35 Years Old, 3 Kids, 17 Year Old Breast Implant Removal. Salt Lake City, UT

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Hello I have been inspired by many of you to...

Hello I have been inspired by many of you to finally take the plunge and have my 17 year old breast implants removed. I got my breast implants the second I turned 18 years old. In high school it was always the idea I had in my head; that when I turned 18, I was going to do it. The courage to go through with this decision came from the support and enthuseastic urging of my boyfriend at the time. (Who later turned out to be a drunken, chauvinist bar-hopping douche.)
I remember sitting in the waiting room and having a mini panic attack waiting for the nurse to take me back to surgery. I was thinking, "Oh my god am I really going to go through with this? Do I really need them? I guess no turning back now." My boyfriend was sitting beside me and I didn't want to disappoint him by changing my mind. Eerything was paid for and the appointment was set. So I did it. When I woke up I was in excruciating pain and it was fuzzy but I remember the nurse asking me if I'd like her to call me a cab instead of have my boyfriend drive me home. I guess he was there to pick me up and he was drunk and reeked of booze. I remember even in my delirious state being kind of embarrassed and just wanting to get home so badly that I let the loser drive me home. That should have given me my first clue about the guy, and how much his opinion really mattered. But it was too late, they had already been put in.
I have always felt they were too big, but thought, well that's what everyone wants right? The bigger the better. So even though I didn't like them much I made the best of them and then got used to them. The years passed and I got a job working at Hooters for a very long time, had a series of failed relationships and a hard partying lifestyle. I found attracted a lot of men with these breasts but usually a certain type of man. The douchebag type.
Around age 23 I began having a lot of joint pain I began getting sick very easily and taking a long time to recover. I have a lot of brain fog and don't remember things the way that I used to . Now I don't know if all of this is due to the implants or not but aside from the physical ailments I have been suffering over the years, I have still been wishing I could sleep on my stomach, and buy tops that I didn't have to alter. I am always on a diet because I try to stay 10 pounds under my natural weight to compensate for the 10 pounds that the breast implants added to my frame. I've had three children now and they are still ok looking but starting to sag over the implant a little. I just want them out. I have to admit I am a little nervous because now that I am having them removed, I have to rethink who I am now. For 17 years I've been the girl with the big boobs. The girl that a guy takes out to make his ex girlfriend jealous, and the girl that nobody takes seriously. Except for now I'm a mom, I have a real job and a mortgage and a loving supportive man in my life now who only wants to see me happy. Not to mention I'm not 18 anymore, I'm 35. I feel like I look ridiculous with these things and I hate that they draw so much attention and the way they immediately paint a portrait of the person I'm supposed to be. A girl who depends on her sexuality, and the approval of others? A nearly middle-aged woman who can't handle not being the center of attention in every room she enters? No that's not me. Not anymore. I've grown attached to these implants and there's a part of me that's afraid of how I'm going to feel with them out and sad to see them go, but I think I'm finally ready to say goodbye. I'm hoping it will also usher in a new beginning for me. I would love nothing more than to share my journey with all you ladies here, the way I've gotten so much out of being allowed to share in yours. Wish me luck!

Appointment made!

I had my pre-op today I made my deposit and surgery is scheduled for the 16th! Bye bye implants. I'm really nervous about the outcome, but happy to see them go. Would anyone like to share their latest post-op pictures to keep me motivated?? Thinking about the initial deflation kind of gets me down...

One week til explant!

One week and I'm getting kind of nervous. Will I be okay with my smaller boobs? Will they look deformed and uneven? It's just so nerve wracking but I know it has to be done.

When can I go back to work?

Hi all it struck me to ask you girls a question. When can I go back to work? I wait tables for a living so I have to be able to move quickly and carry things in my arms. When did you all go back to work and what kind of work did you do?

Absolutely Safe

3 more days and I'm getting pretty nervous! However, I did watch a documentary called Absolutely Safe tonight, all about breast implants. I watched it on fandor.com ( with a 14 day free trial). Anyone considering getting them in or getting them out, should watch this documentary. Watching it made me think, if it weren't for this site and all the stories that have been shared here, I probably would not have the courage to go through with this explant. I'm very grateful for each and everyone of you courageous enough to share your stories and your photos. It definitely takes a lot of guts!

Can anyone recommend skin firming creams or other products that actually work?

I'm looking for products reviewed by you ladies that you feel would be beneficial after explant. I have Mederma which I will use on my scars but what should I use for my skin to get it to tighten and firm up? Is collagen supplement powder beneficial at all? I would like to hear all answers regardless of cost. If it helps to firm up and fade scars after 17 years of implants cost is not important!

Tomorrow's the big day! Anyone out there have second thoughts?

Now that it's almost here I'm getting kind of freaked out. I keep looking at my boobs in the mirror everytime I use the ladies room thinking, they're not too big are they? Am I going to look freakish when they're back to normal? Is it too late to back out? Maybe nothing will ever go wrong with my implants and this explant is all for nothing. Maybe that's not why I'm sick and I will really hate them afterwards. Anyone else have similar thoughts??

They're out!

I just left the surgical center. Right now I just feel tired and have burning sensations in both my breasts. My armpits kind of hurts so I don't know if he sutured the sides internally or not. I go for a follow up appointment tomorrow morning I'll post more then.

Saline implant after explant

Post op day of explant

Still too early to tell what's ahe ahead but thought I would share some same day post op pictures. Also I have a nagging cough starting an hour-ish ago; maybe from being wrapped so tight? Anyone else have this?

4 days post op

Here is how their healing only four days in. I'm still losing weight from having my last baby 7 months ago so who knows what they're going to look like after I lose all my baby weight.

Burning and stinging

When I take the wrap off and bend over to pick something up or move around too much I get these sharp burning sensations in my breasts. Is this normal?

Burning sensations??

I had an explant with total capsulectomy. How long do these burning sensations last? I am on day 6, post explant. Seems like mostly when I bend over if they're not well supported like in the shower I bent over to turn the water off and I got a firey surge in my left breast. Why does this happen and how long will it last?Anyone else have this?

How long until the bruised/swelling feeling goes away?

I feel like the size of my boobs are internally bruised even though there's no visible bruising and their tender to the touch. Anyone else have this? And how long does the pain last? I'm 9 days out, and I thought I'd be feeling pretty good by now. My boobies still ache especially on the sides.

Has anyone had more sensation back in their breasts after explant?

I've been curious to know if any of you ladies who have explanted for a significant amount of time, if you have found you have more sensation in your breasts? Without the implants sitting on your nerves, Do they grow back? Or is the sensation gone for good if you lose it during augmentation? I, for sure, would not mind if it came back :-)

More swollen today. 10 days out?

So my breasts are even more swollen today. I had to go up one full cup size to fit into a bra. The nurse said I need to take ibuprofen three times a day and ice them and stop doing stuff with my arms. That means no carrying laundry and picking up the baby. She said I probably shouldn't be driving if there's still swelling. Ntaking out the garbage, bringing in the groceries etc. etc. Am I the only one who gets anxiety and irritable when I feel completely helpless? It's so hard for me to not do anything I'm not working because I'm recovering from surgery and now I can't do anything around the house either?? This sucks! How much swelling and pain did you (or do you) all have around nine or 10 days out? Is your pain significantly less than the first or second day after surgery?

Photo update swollen

I'm suddenly swollen 10 days post op.

Day 12 cloths

They look a lot better today, still a little swollen but they feel more firm. It is the strangest thing; they felt like jello the first two days and now they feel like my old boobs. (I think) I don't remember my old breasts looking this good. I know they're bigger because I've had some children and gained some weight, but overall, what the hell was my problem when I was 18? I was young,, they were perkier probably, but why did I feel like they needed to be bigger? I like them now. I like them more than with the implants in. I'll post a couple of pictures of them in cloths today. More progress photos on Tuesday when I'll officially be 2 weeks out!

Right breast fluffing more than left.

I am 2 weeks out today and so far, my right breast is fluffing more than my left. It's definitely fuller on the upper pole. The right breast feels pretty good and the pain is almost gone but the left breast, the one that is flatter on the upper pole still hurts and when I take it out of the bra to shower if feels really heavy like its pulling on my pectoral muscle. Anyone have experience with one healing faster than another or one fluffing faster than the other? Is this permanent?

Swelling of one breast but no "sloshing" or the "wave"

The right is DEFINITELY more swollen than the left today. I don't notice any fluid sloshing or this "wave" everyone talks about when there is seroma. Can fluid build under the muscle in the empty pocket? My upper pole "fluffing", I don't think is fluffing because it is so drastically different than my left. I have been bound tight with bandages since my surgery two weeks ago. Every day, every night. I emailed my photos to my doctor and his assistant. I am still waiting to hear if he even wants to see me, which is weird because I have not met with him once since before the surgery. Just his assistant. I hope they don't brush me off again. Anyone have fluid buildup in their breasts that had to let it resolve on it's own (no draining) after explant? What did you do? How long did it take for your body to absorb it?

Yep, seroma.

I saw my doctor today and I'm not sure how much fluid he removed but he did needle aspiration and filled 3 syringes. Beware, explanters if you're fluffing too soon it might not be fluffing! He said I'm doing too much with my arms. Which is really only about half the stuff I usually do with my arms, so I don't know how much less I can do. I'm bound up tight and have to see him next week to see if there's any more fluid he needs to draw out. Sigh. I guess couch surfing is the only thing I'm going to be doing the next week. Sounds a lot more fun than it really is.

How long did your shooting pains last after explant?

Hello I am four 4.5 months post explant and I am still having shooting pains in one breast. Is this normal? How many of you had these kinds of pains and how long did they last?
Draper Plastic Surgeon

I met with Dr. Bindrup for my pre-op consultation today. He was very attentive, thorough and sweet. When I told him I only wanted my implants removed, not lifted right now and definitely not new implants put back in, he respectfully did not push any further. That is something I have not found with other surgeons. I have 4 girlfriends who have had BA from him and he came very highly recommended from all 4. Now I am one day after surgery. Dr Bindrup's staff was very accommodating and caring. Dr. Bindrup himself called to check on me the night of my surgery day. He did excellent work and did not push me in a direction that I wasn't comfortable with, as far as re-augmenting. I would recommend him to anyone!

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