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I've been wanting boobs since about 20 years old....

I've been wanting boobs since about 20 years old. I have 3 girls. Oldest 9 and youngest is 15 month. All breast fed. I'm scheduled with Dr. Kirk Moore on December 8th 2016. I know for sure I'd like to have Silicone but I'm unsure of what size and style. I've been to a few different consultations and tried on breast but I'm still undecided. I was comfortable with 490cc that I tried but I feel like I may want a bit bigger. Decisions decisions... My goal is to have complete fullness and to fill in the flatness I have where cleavage should be. I like the gummy bear implants but I'm unsure if it will give me the fullness I desire. I'm so excited but nervous at the same time. I've never had a major surgery done. This is a birthday gift from my boyfriend. (Birthday is Dec. 4) Any advise or suggestions would be delightful


Surgery was at 6:30am. Right now it is 9:36pm and my right breast and right side of my back is in SO much pain. My left breast is painful as well but much more tolerable. They are EXTREMELY SWOLLEN. My boobs are in my neck and underneath my armpit. I'm very aware that the swelling will subside and implants will eventually set into place.
I decided to see Dr. Moore who proclaims the painless breast augmentation. I would have to disagree. Everyone's body is different as well as pain tolerance so just because I'm in lots of pain, doesn't mean the next person will be. Dr. Moore and his staff are very professional, laid back, trustworthy, and most of all personable. Shawna was my coordinator. She's the best. We emailed for months back and fourth prior to surgery date. She goes above and beyond and is prompt when it comes to communication. She has a wonderful personality. Dr. Moore was very personable as well. He cuts to the chase and is honest. He was very inviting... And nice looking! His office is BY FAR THE BEST. The decor is so unique (Italy themed) and makes it more comfortable and homelike for patients. The staff are prompt. With Dr. Moore's office, you won't have to worry about a long boring wait, but if there is ever a wait, you can pass time by admiring the unique decor of the office. The anesthesiologist was awesome. Very down to earth as well. Tomorrow is my post op then I'll be hitting the road back home. I'm hoping for the pain to subside STAT. As the weeks pass, I'll be sure to update with photos

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