next 2 weeks, but I'm so happy with my experience with Dr Bindrup that if he can get me in on March 9th, I'm pretty sure I'm going to do it! I'll keep you guys updated!

Although I have only been to two consultations,...

Although I have only been to two consultations, and have only seriously considered BA surgery for the past month, I've decided to have Dr. Jed Bindrup perform my surgery on March 22nd! I haven't quite decided on a size of the type of incision I want, but I'm leaning towards 450 CC's underneath the muscle through the areola. I know there are increased risks of losing sensitivity, higher chance of capsular contracture, and not being able to breast feed... But I scar very easily due to my Asian skin tone and I think the incision might blend in better around my nipples rather than underneath. It seems like this approach is way less common and it's been hard finding reviews and before and after pics on this site! Any advice? I also need pre-op tips! I bought some biotin and vitamin E supplements to help my skin, but I wonder if they'll really make a difference.

Patiently waiting... 2 more weeks ( . Y . )

My stats:
Height - 5'2"
Weight - 110-112lbs
BWD - 12.5" Left and 12.3" Right
Cup Size - 32B, but I fit into padded 32C's at VS
Desires - D's but I won't be mad if they're DD's ;)
Type - Natrelle Inspira Silicone, 415 or 450 or 485 CC's under the muscle

I've become pretty obsessed with reading reviews and looking at boob pictures... it's literally been my one and only hobby this past month. I'm so eager to get it over with! My pre-op appointment is this Friday, and I'm not sure what to expect other than that's when I'll be choosing my final size and getting blood work done. Anyone know what kind of tests are done and what would disqualify someone from surgery? I don't think I have anything to worry about, but I was just curious. I'm hoping it doesn't take too long, so that I can save some PTO and go back to work after.

Also, I still am no closer to deciding on the incision I should get. When it's done well, I love that the areola incisions are pretty much invisible, and if not, you can get them tattoo'ed to match so that any uneven pigmentation will blend in better. But if it's not done well, I don't want to be stuck with raised and bumpy scars that are more in your face noticeable than a crease incision.

As far as size, I went to another consultation just for fun just to try on some sizers, and it made me more confused than ever! I tried on some moderate plus ones and I thought they looked really good. I could barely tell the difference between MP and HP. The girl that was helping me wasn't a nurse or a doctor, so she couldn't give me a good answer on which would be better for me. I made some rice sizers to see if that would help, but nylons won't help with profile size either! Still leaning towards HP 450 CC just based on other before and after pics I've seen. I love the full and perky look, but I don't want to look like Dolly Parton.

Pre-op is done!

I had my pre-op appointment yesterday, but unfortunately it was only with one of the nurses. I asked her all of my main questions, but when it came down to sizing, I felt like she wasn't the best person to give me input based on my wish pics. I ended up signing for 485 CC's... Crazy I know. The number scares me, but there was barely a difference between 450 and 485. She told me it was literally only 2 tablespoons of difference, and that I could lose up to 50 CC's when they're placed under the muscle.

As far as the incision, I had asked how often Dr Bindrup does the periareolar technique, and she said less than 10% but that he does do lollipop lifts frequently. That made me a little nervous... I know my doctor is very experienced with over 22 years and his work is amazing, but they could not find a single before and after picture of a periareolar incision! So, now I'm leaning towards inframmary incision.

My PS doesn't provide a bra, so I had to go and buy one, but they wanted me to get a back closure bra with adjustable straps. Kinda different since most people are told to get a front closure... But oh well. I found one on Amazon that's a 34D so I'm hoping the band size is snug enough.

Now the waiting game really starts! 10 more days til I'm in Boobieland!!!

Only 4 more days till I have boobs!

26 years old, no kids, 5'2", 110 lbs
BWD - I looked at my Dr's sheet he filled out and I'm actually 14.5 cm left and 15 cm on the right.
Current cup Size - A - Small B (wear padded 32C at VS)
Desires - D's but I won't be mad if they're DD's ;)
Type - Natrelle Inspira SRF Silicone under the muscle with 415-485 CC's
Incision - probably inframammary fold (in the breast crease)

My boyfriend went in to make my final payment for me since I had to work yesterday, and he was able to chat quickly with my PS since I am undecided on my size. My bf said my PS thought that 485 CC might be too big based on my wish pics, but he will talk to me before I go under to better understand what I want. I was told the surgery center would be calling me today to give me my surgery time, but I haven't heard anything, so I better find out on Monday. I'm ready to get this thing over with!

Last night I went a bit overboard on drinking for St. Patty's day, and had the worst hangover. My pre-op forms didn't mention anything about drinking, so I hope it's okay and will all be out of my system by Tuesday. Let the preparation begin! Any tips ladies?

Rewards Program for Natrelle implants

I was on the Allergan website searching for information about the warranty, and I came across their rewards program that I thought I'd share!


My PS never mentioned anything, so I'll have to verify it with him, but basically you can get Botox or Latisse with any Natrelle implant. You also earn points when you make purchases after you've signed up through that site. Not sure what the points get you after buying certain treatments, but if I can get some Latisse, it'll be worth it for me!

Alive and with boobs!

Stats: 5'2" 110lbs previously A-small B cup, and I got 485 CC Natrelle Ispira SRF under the muscle with a crease incision.

I got to my PS's office at 8:45am, signed some paperwork, got undressed from the waist up and then had my final talk with my PS about size and my wish pics. I showed him anna1989's results and he told me that could be achieved with 450, but that 485s are very similar and most girls wish they would have gone bigger... I decided on 485 so I hope they turn out nice and full but not too extreme. I went into the OR with the anesthesiologist who was super nice and explained what would happen. After I got settled on the table, the nurse put compression things on my legs and a heated blanket, then once the IV was in, I was out seconds later. When I woke up, I immediately felt pressure and was really uncomfortable. I just wanted to take a pain pill and get out of there. The drive home was miserable. That's when I started to really feel the pain, and I was about an 8 with some nausea. I popped a pill immediately and another half when I got home. Ate some soup and a breadstick then felt nauseous but I didn't throw up so I took half a promethazine to help and it did. Took a nap for about 4 hours and I'm feeling decent now. Just really tight and a lot of pressure... If I move my arms, I hear crackles from air bubbles. Pretty weird. I'm going in for my postop tomorrow so hopefully I can snap a pic of how they look as well as my incisions.

1 day post op

*stats* 5'2" 110lbs 485 CC Natrelle Inspira SRF unders crease incision.

Here are pics that I took from my post op appointment today. I woke up with my incisions hurting. It felt like my bra was rubbing them the wrong way, and I mostly felt the pain on my left side. Turns out I have a blister from the tape next to my left breast incision. I'm pretty bruised in my sternum and around the under part of both breasts. I'm also really swollen. The nurse is having me wear my strap 24/7 until my one week appt. I can shower but I have to be careful not to get my wrap incisions wet so that will be a challenge. I'm pretty happy with the size. I just hope that once I drop and fluff, they don't get too humongous because the nurse said I will get more projection once the swelling goes down. Thanks for reading ladies!

3 days post op!

Hello my real self sistas! Thank you all so much for helping me along this journey. I am so grateful that I discovered this website! Reading everyone's experiences and having this kind of support is truly amazing. I hope I am able to help make an impact on someone else's journey too!

*Stats* 5'2" currently 116 lbs, 485 CC Natrelle Inspira SRF under the muscle, breast crease incision.

I had my BA on 3/22 so I am officially 3 days post op. Things are going as expected... I'm really tight, swollen, bruised, and my boobs are hard. I haven't been able to shower myself, so my boyfriend has been helping me, but I'm going home today so hopefully I can fend for myself from here on out. I've noticed that whenever I take Percocets for pain, I start to get itchy all over my body when it kicks in. Pretty annoying, but I'm gonna try and switch to Tylenol later so I can drive home.

Day 5 Post Op

Hey girlies! Overall, this experience hasn't been too bad. The pain is getting easier to handle, and now it's mostly just feeling uncomfortable, lots of tightness, and sore around my incisions. Depending on the type of movements I do, I'll sometimes get sharp pains that seem to come from my incisions and my boobs definitely make noises occasionally haha. I'm still bruised along my sternum and the under edges of my boobs and my sides, but the coloring is getting better. I don't think I'm all that swollen anymore and I haven't been icing since I don't feel that it's necessary. I'm still really bloated, have only had 1 bowel movement since my surgery, and I've gained 6 pounds. I'm taking stool softeners now so hopefully that helps my regularity. I was beginning to think that I had gone too big with my implants, but I keep thinking of the question I asked myself right before my surgery "Would you rather err on the side of too small or too big?" I wanted to be bigger, and that's what I got. I've noticed my right boob is a bit higher and more round at the top, but was told it's normal for there to be uneveness. There's still a lot of time for them to heal and changes are inevitably going to happen, so why stress about it now when it's so early on. No one knows what's going to happen, and having a negative attitude isn't going to help anything. So I'm just gonna focus on taking care of myself and let things be. I already did my part on telling my surgeon what to put in my chest, and now I just have to let everything run it's course. :) I'll be back to work at Tuesday and also have my one week post op appointment that day, so I'll do my next update that night! I can't wait to see my incisions, start massages and get info on scar treatments! I don't know if anyone can relate, but I follow a ton of RealSelf members, and sometimes I lose track of who's who... especially who got what! So, I'm gonna do my part and post my stats with each update :) *STATS* - 5'2" 110-116 lbs due to bloating, was an A cup/small B but wore padded 32C at Victoria's Secret, 485 CC's Natrelle Inspira SRF (smooth round full) which is like high profile, under the muscle, inframammary fold incision, no kids, and first time BA :)

Pictures from day 4 and 5 post op

*STATS* - 5'2" 110-116 lbs due to bloating, was an A cup/small B but wore padded 32C at Victoria's Secret, 485 CC's Natrelle Inspira SRF (smooth round full) which is like high profile, under the muscle, inframammary fold incision, no kids, and first time BA

8 days post op and 2nd follow up appt

Hello boobiful ladies!

Time flies when you're back to your old routine! I went back to work on Tuesday, and it's been tough... I'm not gonna lie. Waking up with the worst tightness and sharp pains sucks! I'm still not feeling like my normal self, and probably won't for a while... I'm still not used to having these things on my chest. They're so foreign and not really part of me yet if that makes sense. I'm glad they are slowly getting softer, but still pretty damn hard. I've started taking vitamin E which is supposed to help. i have a ton of sensation though which is good... Too much sometimes, but I guess that's better than none.

I had my 2nd post op appt on Tuesday! I'm healing nicely according to my nurse. I saw my incisions... They feel bumpy, but don't look as bad as I expected them too. They still hurt... I'm still a bit bruised... My right nipple is definitely higher than my left. It has always been my bigger boob, and it was slightly higher pre-op but I myself could barely tell... Implants have just made it more obvious. When I'm standing casually, you can't tell because I've always dropped my right shoulder a bit... I think because I broke that side of my collarbone when I was a kid so that affected my posture. But when I pose for a picture, I even my shoulders out and that's when the asymmetry is noticeable. Whatevs.. Nobody's perfect. Nurse cleared me for raising my arms above my shoulders, I don't have to wear that bandage strap anymore, I've started massages, and I can lift up to 25 lbs if I wish, and I can start scar treatment once I get to week 2 post op! Anyone have any thoughts or experiences with Skin Medica? I got a free 3 month sample from my PS as well as a facial and I'll be getting Latisse! :)

As far as thoughts on my girls... I am hoping my implants come a little bit closer together... I want some cleavage. As far as size, I am happy with my decision! I feel like they are humongous when I'm naked and so obviously fake, but I know I'm still healing and there are still changes to come. When I wore a tight black sweater though, it was hardly noticeable that I had a BA. They just looked like how I would in an extra padded bra, so it definitely depends on the clothing.

Thanks for reading!

*STATS* - 5'2" 110-116 lbs due to bloating, was an A cup/small B but wore padded 32C at Victoria's Secret, 485 CC's Natrelle Inspira SRF (smooth round full) which is like high profile, under the muscle, inframammary fold incision, no kids, and first time BA

16 days post op with 485 CC's!

Time is flying by and I can't believe it's been over 2 weeks since my surgery! Life has gone mostly back to normal. I haven't needed any Tylenol since last Saturday, but I still experience discomfort throughout the day. It is worse in the mornings, but my massages help with the tightness/soreness a lot. My girls are slowly but surely getting softer and coming a little closer together. The bruising is pretty much all gone too. I've started using my Skin Medica scar treatment in the morning and night when I do my massages, so I hope that helps my incisions heal flat because they are still slightly raised. Sensitivity is extremely heightened all over, but I feel borderline pain when my nipples are stimulated in any way. I can start some light exercises once I get to 3 weeks, and can sleep on my side when it's comfortable, but so far it's still been too much pressure on my boobs to do that. It makes cuddling so hard haha!

Overall, I'm loving my results. They are hardly noticeable when I'm wearing my normal clothes to work, but I've had to put more thought into my outfit choices just in case I look too busty. Can't wait to do some shopping for summer clothes and get fitted for a bra because I've been wearing the same 3 ugly ones for too long!!!


*STATS* - 5'2" 114lbs currently, was an A cup/small B but wore padded 32C at Victoria's Secret, 485 CC's Natrelle Inspira SRF (smooth round full) which is like high profile, under the muscle, inframammary fold incision, no kids, and first time BA

24 days after BA!!!

*STATS* - 5'2" 114lbs currently, was an A cup/small B but wore padded 32C at Victoria's Secret, 485 CC's Natrelle Inspira SRF (smooth round full) which is like high profile, under the muscle, inframammary fold incision, no kids, and first time BA

Before my BA, I was obsessed with this website, but now I'm only on it to do updates so I'm sorry if my replies are delayed or if I seem absent! I've just been caught up with other things, but I still hope to help someone else out on their journey and feel free to ask me questions because I'm still here. :)

It's been over 3 weeks and I am loving my new additions sooo much more! They are getting softer and are feeling part of me finally. I can squeeze them together, and the massages have been helping sooo much. I still feel tightness the most in the morning when I wake up, but it goes away a lot quicker than before. I don't feel as many random zingers of pain, but they still happen from time to time. Nipples are still super sensitive, but I'm happy I have full sensation on both sides!

I got out a measuring tape and I'm 27 inches around my rib cage, and 36.5-37 inches around my bust. I haven't officially been sized so I could be a little off, but I think that makes me a 32DD. So maybe when I go to Victoria's Secret, I'll be a 32DDD? We'll see! I want to wait until after my next appointment with my PS before I start buying real bras. That'll be on the 18th, and it'll probably be my last visit for a while. Crazy how time flies.

I started using silicone strips combined with my skin Medica scar cream, so I hope that helps but I haven't seen much change since my last update.

It'll be exactly 1 month tomorrow!

This month has seriously flown by! I remember being so eager pre-op and thinking time was moving by so slowly, but now I've survived almost an entire 31 days in Boobieland! :) Here are some pics to give you all an idea of how I look with different things on!

I had my final post op appointment with my plastic surgeon, and I'm healing exactly as expected. I've had no complications and couldn't be happier with my results. They aren't perfectly identical - I sometimes notice my right nipple is higher than my left, because my right is slightly bigger overall. My PS said they will become less noticeable over time.

I am cleared for underwire, I can go swimming, and workout, but I should avoid doing any chest exercises for 6 months. He wants me to continue taking vitamin E daily to help with softening and to continue massages for as long as I have the implants to reduce my chances of capsular contracture. There are still times when I feel random sharp pains and tightness, but they are becoming a lot fewer than before.

I went to TJ Maxx since I'm a bargain shopper, and was able to find a couple bras that fit me! I'm a 32DD in Wacoal and 32D in Calvin Klein! I also fit into some 34D bras, but the band wasn't as snug as I prefer. I ended up getting 3 bras for under $40 including tax! :)

112 lbs (back to pre surgery weight plus my implants!)
was an A cup/small B but wore padded 32C at Victoria's Secret, 485 CC's Natrelle Inspira SRF (smooth round full) which is like high profile,
under the muscle,
inframammary fold incision,
no kids,
and first time BA

3 Months Post Op!

Hey RealSelf-ers!

My surgery was on March 22, 2016 so I am over 3 months post operation! Time has seriously flown, and I'm in love with my boobs! I took a trip to Hawaii last month and was able to flaunt my twins in bikinis like never before lol! I also have a trip to Vegas coming up, and I can't wait to show them off at pool parties. I've also convinced 2 of my girlfriends to get BA's too!

Every now and then I still experience little zingers around my nipples. I also don't feel comfortable sleeping on my stomach for very long. My chest wall had a gap pre-op so that gap is always going to be there, but it looks so much better now than before and a good bra does the trick to bring them together. However I've noticed a little rippling in the middle where my gap is if I'm leaning over sometimes and only if I'm not wearing a bra. Other than that, I have no real issues. They aren't entirely perfect and symmetrical, but I'm glad I got as close to my desired outcome as possible. They are a lot bouncier than before and squishy, but with the Inspiras they will never be quite as soft as my friend that has Mentor implants.

I have been officially sized at Victoria's Secret, and I am a 32DDD! I've also bought some bras off of Amazon and from TJ Maxx that range in sizes of 30DDD, 30G, and 32DD as well. It all just depends on the brand and style.

5'2" 112lbs 26yrs with no kids
485 CC Natrelle Inspira SRF Silicone under the muscle through the breast fold incision
Was a 32B/32C at VS. Now 32DDD.

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