Smart Lipo on Upper and Lower Abs

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My surgery is set for tomorrow morning at 9:00 a.m...

My surgery is set for tomorrow morning at 9:00 a.m. ITs nearly midnight now, and I'm feeling so nervous, anxious, and a bit overwhelmed.

My backgroud is I'm 21 almost 22. No kids yet, but still have this pooch I can't get rid of. My whole family has it. Its deemed the "Murray pooch", unfortunatley. I am 5'9 and currently weight 140. I eat well yet working out isn't really my thing lol. I do bodywork, and do 4-5 massages a day. At the end the day I am exhausted. I know I burn alot of calories being on my feet all day.

Last year and my whole life I have been a stick figure... I weighted about 125. I love my curves now but have always had this pooch. I want to feel comfortable in tee shirts rather then loose fitting tops. I am hoping for the best results and a flat tummy.

My doctor gave me free VelaShape before and after the treatment. Saying it will tighten the skin and make recovery come sooner. I can tell my tummy is so much flatter already with just the Vela. I went to get my meds today and they have me on 7 different meds. I have never done anything like this. I feel very comfortable with my doctor and staff. I will keep you updated week by week. Thanks for everyone who has blogged, your stories have really helped me feel at ease.

Day of Surgery went very well. I was taking to a...

Day of Surgery went very well. I was taking to a MIGUN massage bed for an hour to relax then we went threw all the paper work again, and was given my meds. They asked me to relax, and I fell asleep. I slept threw most the procedure. I was doing my pooch area, but always stated I wanted some abs sculting done as well. The only part that hurt was when they put in th 2 littlers of Tumeslent. They just blow it in every direction... My skin was really tight so the stretching of the skin hurt. After that I was Completly fine threw the whole thing. My doctor's did an increible job. They went over things several times making sure it was exactly what I wanted,

I'm on day 2 now. Feeling alot of pain. I've mainly been sleeping all day. Not moving around to much. But in alot of pain. Can barely roll over. I'm taking my meds but they seem to wear off by the time I wake up. I meet with my doctor tomorrow. I can't wait to see him, I think I look great so far and am excited to see more results.

Today is day 5!!! I am very swollen, no bruising...

Today is day 5!!! I am very swollen, no bruising yet and hoping there are none to come. I have been eating arnica pills like crazy... I got off the percocet because it was making me crabby and it seemed to hurt worst. I took a ibu 800 this morning and that was it. I still stayed home from work... tomorrow is my first day back. I tested myself by cleaning the house, i gave all 3 dogs baths, took them on a walk, and all in all I feel fine. The only thing that really hurts is when I sit down... I feel like I waddle a little too... My skin feels so stretched and tighter then its ever been.  I haven't taken my garmet off other then a shower this whole time. I was also given a binder for over that. I don't mind the garmet, but the binder is so tight, and hurts. Luckily my next follow up is this Tuesday and I think I won';t be wearing that any longer. All in all I'm very anxious to see results. My stomach is flat yet, I am wider then before. BOTH WAYS AHHHHH..... Hoping for good things to come. I'll keep you posted!!!

Its day 6 and last night was really hard to sleep....

Its day 6 and last night was really hard to sleep. I didn't work today because of it, but will be going tomorrow for sure LOL!!! I am still very swollen but I can see that I am going to love my final results. Here are some newer pics as well. Be back soon with more updates.

Richard of Hollywood Body

He has been very helpful. At times I was a little frustrated. I wanted it sooner, and have been very anxious. But now I know and appreciate the time he took. I know everything is going to go wonderful, and would recommend him to anyone in the area looking for work done. My provider is amazing, made me feel so comfortable, and couldn't of had a better doctor.

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